6 Monthers, STS, Thursday the 16th


Good morning!

Can't chat, or TYPE for too long. I'm fried and my hands and arms are quivering. Just finished disc 18, Back and Biceps and my arms are cooked!

Gotta shower, then bus, then clean my friend's house, then school/work. Quiet afternoon and evening, so I'll catch up with you all then!

Have an awesome day!
Set a goal and HIT IT!

good morning everyone!! I made it through my hectic day (just barely). Actually everything was going great until ........4 pm I finished my project. I had all these different files open; my picture file, websites to help me write my paper, etc. Well I started closing them and I closed my project without saving it. I lost everything I did yesterday:confused:!! I freaked out. I had to start over. At that point I had to take son to communion interview and then cook dinner....well that didn't happen. My husband ended up taking him. He didn't really want to do it (he was worried about being struck by lightening when he walked into the church:eek:) but he did it, then he fixed everyone leftovers for dinner. I missed my son's first baseball game. He knew I was upset so he said 'Don't worry mom, I have plenty of games'.-so sweet. I finished in time to catch about 1/2 hour of the game before I had to leave for school. I just had to stop at the post office to mail our Roth IRA contribution (had to be postmarked 4/15-yes I waited till the last minute) PO is closed-WHAT!?! I thought they stayed open until 11 on tax day. So a woman at the PO told me I could do automated postal service and it will be postmarked today...but I didn't have a CC on me. I only take cash and my lisence to school. So I had to drive home and then back to the PO. I did get it out but I still missed the game:(. Anyway-the good news is I got a 98 on my test last week. And when I got home my husband gave me an early birthday present. Since I am going away this weekend, he got me a piece of brighton luggage. I don't know if you guys know brighton. They make pocketbooks, jewelry, luggage etc. I love brighton. I have a few of their bags. Their luggage is very expensive. I can't believe he got me a piece. My husband never knows what to get me. I always have to tell him. WOW- I was shocked but happy :). So all in all the day ended pretty good.

I ran sprints yesterday for about 15 minutes and then ran at a steay pace for another 30. Nice and sweaty workout.
Today i am doing back and biceps and probably cardio later in the day.

BBL to post personals.
Have a great day.
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Like, NO TIME to post, but am anyway!

Chrissy, what a night?!?!?!? When is your BDay? And where are you going this weekend!

And....I'm getting one of those shirts! I get emails from cafepress all the time and I believe I have one today with Free Shipping which ends today. See if I can find a code or something. BBL with more info! I WANT ONE! Anybody else???

Oh my gosh Chrissy, what a day you had!! I'm worn out from reading about it! :D How wonderful of DH to treat you! Happy early Birthday! And Congratulations on your test! You ROCK! :eek: Hope today is a little calmer for you! Oh I love the T-shirt!

Hiddy Ho Gayle! Sounds like you have a busy day today as well! So is 18 harder than 15? I just finished up 15 today so will be moving on to 16 on Sunday. Can you believe how fast this is going? I remember when I started all this, though I wasn't feeling it wasn't doable...it just seemed like a long haul! Now, look at you? You're a week from being half way!

Okay, as I said, I finished Disc 15 today. Tomorrow is cardio and then rest. Crystal how are you doing with finishing up this week?

I should have a less busy day today...a more normal day anyway. I'll CBL to see how everyone is doing!

Hello to all you 6-Monthers that follow!

Jo :p
Hi all you 6 monthers!

I did Step Blast and SJP ab section today. My legs felt so heavy this morning every pony up took real effort... Yes, those doms are there for sure. I hate to think what they would be if I hadn't soaked yesterday! lol! Loving it though, it's almost, like if I don't have doms I didn't work right.... It used to be I used to think that if I had doms, I worked too hard and needed to wait to work out again until those doms were gone....

Chrissy, what a day! I'm glad you survived it, and with such ecxellent score on your test, too! Congrats! What a sweet family you have! Hubby getting you early presents you didn't have to hint for and son helping you feel better about missing the game!

Jo, I'll post that chicken curry recipe this weekend, when I have more time. It's good! And I think it can fit into the clean eating scheme of ours! :)
I agree with you, this 6 month rotation is just moving fast! It's amazing! I think I will be more than ready to do it again when the cardio sts comes out and do it that way. More 6-month rotation check ins on the horizon, yay!:)

I love the shirt! But in my circle of friends, most people would not even really get it. I'm kind of considered a workout and nutrition nut around here... So I'll just wear it in my head while checking in with you all. At least I'm walking after my leg day! lol!

Oh, julie, I think it was you who asked about abs a few days ago? I don't usually work my abs more than 3 times a week. I think it was cathe who said that if you use weights for your abs you can go down to twice a week?
since I'm trying to get rid of some of my lower belly problem, I am doing three workouts with at least one of them with weights, and maybe one with a ball. I know that isn't going to get rid of the fat in front of it, but somehow it helps my focus....:)

A quieter day for me here too!

here's my meals for the day:

m1 chocolate EAS banana shake, 1/3 cup oatmeal

m2 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup greek yoghurt, 1/3 cup oatmeal

m3 lettuce, tuna salad with celery, tomatoes and onions, almonds

m4 leftover chicken stirfry

m5 red thay curry tilapia with green beans

Oh, right, Julie and that abs question. I do abs 3x per week, on my cardio days, right after my cardio. I just prefer it paired with my cardio because I'm good and warmed up, instead of beaten down and out by the weights!

Jo-I KNOW! I realized last night that after next week, I'll have officially hit the 1/2 way mark on this 6 month rotation. And I decided that for Meso 3, I will do my repeat weeks using PLYO Legs (does that make sense)? This way, I get to use both the squat rack version and the plyo legs! Cool, hugh???

Cendrine-your menu has been looking GOOOOOD! Here's mine for today:

M1: EAS Myoplex Lite shake with 1 tsp Glutamine powder
M2: 3 egg whites (still eating the decorated eggs, lol), 1/3 C oatmeal, 1 T ground flax seed
M3: 2 lite string cheese, banana
M4: Chicken Noodle Soup with Rutabaga
M5: Low Carb Turkey meatloaf, 1/2 w/w pita, steamed carrots
M6: BSN Lean Dessert Protein shake

Hello to Everyone!! I got the weighted gloves yesterday at olympia sports. they were actually cheaper than on cathe.com. I am planning on ordering the pull up tower. an early divorce present!! I still am not eating nearly enough. I have to get up at it earlier to make it happen.

I am looking foward to my week off. I am hoping to get the pics dpone today. At lease they will be done before meso 2. I am really hoping for some huge progress with meso 2. I am hoping that my the end of it I will be down at least 4 ponds of body fat. doesn't seem like a lot but my goal is not to lose any LBM in the process.
I spent the day today gathering and gathering legal tuff. I will be glad when this is all over.

So I realized I screwed up my workout on tuesday with my trainer. I was supposed to do triceps with chest and shoulders but instead I told her biceps. Of course I didn't realize it until I started back and biceps disc that I realized it. So I ended up tacking on triceps to that workout from disc 13.

Kim- I hope the floods don't affect you. How horrible. I hope everything clears up real soon.

How is the new Santa Fe? My husband just bought a camper for his truck for his drag racing events, but he wants to use it to go camping. Our first outing is in June. We are going to Strawberry Park in Conn. I think the kids will have a blast. Yes I was so busy yesterday I had a hard time finding time to eat. Always a positive side-right?

Julie -good luck with all the paper work and divorce stuff. I hope you get through it soon.

I have the weighted gloves and I use them all the time. I won't be getting the tower because I bought a pair of squat stands a few weeks back. I was going to order one and if it was available sooner I probably would have.

Where in Mass are you from?

Good luck with your pictures. I took some b/4 meso 1 but I didn't take any after Meso 1 because I was having a hard time with the eating and not really losing anything. My weight just kept fluctuating 2-4 pounds through the first 8 weeks. But since the rest week I have actually lost 7 lbs. I am very happy about that. I have to say that this check in has helped me alot. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! (or should I say girls-:p)

I rarely do abs. I hate abs. I usually do them with my trainer. I did ab circuits a few times, but since it is a different disc I usually don't reach for it. I pretend I get enough core work during my other workouts.

Gayle- isn't that shirt great. I love Cafe Press. They have some great tees. I remember from the RT last year that a couple of girls order some tees from there. The one I liked was "whats with all the whinning?" So I remembered the website and I ordered some workout shirts from there a few months ago. I decided to revisit it this morning.

My birthday is tuesday and it's the BIG '40'. Yikes. I am so dreading this one. I was hoping to drink heavily from monday to wednesday so I wouldn't remember it happened then I could say I'm still 39. Did ya think that will work?;).

Gayle, I like your idea about alternating with plyo legs during meso 3. I will be giving that some consideration.

I am going on a therapy retreat tomorrow. Lots of meditation and group therapy. It is my first one, I am a little nervous but excited to get away by myself. It is in the Catskills and it is supposed to be in the mid 60's on friday and saturday. There is also a massage therapist, so I am getting a massage tomorrow night. AHHHH. It might come in handy since I am doing Legs tomorrow morning before I go.

Cendrine and Gayle- that coconut thing sounds fun. You guys are so creative.

Cendrine- ahh- love those DOMS. And trying to do step when your that sore-that takes alot of determination. I'm impressed. I usually get on the elliptical because there is no pounding, no impact. Is that the whimpy way?:eek:

I love the slow cooker but I am not much of an advanced planner when it comes to dinner. So I only use it every once in a while. But I'd be interested in a new receipe too.

Jo- yes week 1 of Meso 2 is just about finished. I can't believe its been almost 11 weeks already. I am loving this rotation and the checkin's with you ladies. So you did your legs again. Did you get as sore as the first time?
Have you been to Hawaii? I would love to go there. I don't think I'll get there until the kids are older and can stay on their own. Way to expensive to take them and too far away to not stay at least 10 days. My parents are nice but not that nice;). I guess hawaii is a little closer to you than me. You are in Washington state right?
As I was typing I was worried that I would lose everything so I posted and now I will continue.

Mary- we would never forget about you-:). I can't believe you get up that early. Is that to exercise or too get ready for work? What determination!!!

Crystal- what did you think of disc 14. Have you not posted yet because you can't walk to the computer today?;). And yes, those calf raises were tough. I started out WAY TOO heavy. I was thinking there was only one set. But NOOOO. She did 3. Was not prepared for that one!

Tracy- did you get Gayle's disc. Did you like it? Are ya feeling it today??

Have a great day everyone
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Hey Gayle,
Did you know that it says you are male on your user profile? is there something you are not telling us?!?!?;)

Chrissy-are you serious? LOL No secrets here.....I am all female, I PROMISE! I'll have to go check that. Your weekend and trip sounds awesome! I'd love to try a retreat like that. I hope you really enjoy yourself.....no matter what your age (and I wouldn't peg you for 40 at all!)

Ladies, DOMS are setting in in my bis and back already! That never happens in my back like this. I love it!

And get this...I may very well be going to Cathe's gym on Monday for a Tri Staters gathering. Ellie and Jerry will be going, as well as Jerry's wife. I've made arrangements to drop my kids off at a neighbor/friend early before school, and I should be able to get to the gym in time for the class. Even if I miss it, I'll be joining them for the luncheon afterward. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can find a sub for me for work.

Kids and I are sitting here watching Survivor. We got on our bikes and went for a bike ride to Rita's (I had NOTHING, not even a taste or a sample of anything). Then we rode home. An hour trip entirely and my legs felt so strong on the huge hill we hit on the way.

Cardio tomorrow, I'm planning on repeating the iTread workout I did Monday, aiming for more mileage. Then I'll tack on abs...I think weight & plate abs from Ab Circuits.

Sorry, ladies, for not doing personals. Today was busy at the first part until after school, then it was pretty relaxing (including my kids playing on our dirt pile with water to make a 'quick sand pit' as they called it). The quick sand cost us 2 outfits of clothes and 3 stuck sneakers! lol

I'll chat more tomorrow, ladies!

Our city has now issued a state of emergency due to the flooding. Our house is safe but some of the roads close to us are closed.

Did SJP #5 tonight. Fun and easier workout!

Chrissy You're a busy girl today! Kim
Hi ladies

dd3 just turned the computer off in the middle of my post. And I have to start again. Grrr.....

MESO 2 Oh my goodness, I had no idea workouts could be this intense!!!

I am absolutely fried from disks 13 and 14. Can hardly move, in fact. I didn't know that DOMS could be this intense. My eating has been fairly clean, except for a little dark chocolate each afternoon. I've lost another lb despite Easter cheating and light cardio, so 7.5 lbs to go to get to my pre preggo weight. (I have about 10-12 lbs I want to lose after that though)

My ankle is feeling much better if I lace my shoes really tight. Next week I'll stay lower impact, but increase the time to 35-40 min. I want this thing gone!

Kim--I've been MIA, so I'm not totally up to date on your crisis, but it sounds scary. Where are you again? I'll keep you in my prayers.

Mary--thanks for the advice on the shoes. I'm about due for a new pair and have been searching zappos for just the right one.

Jo--my thoughts on disk 13--wow! I've lifted this heavy before, but I'd always take longer breaks between sets. The one minute was great for equipment set up, but my muscles were on fire. Disk 14 with the trisets was even worse--hoo boy! It almost felt cardio-ish at times.

Chrissy--I got tired just reading your post! What a hectic day! Good job on the test!:D You rock on the 7 lb weight loss!

Gayle--Good job on the clean eating and resisting temptation. You are my inspiration!

Cendrine--We are on the same week, right? I'd love a soak, but dh started this bathroom remodeling project 2 years ago (was supposed to take a summer, right?) and I've been without a tub ever since. Good thing I love him so much;):D) Maybe I'll go take a really hot shower and pop some ibuprofen.

Julie--(((hugs))) This must be a really hard time for you.

Hi Crystal! Hi Tracy! Hi Belinda!

take care all

I had a great day today! It must be my workouts! And the CLEAN eating! :D

Cendrine – you are doing FABULOUS on your eating! I was a good girl AGAIN today:
M1 – 2 poached eggs, oatmeal w/ 1/2 cup blueberries, 6 almonds
M2 – smoked salmon/ 3.5 oz sweet potatoe
M3 – protein shake w/banana
M4 – tuna w/peas
M5 – halibut w/green salad (lots of veggies)

Gayle – GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! I had thought about doing Meso 3 the same as you! Except I was thinking plyo legs first…

Julie – hope you’re doing okay! I have the weighted gloves as well. I bought mine from an Amazon retailer since Cathe had been out of them for so long and I really needed those odd-ball increments. I am hoping for real progress with Meso 2 also! I’m doing everything I can…eating, no cheating, lifting exactly as prescribed and doing all my cardio!

Chrissy – glad you caught up! I did get sore with legs this second time but not as bad, and I was sore in different places. I think this is from being able to do the workout better the second time through. I actually had DOMS higher up on my glutes and on the outside more than I had last time. Yes, I’m in Seattle area. I have been to Hawaii many times. DH and I were just there for 8 days (Kauai) in September for our 20th wedding anniversary. It was the BEST vacation we ever had. We did everything you can imagine, kayaking, hiking in the jungle, snorkeling, went out on a zodiac (with the dolphins). It was very active and fun, fun, fun!! CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss!

Kim, I hope your refrigerator is stocked! Hopefully the waters will be receding soon!

Maggie, excellent on your additional pound! YOU ARE SO CLOSE!!!! Think what will happen when you can crank up the cardio! Glad you are enjoying Meso 2!

Have a great day tomorrow everyone! I have to be up early to take DH in for a colonoscopy so will be working out in the late afternoon. Talk to you all tomorrow! :eek::eek:

Jo :cool::p

Oh...a couple of things I forgot:

Julie, I did better today with the back deadlifts (holding onto barbell). Oddly it's my right hand that has trouble on the last couple of reps (especially on the 12 reps). But I don't think I can go much heavier without some kind of hand holding help! I generally work my abs three times a week. But when I was working them using weights, then I just did it twice (i.e. decline set-up's holding weight plate).

Chrissy, have a fabulous time on your retreat!

Hello Mary, Crystal, Tracy and everyone else! :p

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Last thing: we didn't talk about the Power Tower! Is anyone getting it?

I'm going to with my 20% discount but I don't know what I'll do with.

How great will this be to do another round of STS with the Power Tower AND STS Cardio! Woohoo!

Jo :D

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