6 Monthers KICKED BUTT on our Easter Challenge (Monday)


Good morning ladies....

Did we KICK BUTT or WHAT???????????????

I think we did awesome!



Great job everybody, on everything from family time, to family RUN time (Kim, lol), to avoiding the food/candies that we wanted to avoid, etc!


Now......keep your guard up and set a new goal. What is it?

Brand new week!

I was up at 6:30; it's the last day of our Spring Break. I just got done with today's workout, which was iTread set 1, 60 minutes and Core Max with the med/stability balls. I logged 5.71 miles and felt awesome the entire way!!!

Today is going to be quiet, except for baseball practice tonight. The sun is out so I may walk with the kids to the library and into town with them. Rain is returning tomorrow, so I like to do all the fun outside stuff before that hits.

I'll BBl, to check in with you all!

Remember.....YOU ROCK!

I agree GOOD JOB EVERYONE on the Easter Challenge.

Enjoy your last day of spring break Gayle! I did STS abs (plates/weights) before the kids got up. They're at school now and I debated between a run and Step Blast and Step Blast won out so heading to do that and will check in later!

I'm back....and confessing....

Morning all you fit STS warriors! :D I'm back and must confess.....it's a good thing I took my magazines and books to read.....Fri morning was a disaster and then they chose to go shopping with me, and I'm not sure why b/c then I had to hurry b/c they were standing outside the stores in the rain waiting on me....finally when we got back and they were sitting around burping and farting, I told DH to give me the keys and I went off alone....then Sat when the weather cleared up I went to campus for a run....OMG! It's amazing how a great wo can make everything better in the world....I know you guys understand. I forgot just how gorgeous, and hilly, campus is! :p I chose to weave throughout campus and climb the mountain during my run, and I went up and down over 200 steps just really running off my emotions...I burned 751 calories on that run! I couldn't believe it when I was stretching and saw that number! Hill work really gets my HR going....and I did just over 5 miles, around 70 mins....it was fabulous!! But, unfortunately, DH bought me mint chocolate truffles thinking that would make me feel better (I love anything mint chocolate, its a weakness of mine) and while it did at the time, now I feel guilty for all the chocolate I ate, and I didn't do as great yesterday either.....we made it home in time to join in at my parents house and my dad cooked some awesome easter southern greatness.....and I ate so much that I didn't need dinner.....so I let you guys down on the Easter challenge....I'm sorry....but I'm back at it today....I'm trying not to dwell on the guilt..

Mary, thank you so much for thinking about me this weekend....while I didn't have a great time, at least I made it through and DH says I don't have to go next time, so yay! He saw how they were and how they didn't even shower on Sat and I was frustrated at that....at least I was able to hide out in my room and read.....but WTG to you on your clean eating! and I hope that shoulder is feeling better for your to start meso 2, I'm loving it!

Kim, hey darlin! WTG on your eating and I hope the egg hunt went well!

Julie, you're almost done with tax season.....you can do it!! More power to you! I couldn't handle those crazy busy seasons and hours....just a few more days!

Cendrine, I think you handled your eating fabulously! and sounds like the kids had fun!

So glad you all had a great Easter, and I am really inspired by all of you. I should have made time to check in here and then I wouldn't have ate so much....

Gayle, you are smart to hid those baskets! :cool: You're so amazing at how you do so much and are so creative!

Jo, I just completed disc 13 again this morning and I know I'm going to feel it again this week....how are your arms holding up today? ;)
Hi Guys,

well, I am officially part of meso 2! I just completed disk 13 for the first time. I didn't know what to do with all the rest time!lol! I either really got stronger during the rest week or I was lifting weights that were too light, it seemed like I was doing most exercises with ease.... hmmmm. I do know my triceps will be reminding me I worked them! But I did manage to wash my hair...:)
I find it much easier to lift like this because the long rest period really kind of makes it easy for me....

Gayle, I am not going to let my guard down! Thanks for the challenge! In addition to my challenge of not touching my kid's chocolates this week, I decided I am going to work on my posture throughout each day. I tend to slouch in order to be comfortable, but I am trying whenever I remember to tuck in that hip and pull back the shoulders, tightening that tummy... I think it may help strenghten the inner ab muscles which will hopefully help my abs stomach stay more flat even after meals.... one of my problems....

Chrystal, I am so glad you got to go for that run! It is amazing what a good workout can do for you! Boy, the mint chocolates... I can't stand mint in anything other than gum, toothpaste and tea! LoL! But I think it was ok for you to have them, after all it was a hard weekend for you and you are back on track now, that is what is important. In the grand scheme of things one bad day isn't going to keep you from reaching your goal, it's when we let the one bad day plunge into a bad week, month etc....

Jo, take that rest and don't push yourelf too hard, because technically you didn't have a rest when your actual rest day was, due to all the running around and getting ready for company.... And as far as I am concerned, as long as the ham was lean, I say it was clean!

Great job, everyone on making it through the easter challenge with flying colors!

Good Afternoon Everyone! Well I just finished disc 10 for the second time and now it is skipping. I tried using the weight hooks today and although they fit around my wrist they are kind of big in my hand. So I am not sure if they are going to work or not. My arms are really getting jacked up!! Actually my arms are tiny but they are getting bigger from STS.

I have decided to take the week of recovery next week as you all have suggested and Mary this way I will still be in the same spot as you for workouts.

DS home from school today. I wore sweats all day yesterday. I ate almost a whole bunny. I do think I did the best given the situation. My STBX won't leave the house, he is trying to force me to leave without the kids. He knows I have no where to go so he is getting away with it, for now that is. ANyway, enough complaining from me for the day.

You girls are all great and very inspiring. Good luck to everyone!
Hi Everybody,

Will be a quick post because I'm at work and back to the "no lunchhour" routine :(:(:(. I woke up this morning and my shoulder still felt a little irritated. I normally do my weight work MWF, but I did CCV5 instead and will start my FINAL WEEK OF Disc 10-12 tomorrow. My shoulder feels good right now, but this morning I could really feel it when I bent my arm back to put my seat belt on. We'll see how it feels tomorrow, and I will be very cautious with all the shoulder moves.


No working late for me tonight, so I'll CBL to see how your day is going!!

Jo-You did GREAT on that trip with that run, and considering the 'males' and their behavior, YOU ROCKED IT! (notice I said MALE and not MEN, lol) You're so right, too, that when stress is just eating at you, we need to find a way to get away, LITERALLY. It worked wonders, didn't it?

Soon2bfit-I'm sorry what the STBX is doing to you, but don't let him play you. I'll give you the advice I gave Jo before her terrible trip....KILL HIM WITH KINDNESS! This is my favorite defense mechanism. Hang in there, your attorney is working for ya, right??? We're here for you!

Mary-sorry to hear about your shoulder, but you did the right thing by listening to your body this morning!

WTG, ladies. EVERYBODY! Whether you ate some candy or not.....ask yourself if it was better than in the past? Could it have been worse? WOULD it have been worse if we hadn't had each other to be accountable to? YES!!!!!! GREAT JOB!

Good Afternoon everyone.

The Easter challenge was a complete sucess for me. Now the next be challenge is to stay away from the kids chocolate. yikes-they got so much of it.

I ate well yesterday and had my planned cheat last night. I had one easter cookie with 1 tbls of pb-yummy!! Very satisfying. I enjoyed every bite. :)

Crystal- glad you got a great run in. Good for you. Be happy you don't have to go next time. Don't let the cheat get to you-just keep moving forward!

soon2bfit- I am so sorry for what you STBX is doing. That really sucks. I am glad you are still exercising and checking in with us. Hope everything works out soon and to your advantage.
I had the same problem with my weight hooks. They didn't feel right. I guess I need to play around with them a little.

Cendrine- welcome to Meso 2. yay!! I like the longer rest periods. Just wait for legs. I am on the hurtin' side still 2 days later.

Mary- you seemed psyched!! Glad your challenge went well. Be careful with the shoulder you don't want to make it worse. Hope it feels better.

Kim-have fun with step blast. I just recently got into that one. It is alot of fun.

Gayle- Thanks again for inspiring us and keeping us motivated and focused. I also like when you talk about what you did with your boys. It gives me alot of good ideas.

I did the elliptical for 60 minutes today at the gym. Nice sweaty workout. I am working on a project for class. I have to take pictures of people and analyze their posture. And then at 5:45 my oldest son has his first baseball game. It is going to be cold. ugh!!

have a great day
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I did do Step blast this morning and then added a 1 mile fast (well fast for me) run at the end. This afternoon has been CleanMax!! The house just sparkles :D:D

Jo Hope you are feeling less tired today after having a some extra rest yesterday! Did you do cc7??

Cendrine Is it your son's spring break this week? Any fun plans? welcome to Meso2!!

Mary Take an extra day or two if you need to let your shoulder heal! Be careful with it!

Crystal Sounds like your run was the highlight of your weekend! What a great way to burn off some stress. Your DH sounds like a sweetie, trying to make the weekend better for you!

Julie What a stressful seperation you are going through ((HUGS)) what are weight hooks? Are they to help hold the barbell?

Chrissy The posture project sounds interesting! Make sure you bring some warm blankets with you to the game tonight!

Waving to Maggie,and any one I forgot, hope everyone had a good weekend! Kim
Been MIA for a busy holiday weekend. I host and do most of the cooking/baking, so, anyway been cooking and cleaning since Friday.....I missed the Easter challenge (hangs head in shame:eek:) and I ate very badly, but I start meso 2 this week and I've eaten very well so far today.

So, my goals this week:

1. Take it easy on the ankle--walked 30 min on treadmill today and it seemed to go well. I'll do 2 more 30 min low impact cardio sessions this week and reevaluate.

2. Eat very cleanly. No more holidays/birthdays for a while, so that should help. I've found that the eating is more important to weight loss than cardio, so I'm trying to focus on this so I don't panic about the ongoing ankle issue.....

3. Do disks 13, 14, 15 first time around.

Tomorrow I'll do disk 13 and I'm looking forward to those longer rests and heavier weights.

I hope to be back for personals later;).

Good Day All My Good Friends! :D

This morning, I planned to do a CC but forgot to charge my iPod so I did BM2 Cardio Timesaver premix (it kicked my butt!) and Abs Circuits Weights and Plates! Oooohhh how I love this workout! :eek: I do continue to get better with the plate exercises, but I think I need a different kind of plate as mine just don't seem to slide that well.

Gayle, thanks for all the encouragement on our challenge! We DID KICKBUTT didn't we? how was your day with the kids? You're probably at baseball practice right now!

Kim, I have Step Blast on the schedule for Wednesday! Haven't done that in a while and looking forward to it! Oh Kim, I'm still tired today but nothing like yesterday...today I think it's because of my tough cardio session!

Crystal, sounds like you made the weekend work! Yeah and you don't have to do it again! Don't feel bad for what you ate; it was comfort food! Just move forward from here! Your run sounds fabulous! I don't know what campus is but it sounds like a good place to be and I'm glad it help you work through your frustrations! I'm not so sore today after doing Disc 13 again. I am a little sore, but NOTHING like last week! Mama!

Cendrine, wasn't Disc 13 great? I know what you mean about the rest breaks! Last week, I would be rushing around to do equipment changes and realized I had PLENTY of time! I do better with this pace of lifting as well! Oh, and yes, the ham was lean and I only ate 3 ounces! (I measured much to DH disbelief!) Hey I'm a clean eater! What can I say?

Julie, I'm glad you're going to do the recovery week! You'll be glad you did! TRUST ME! Keep me up-to-date on what you think of those hooks; if you can get them to work. I didn't buy any yet, I decided I would try again without. I order the calipers from Amazon so should have those in a week or so (I did free shipping.)

Mary, I hope you don't have to keep working at this pace! I'm with you though...WHAT'S OUR NEXT CHALLENGE???

Chrissy, I'm so proud you succeeded on the challenge! I knew you could do it! Don't you feel great? Have fun at the baseball game! I'll be home by the fire! Are you doing legs tomorrow or end of the week?

Maggie, so good to see you post! Glad to hear your ankle is progressively getting better (you must be wearing shoes!) Please post your thoughts on Disc 13! Take care!

Hi Everybody,

Crystal-So glad you are back safe & sound! You will find early in a marriage that there are lots of learning curves that will test even the best of us. You took on the challenge of FIL & BIL, including the burping & farting, and came through with flying colors, and I'm sure your DH really, really appreciates you for that. He sounds like a wonderful man

Maggie-Welcome back!! Sounds like you have been a very busy lady lately with all the cooking, cleaning & entertaining. I'm glad to hear your ankle is doing better. I wear the studeo shoes that Cathe wore in some of her earlier vidoes. The shoe comes up higher on the ankle and gives great support for all the twisting and turning on the step. I can't find them locally, and I had a hard time finding them online when I last ordered them about 4 months ago. They are great shoes, and I keep thinking I should order more before they are discontinued. If you don't already have studeo shoes, I would recommend them for better ankle support!

Julie-So glad you are taking your rest week, and that we can continue on the same STS schedule. It makes the workout easier knowing that someone else is plugging away on the same disc as me. I really feel for you with the divorce!! It sounds as though things are getting pretty sticky right now. As Gayle had mentioned, I'm sure your lawyer is working hard for you, and if not, I would be cracking the whip and make them start earning their wage. Good Luck and stay strong for the kids (remember their little eyes are watching everything).

Cendrine-Doing Disc 13 with ease!!! What are you Super Women!!! I bet you'll be eating those words tomorrow morning though :p. Even though I am seeing good results with Meso 1, I know the muscles are going to be kicked up a notch with Meso 2. I think my DH is feeling a little intimidated with all the heavier weights I just purchased. He keeps telling me "just don't hurt yourself", so the ache in my shoulder has only been shared with you guys. I would hate for him to say "I told you so!!" Good news though, as of 7:00 tonight, my shoulder feels 100%.

Chrissy-I have to confess that the Easter Challenge was not as difficult for me as it was for most of you. We didn't have any Easter candy at the house to tempt me :eek:. Each year when I would make up my DS'S basket, I would purposely fill it with all my favorite candies and then pigout for days afterwards. This year he opted out of the goodie basket so that he could get a little bigger present for his B'Day. He is our tax baby, born on the 15th of April!! I just may have to accomodate him on his B'Day wish considering he saved me many unwanted calories!!!!

Gayle-MY CHALLENGE IS TO CONTINUE MY CLEAN EATING THROUGH THE WEEK!!! We have company coming for dinner on Saturday, so I need to get mentally prepared for that. This is when most of my splurging occurs. I CAN DO IT!!!! My DH had a scheduled day off today, so when I got home from work, he had cooked up some salmon filets, sweet potato on the grill and green beans. It really hit the spot! I don't get that very often, so it was a nice treat. He and my DS are starting to enjoy the healthier side of eating :eek::eek:. It makes it nice when you don't have to cook 2 seperate meals! Do your kids enjoy the same foods you eat?? My DH & DS are not fussy eaters, and they will usually try most of my concoctions. I hope you had a relaxing spring break!

Kim-I had to laugh when you said you did "CleanMax" today. Can I get that one on a dvd???? How nice to have DH and DS enjoy running also. Your DH must put in a lot of miles to prepare for a marathon. I can't even imagine!! I feel great when I get in 6 miles
. Hopefully your weather has warmed slightly to make for a more enjoyable run.

Jo-How was your day today!!! Are you still recovering from those DOM'S. To be honest, I think I may have hurt my shoulder from holding the 8# medicine ball on the LowMax workout. I tried to swing the ball when Cathe was moving her arms, and I think that motion irritated my shoulder. As you can see, I don't always think before doing
:(. I'm sure a 4# ball would have been a much smarter option!

Hi to everybody else that checks in....

OK, DS is pacing the floor waiting for the computer. I must close up for awhile. Have a relaxing evening~~~~~


I see we were both posting at the same time. It's going to be awhile before I can say I "enjoy" the weights and plates Abs. The most I can say is I "tolerate" it :confused::confused:. I do OK on the weight segment, but the plate segment kicks my butt every time. Give me another month and hopefully I will have improved!!! I love a good challenge!!!!


Hi Friends,

just a quick note to say the doms are announcing their arrival! I guess it doesn't matter how easy I thought the workout was, it is till kicking me...:) I'm happy about that! The chest is the area I felt was the least challenged, but I'm starting to feel it now, so I know I must have done the right weight selection....:) It must be all that rest, deceiving!!!!

I'm looking forward to doing the leg workout (soak is mandatory that day!) I looked at how the format is and I know it is going to work me hard!

But tomorrow I have Bodymax2 quick fix cardio and since you guys are all talking about it, weights and plates abs, yes, the plates portion really is challenging, but exactly what I need!

It's as always, great to hear from all of you even if I don't have time to respond to some of the things you write.

I'm on the challenge with you guys for another clean eating week challenge!

Mary, wow, your husband cooked a fabulous meal for you! Mine is a great dishwasher and warms up things perfectly!:)

I am very blessed with my family, everybody eats what I eat, although I do cook starches for them and don't make them do the no carb deal with me. My family likes their carbs, but they like their carbs clean, so that is wonderful!
Hi Mary! I missed your post earlier (shame on me, I was posting at work and had to run to a meeting! :() so I logged off immediately after posting.

Cendrine...let's hear about those DOMS tomorrow! That's what happened to me - the DOMS sneaked up on me after I thought it was an easier workout! :eek: Also, of the three this week, 13, 14 & 15. My worst DOMS came from 13. :D

Meals today. I think we talked about posting meals again if we have time. Here's what I had today:

M1 - 2 poached eggs, oatmeal w/blueberries + 6 raw almonds
M2 - 3.5 oz chicken w/3.5 oz sweet potatoe
M3 - tiliapia w/broccoli
M4 - protein shake w/banana
M5 - green salad (lots of veggies) w/smoked patty (oil & vinegar)


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