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Did that wake you up??? :D

Jo, your trail sounds AWESOME!!! But, if you're going to run indoors, then YES YOU NEED iTREAD workouts! LOL As for spending money, I'm on hold on a few things right now....books, workout stuff (except the preorder and RT, lol), clothes, and groceries (yes, groceries.....I could hit the grocery store every single day, I love grocery shopping so much. But our pantry and freezers, all 3 of them, are overflowing. lol).

Julie, I meant to comment last night that I'm sorry about the stress from your divorce. I really am. I have some close friends going thru that right now so I feel for you. HUGS, and please come here ANYTIME to vent it out!

Kim, rest up, girl! Vacations are always so taxing, aren't they?

OK....DONE WITH MY WORKOUT and I'm doing the happy dance. Or, maybe it's a shuffle at this point. Repeat of disc 14 Legs and

I SOOOOOOOOOOOO love working legs, and this repeat week was no different. Oh, those tri sets, and my favorite tri set of this workout was the second one, where we do static lunges, slide back lunges with the paper plate and plie squats (although I don't think it was in that order, I can't remember now, only 30 minutes after I did it, lol). I LOVED IT!!! Just you wait, ladies! JUST YOU WAIT!

Can you tell I'm hyped up this morning? Last day of school/work for a week. Nothing on the calendar but baseball practices. AWESOME workout rotation we've got going. And this morning's scale check showed me at the lowest I've been at in a while!!! WOO HOO!

All is good in the world today.






YES IT IS A GOOD DAY!!!! The sun is trying to pop out, and I had an excellent run on the treadmill this A.M. I'm seeing those hips of mine SLOWLY STARTING TO SHRINK!!!!!!!

I'm at work and enjoying a cup of coffee before the work pace starts up!! I have a wonderful lunch packed for the day, full of all sorts of nutritious goodies. I am so psyched to hear about the leg segment of Meso 2. I also love working legs. I think that is the strongest part of my body, so bring it on..... My body is talking to me from Disc 10 yesterday (Yes, that's Disc 10 not Meso 10). None of my family or people I work with understand the pleasure we get from feeling those DOM'S! I say the more the better!!!! Good job Gayle on sticking to your goal and being rewarded with that low # on the scale. Yes you get a
(That's a 7 Thumb's Up - You know I never get tired of using those :p:p:p:p).

Unfortunately, I need to get to work. Have a wonderful morning everybody, and I'll check back on lunch hour.

Mary, I think we need to dig out our Pom Poms for all this cheering we're doing today! LOL (and I still need to figure out all those smilies and thumbs ups).

Have an awesome day ladies. I'll be back after school/work!

Just a quickie.....

Jo, Those gadgets are oftern WAY OFF!! They ussually give you a number that is way higher than it actually is. Get a calipher and do it yourself or have it done at a gym.

have to run..ck in later


Aren't we a lively bunch today!?!?! :D I'm loving it!! I surprised myself being able to get up and do a treadmill routine this morning since I stayed up through halftime making sure my Tarheels won!! YAY! I'm a huge UNC fan. Anyways, I did a 30 min tempo interval tm run, then I did walking inclines to get in an hr on the TM.....I put the pace at 4.3 and increased the incline every min up to 12 and then went back down....that was pretty tough! Burned some great calories! woohoo! anyways....after Gayle's post I absolutely cannot wait for disc 14 tomorrow.....WOOHOO!

But seriously....I was fine yesterday after the shower incident and last night thought, well maybe I should have gone higher on the weights....but then I woke up this morning and realized I did just fine.....my shoulders esp are domming...hehe! I'm feeling it today and loving it.

Gayle, You are the perfect person to start this thread each day....so upbeat and lively.....I absolutely love it! Thanks for making me smile! and Congrats to you and all your accomplishments! WOOHOO! and I love working the legs too....and mine definitely need it....I love doing inclines on the TM as well to get in a little extra leg work....not that I need it after STS legs routines....

Mary, morning to you too! WTG on getting in your run. I'm having my cup of coffee as well....I have one each morning during the work week to get me going. And I'm glad the sun is coming out for you....we had a gorgeous 75 and sunny weekend and now it's 40 and cloudy and windy.....I hate it.....I want spring to show up and stay......

Jo, that trail does sound amazing and pretty. I am not a big biker, although all the spinning talk and spinning on the biggest loser has me wanting to try it, I'm not sure how I would like it. But on a pretty trail would be much more entertaining than in a gym.

Julie, I'm sorry you are dealing with so much lately. I hope things work out for you and this can all be over soon.

Kim....It was vegas!! You don't sleep and for me, it's a 3 hr time change....and you get off schedule.....you always need a vacation to recover from vacation! :( But I'm sure you'll readjust soon...hope you get rested up and back to normal soon!

Happy Tuesday ladies!
Good Morning to ALL!!!!

Okay....I just FINISHED DISC 14. I was able to make it down the stairs gripping the hand rail to have my coffee with you! (Yes, Gayle it was: static lunge, plie then paper plate). OH MY!

So in the warm up, as we're side stepping and swinging our arms, my chest and shoulders were still talking to me! :eek: But, knowing my arms would be in the down position I knew it would be okay. I quickly forgot about my chest and shoulders as we moved into the legs. I'll have to let you all know how I am LATER!

As Gayle has said, you all are going to love the TRICETS! Mama Mia! I feel oh so worked out!

Gayle, thanks for the BIG wake up Good Morning today...it was nice to see as I'm dragging and shuffling into the kitchen with my cement legs! It started out...Oh, this is not so bad...but it catches up! I LOVED IT! :D Also, I may have to try using my weighted vest next week for the first set of wide squats. I had a little bit of trouble with one right wrist holding the heavier dumbbell. I'll have to see...my left wrist was fine. What do you think?

Julie, okay, I'll go find get some calipers! Hope you have a great day!

Mary, good job on hitting the TM this morning! Is your workload lighter this week at all?

Crystal, I thought of you last night when I saw the game results! I was wondering if you were a fan! Great job on your TM workout today also! My spinning bike is right up there with the best money I've ever spent (along with my rice cooker and my recently acquired Kindle, all of my other fitness equipment and of course all my DVD's!).

Gotta hit the shower!


Jo :p:p
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). Good thing you can't see me right now :p!!

OK, enough of the pity party. Crystal, you only have "1" cup of coffee in the morning to get you going!!!! I'm ashamed to say I have almost a full pot :eek::eek::eek::eek:. I LOVE MY COFFEE. I do get up at 3:45, so that little extra uumph is what I need sometimes. It's my one addiction that I've never been able to break (actually, I've never tried).

Jo-Unfortunately my workload has not gotten any easier! I worked 2 hours over last night, with more planned for tonight. Again, it's the price I pay for having Friday's off, and if the weather would start warming up, then I could actually start enjoying my Fridays outdoors!!! I think you need to plan a weekend get-together for us, so we can come and enjoy your beautiful walking trail with you!!!!!!!!!

Gayle-You don't want me anywhere near a pom-pom. It would not be a pretty sight. I would end up putting someone's eye out :p:p:p. Don't get me wrong, I can probably yell louder than most (A skill I acquired growing up with many brothers and sisters), but to twist, turn, kick and try to look good at the same time, it's never going to happen!!!!!

Cendrine-Where are you this FANTASTIC AFTERNOON?????

Julie-Have you completed Disc 10 yet? I'm feeling it today!! Every part of my upper body is talking. Still a lot of pushups, but I managed them all on my toes (WHOOOOHOOOO). When I look back to my start with Cathe, and I could only eeek out a few pushups, I'm proud of my accomplishments. I would pat myself on the back if I could lift my arm to do it!!! Hope your day is going well, and the sun is shining for you.

Kim-Hope you have recovered sufficiently from your weekend excursion? You know we are patiently awaiting your recap of the events. DID YOU SEE ELVIS?????

Well, all good things must come to an end. It's time to get back to work!
Maggie, Tracy, Belinda and all others, have a wonderful day

Good afternoon all. Wow lots of cheering and yelling today.

So here is mine: I AM DOING IT!! I AM DOING IT!!! YAY ME!!!

I am actually doing well with eating. Its weird how even though I haven't dropped a lot of weight- I feel thinner because I am eating well. Gotta keep moving foward. I watched Meet the Robinsons last night and that quote stuck with me. Apparently it was Walt Disney who said it, but they put it in the movie.

Jo- I worked with my trainer today- as I usually do on tuesday. Worked my legs, so I won't get to do disc 14 until friday. Tomorrow is back and bis. You need to let me know how you feel tomorrow. My legs are my strong point, so I can't wait!!

Mary- don't worry-you'll eventually get to meso 2. It will be here before you know it. I can't believe I am already starting week 10 on this program.
I am like you I love my morning coffee. I usually drink 2 cups in the morning and then another 2 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I also drink it with half and half. I don't really want to give it up either. I tell my self to cut back to 2 cups a day but never happens.

ASUdaizy- Thanks for the update on the Beck Diet. It has been working for me so far. Easter is my next big challenge, but I am having dinner at my sister in laws and sorry to say she is not the greatest cook. So I may not have too much of an issue. I will bring a low fat dessert and should be good to go!!

Gayle- our biggest cheerleader. I would get out my pom poms from HS but we didn't get to keep them. And I don't think I would fit into my uniform. I am getting closer though.

Everyone seems so enthusiastic and energetic about today. We are just one motivated bunch of amazing women!!

Well I must be off. I have to study for a test tomorrow. Wish me luck.
I just did disc 10. I am feeling it already.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and support regarding my divorce. I am hoping to gain physical and emotional strength from doing STS to help me be strong and move foward towards a new life. Your sentiments certainly help get me going in that direction.

Hi Everybody!

I am checking in later than usual today, but I'm here!

I did CCV5 today, oh my, it worked me good! The treadmill says I burned 600 calories, I wonder how accurate that really is... I love doing CC with the heart rate monitor! I was acutally kind of amazed at how much improved my cardo health is (although I didn't check my heartrate when I used to do treadmill earlier) but I ususally wouldn't go much beyond 4.5 miles, and now it takes me 5.5 miles at a 2 incline to just stay in the green zone. And when I jog at that pace I just feel great! I can't believe how fast I'm going for those red zone sprints! It's totally motivating and empowering!

However, I was wondering what you think, since this is supposed to be a recovery week, is it a good idea for me to do a low impact workout for one or two days instead of cc all 6 days of this week? I don't want to sabotage the purpose of the rest week, all the while not wanting to get lazy, and I was thinking maybe this week of cardio would accelerate my fat burning a bit so I can be at target sooner. But is it worth it?

All you meso 2ers, I am saying it again, I am glad I got me that epsom salt already, the way you guys are talking, I will be soaking three times a week!

Congrats on everyone's successes! It is so fun to share and enjoy everybody's milestones!

Julie, I'm glad you are finding this thread encouraging in this though time for you, and I second Gayle, come vent any time you need to and want to! I am super impressed with you for doing STS when you have such a stressful time to go through! By the way, about those weights, I don't think I bought 10s and 12s until I had been working out regularly for 2 years. Then all of a sudden I had to add 15s and 20s in quick succession and then came 4ds and with it the 25 and 30... You'll get there, just take your time, it's not about the weight, it's about working out at a level challenging for you.

Chrissy, I love the movie meet the robinsons! I actually used that phrase to motivate my son to persevere several times, and he understands what it means thanks to that movie!

You know what I was thinking about the other day? What are you 6monthers going to do when you are done with your rotation? Are you going to just abandon us late starters? Mary, I figured I might as well give you one more topic to tantrum about and I'll be happy to join right in....:p
Seriously, I will miss this thread when it's all gone, and who knows, maybe we'll just keep checking in with each other regardless of what rotation we do next? Food for thought.

Jo, if I had a weighted vest, I would totally use it if the dumbells were bugging my wrist, no sense asking for trouble if you can avoid it. I'm glad to hear all is well with your refridgerator, I didn't know anything was wrong. How are your legs by now? I'm scared of hearing the answer....:(

Gayle, LOL on the grocery shopping! I have my pantry bursting at the seams and I still went to Trader Joes today! I had to restock my greek yoghurt supply and of course one thing adds to another, got some yellow and some green bananas, we go through those so fast (hubby is getting in on the clean eating more now too, that he is seeing such good results in me and he is working out the third week in a row!)

Hi Crystal, Belinda, Maggie, Kim, and anyone else (sorry if I missed one)!
Cendrine, on your rest day. I've read, in Cathe's words herself, that the recovery week includes NO WEIGHTS AT ALL and cardio (4-5 sessions) of varied intensity and length. Does that help some?

As for checking in when our 6 month rotation is done....I'm ditching you all and finding other folks to chat with! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:


I don't mind at all, continuing a check in. But we've got some time yet before any of us are actually DONE, right? Plenty of time to bond more and make the connection so that none of us wants to flee the flock! LOL

Kids and I are settled in the for night. We had a nice dinner (I had a nice salad with canned salmon, feta cheese, red onion and home-grown alfalfa sprouts......YUMMO). Now we're watching Bedtime Stories, which we LOVE. It's Biggest Loser tonight for me too.

Our Spring Break has officially started! WOO HOO!

I'm going to sleep in by just an hour tomorrow, planning on getting up at 6 instead of 5 and getting in my workout, which will be Mega Step Blast (blast from the past) and abs of some sort!!!

I'll check in later before beddy-bye time!

edited to add: oh, and yeah...the later the day gets, the MORE SORE MY LOWER HALF GETS!!!!! lol

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Hello Again! oH hApPy DaY!!!! :D

My legs are doing quite nicely right now. They feel pretty good; tight but not so bad...I have hardly been sitting at my desk today though. Probably tonight when I'm watching Biggest Loser, it'll set in. I hope you guys don't think I'm totally WHINING about my DOMS! I actually enjoy it - it makes me feel ALIVE!!!! My chest is still much worse than my legs!

Mary, oh my! You actually get UP at 3:45! Woweee! I can't imagine! I'm like you though, I get up, my coffee is made and I down a giant (yes giant) cup before I workout and then another one while I send you all my first post and then off to the shower. But, I don't have any caffeine again the rest of the day...it's all water! :D

Chrissy! So you'll get 2 leg workouts in this week? You'll be prime then for Disc 14! Good luck with your studies! (What are you studying?) I'll report back on my legs tomorrow. How's your chest and shoulders?

Cendrine - yes, I decided I'll use my weighted vest and drop down to the lighter dumbbells. The trick will be getting it off before moving to the next exercise. In those trisets there's no rest...I guess I could use it for all of them in that set and drop the dumbbells down...hmmm.. I'll have to think about that. Here's what I did for recovery week: I did cardio 5 days varying intensity. I have to go back and look but I think I did something like: CCV8, then Step Jam, then CCV7, Imax 2 then 4DS Double Cardio. Then I took two days off and only stretched. (I know that's not completely right but close.) So I was on the fat burning mission as well! What happened with my refrigerator is they brought out my new one on Friday and then couldn't get it turned on! So they had to bring my old one back until yesterday when they got my new one fixed.

Okay back to work! I wanted to get another post in before Gayle goes to bed! :eek:

Oh my goodness, this is a happy group today!!:D:D:D I had a good night's sleep last night and feel back to normal, super busy day at work as a coworker phoned in sick and another on vacation. Just going to catch up on the cathe boards, watch TBL and then start working out again tomorrow. I'm starting Meso 2 on Thursday but Gayle, Jo and Crystal you are scaring me!!:confused::confused: I actually dreamed about meso2 last night so I guess I'm ready to get going again. I bought myself a barbell to start Meso 2, as I only had dumbbells up to 30lbs and supposedly cathe thinks I can bench press 80lbs:confused:

The Vegas trip was great! We drove about 3.5 hrs to the USA to catch the plane. Much cheaper than flying out of Canada. DH and I are pretty quiet people so not many stories to tell. We just walked lots, so much to see! Gambled on the penny slots (made $8), shopped, had some nice dinners out, sat by the pool. I'm an early morning person and with the time difference I think I was awake before most people were in bed :rolleyes: The say Vegas is the city that never sleeps but it does between 6-10 am, not much to do, LOL

It was sure interesting reading what everyone did for a living! What a variety of careers! I'm an occupational therapist working with clients with hand injuries. I work in a very large outpatient dept, have worked in many different clinical areas over the years.

Gayle Hope you enjoy spring break! Any plans??

Crystal LOL on the soap! The weekend away sounds like fun!

Cendrine The picnic story was so cute! Do you ever post pics?? Enjoy your recover week!

Mary What an accomplishment for your son! You must be very proud! He's also running track so he's multi-talented! What a good mom you are giving up your lunch hours. Thank goodness everyone was safe in the car accident!

Tracy I have to admit that I haven't done any cardio on my recovery week either except lots of walking around Vegas.

Julie So sorry that you're going through such a difficult time. Hope you're finding support from the people around you. how are the kids coping with the divorce?

Jo I remember the days of the Jane Fonda and Kathy Smith workouts! I've been doing workout videos for a long time! I'm sure that you're enjoying not travelling so much with your job, my sister travels alot with her job and gets so tired of it.

Chrissy How was laster tag? I'm getting a little nervous doing the chest presses with the increased weight! I'm hoping the motivation from this checkin will help me with my diet as I don't eat that clean.

Someone was asking what the plan was for after the sts rotation. I usually do Cathe's monthly rotation so will probably go back to those until the new cardio comes out and then I will do another sTs rotation along with the new cardio. We won't leave the late comers behind, I been in checkins where people have left once they are finished with the rotation.

Okay, why do I need itread if I have cc?? What's the difference?

Cendrine- I will finish this rotation up right before the RT. Then 8/10, we are going to myrtle beach for vacation. When I get back, I will be starting up another STS rotation. I am finding that this is exactly what I need. This is the first rotation I have actually followed. I love that it is different every workout. It keeps moving foward and progressing.

Jo- my shoulders and chest are just slightly sore, and my triceps nothing. Which is suprising because I usually get sore in the triceps. I'm a little jealous that you are so sore. (am i weird:p). I did a leg workout with a trainer and I am never sore in my legs with my trainer. I think its because I do the same exercises over and over again. Cathe is always changing it up. I kept my trainer because I like the social aspect of it. My usual trainer wasn't there today, so I trained with a football player from the Arena Football League. I think he was afraid to push me. I told him I can take it, I have been working out for awhile. But I know he held back:(.

I am getting my masters in exercise physiology. I love learning about the body. It is so fascinating. I am in my 2nd year and I have 1 more year left. I only have 1 class this semester- exercise prescription. Not one of my favorite classes (its all about injuries).

Julie- sorry you are going through a tough time. but just like everyone said, feel free to vent. Its okay.

have a good night
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Kim- we must have been posting at the same time. Laser tag was fun. However, I am not very good at it. I took my 2 boys and my nephew. There were 4 other kids in there with us. As soon as I walked in 2 of the other kids (they looked like they were about 4 and 6) they were on top of me. They followed me and just kept shooting me. Of course after you get shot, you can't shoot anyone. They were covering their chests so I couldn't shoot them. The monitor kept telling them to move around more but they didn't. Oh well.

Ya know its always the quiet ones that end up being the party animals. so why don't you fess up and tell us those 'what happens in vegas, stays in vegas!' stories. I promise we won't tell anyone.;)

have a good night.

I didn't have a chance to say HI today. Good luck with your test tomorrow. I'm sure you'll do well. I agree with you, the quite ones are the ones to watch out for :p:p:p:p:p. I think if we asked Kim's DH, he would give us the real scoop (and I'm sure somewhere there is a story about Elvis!!!!)

Cendrine- I did the CCV8 today, and that seems to be the one I keep going back to. You have me pumped to try the CCV5 again. I think that was the very first one I used, then I tried the others, and have forgotten what 5 is like (I know hard, just can't remember the challenges). I'll give it a try this weekend.

OK, I need to get ready for bed (Yes, it is only 8:30, but 3:45 comes very early.......

Sleep tight everybody, and we'll chat tomorrow!!!!

OK - I meant to say "quiet ones, not "quite ones". I really need to start proofing these posts before I send them :p:p:p.

Glad I caught it before Gayle :eek::eek::eek:

Good Night!
Oh I do have a cute Elvis story today, today over the loudspeaker at the hospital where I work, Elvis Presley was paged. The patient I was working with looked at me amd said "did she really page Elvis Presley?" A minute later she came over the speaker and paged Alvin Presley, I'm not sure if she was joking or not but it was funny.
Hi Guys!

thanks Gayle and Jo for telling me about recovery week activities. I think I might take a rest day tomorrow because CCV5 really worked me good... And then I might do a couple more CCs, I think they are really good for me because I haven't done much cardio other than step for a loooooong time!

Hey, I wanted to pick your brains about something. I am taking a whole bunch of vitamins. I read recently in a nutrition action article, that studies have shown that taking vitamins doesn't make a difference. Then there is my friend, who's husband used to get sick quarterly and ever since starting the shaklee brand has only gotten sick once a year. And my chiropractor swears by the liquid vitamins that are all natural.

I was wondering a few things. First off, I take a b-complex from Costco, the kirkland brand, because I don't get enough in my diet due to low carb, and I just really think I need extra energy, but somehow I don't feel all that energetic. Am I flushing it all out with my 100+oz of water that I drink a day? Or would a liquid or name brand type vitamin be absorbed better? I'm wondering about the iron too. I am borderline anemic with taking a multi that has iron plus an extra iron. Would a different iron make a difference?

What do you guys know about vitamins, what do you gusy take for vitamins if any, and what advice would you give?

I have been playing with the idea, to purchase a month's supply of a different brand of vitamins and see if I can tell a difference. But if I do that, what brand should I go for? Questions, questions... Thanks for any of you who can help me make some sense of this!

Have a great night!
Gosh…I hadn’t thought about the check-in ending!!! Nah…besides, I’m planning that we’ll be getting STS cardio and I’ll be starting another round! I have never participated in a check-in until this one and I’m really enjoying visiting with all of you and the camaraderie and MOTIVATION! Yeah! You guys help keep me honest! :D:D

Mary, let me say this again: I CAN'T believe you get up at 3:45! Wow!

Kim, it’s so great to have you back! I missed your posts! Glad you had a great time on your vacation! I was there in November for a Microsoft conference; sessions during the day and then I would have to go back to my room and work every night! (No fun for me!) I can’t wait for you to join us on Meso 2! YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE IT! Sounds like you have a very interesting career! It is interesting to learn what everyone does isn’t it? Oh, and that’s a hoot about Alvin Presley! HA! :D

Cendrine, I went back to my log for last week and I was close to what I posted before. I was trying to alter intervals and steady state during recovery week: CCV7, Drill Max Scrambled Cardio, Step Jam, CCV8, then 4DS Double Cardio. I’ll get back to you on the vitamins. I take a lot (and yes they are mostly Costco!) No surprise huh? But, I did do the acid test on them to be sure they are all dissolving properly and they all passed the test. Of course that doesn't mean they're not flushing out!

Chrissy, exercise physiology sounds so interesting! I think I might be sorer because I do better with regular “non pushup” chest work. I really really pushed myself on Disc 13 and I did squeak out every last rep. (My legs are getting tighter as the night goes on!)

Julie, where should I get the calipers? I stopped at the sporting goods store after work but they didn’t have any and I wanted them today! I think I bought my Omron online. (I’ll look online.) :D

Okay, I’m watching Biggest Loser…what drama (I know but I love it!) :eek:


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