5 ft 3 and under May 19


Hello Beautiful Women,

Today I will be doing kickboxing and having an overly-busy, likely irritating day (that should raise my calorie count, right:)

Hope you all have a good day --- free of injuries and other annoyances.

Today I will do 30-40 mins cardio (undecided on which DVD, suggestions welcome) and STS back and biceps.

Tobermory - you have a great one too!

Good Morning,

Today is suppose to be a rest day but I am going to do LIS and abs. Everyone have a safe and wonderful day.
good morning

I did some yoga this morning and its HIS/LIS this evening. My blisters are healing. I'm in serious fat burn mode today. I have that job interview this afternoon and was a bit nervous last night. My mother tells me just be honest like usual and either they will like me or they won't.
Good Luck with the job interveiw.

Meals today
Brkfst-hardboiled eggs, toast and grapefruit
Am snack-almonds and banana
Lunch-employee leaving having the bosses favorite meatlovers pizza for lunch I brought a salad to keep me from eating alot.
Pm snack-cheese stick and cucumbers
Supper-spaghetti with lowfat hamb

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