50 and over May check-in

Apparently everyone has been MIA with me. Any body ready to get back on track now? My last couple weeks have been crazy, but I'm hoping I see light at the end of that tunnel. Five weeks of school left and then I like to think I have more time in my day and then on to fall when both my boys will have the same start and end time to their day!

To get myself started back on track yesterday I did XTrain Legs the barre and ball work. Today I did chest on my own for about 30 minutes. Going to do one part per day for a month for weight work. Now that the weather is nicer I'm planning to start walking most days before I pick Nick up and I'm going to start jogging that some, too. We have about a half acre fenced back yard, so I can run without anyone watching me. :p I'm also going to do Hiit and Tabata about three times a week. Also, need to work in some abs and stretching. I know I'm being ambitious, but I really need to get serious again.

And I have THE coolest new toy. Last weekend at the LLL conference I won a theme basket. It was the one I really wanted and dropped most of my of my tickets into! There is a really pretty fold up basket in greens and blues and inside there were protein powders, a smoothie book and another nutrition books, some essential oils and a few other things and with it all was a Nutri Bullet! I am totally in love with it. Not something I could have afforded to buy, but if you can get one. It makes a nice size smoothie very quickly and comes with a booklet with lots of recipes. Lots of green smoothie recipes. There one large smoothie container and two small ones, so I can easily make the boys smoothies whenever they want. Can make one is just a couple minutes and it's so much easier to clean than a blender. Part of my plan for this afternoon is to read through the booklet.

I hope you are all accomplishing lots of great things. Jann how are you doing?
You will love the magic bullet if it is Anything like my Ninja blender. The spinning device is in the lid and it is easy to wash out. I make a kale pear drink that is really good in the mornings. The thing is incredible. I have hardly used my food processed sine I bought it.

Your plan of one body part per day would work out well. I am starting to run again after having hurt my hip in the half marathon. I do a 30 second walk followed by 90 second run. It makes for a 13 minute mile pace-slow but not when the mileage build up. I also am doing a spin class twice a week. Weights 3 times a week and barre 2 times. I would like to get back into a cathe rotation, but I can't seem to stay with it right now. So when I am less self motivated-it helps to make a class.
Got in my one part per day for weight work this week and made notes on where I want to increase my weights for next week. Cardio has been walking in town or walking/jogging in the yard. I think it was Tuesday that I found my pedometer and was aiming for 10,000 steps. Rather blew that away as I ended up jog/walking in the yard, and walking in town plus the regular stuff and ended up crossing the 17,000 step mark! Then of course the last two days, I've forgotten to put it on in the morning!

It's been a beautiful week here and it's been wonderful to have the windows wide open for a change! Baseball is 4-0 this week and my youngest has a tournament this weekend. Lots of fresh air and sunshine. :D

Iron-Mom how's your week going? How's the running going? Spin class sounds fun, I'm out in the boonies so the closest ones are too far for me.

Everyone else?
Anybody out there? I was going to do another (4th week) of one part per day and start STS next week and then I realized that our vacation week would fall in Meso 3. So I'm starting tomorrow, and I'm going to shorten up my two rest week after Meso's 1 & 2 and that will make our vacation my final rest week. Already have my workout cards for week one printed and I'll do cardio and core on my in between days and probably walk some of the STS days, too.

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