5 ft 3 and under May 12


I can't decide whether or not to do an S&H rotation this week or do a full body today. I know this inspirational and probing question will be on the minds of all the people on this sign-in today. I will post later if I figure it out and actually lift.

Good Morning,

Tonite is cardio for me haven't decided which one yet. I wanted to get up early to workout but that didn't happen so tonites workout will have to be short.
I plan on 30 mins of cardio (need to run, but it won't stop raining so probably Step Blast) then I have STS biceps and back. Yesterday I ended up doing 60 mins of step (Seasun Zieger) even though I probably should have rested or done much shorter.

Tobermory - at least you know that those of use signing in often go through the same dilemmas about what they're going to do workout wise!

Hi everyone!

Today I had a good workout, sleeping in yesterday was a big help!

Todays workout:

4mile run on my treadmill

Have a great day everyone!

Here are my meals for today

Brkfst-special k cereal, toast and grapefruit
Snack-almonds and banana
Lunch-huge salad
Snack-live active colby cheddar, and grapes
Supper-grilled pork chop, and potatoe with corn
You will be riveted to know that I chose S&H bis and tris and did some boxing. I will walk the puppy -- 4 to 5 miles -- later.

I have been waiting all morning to find out what you decided ;) Actually, it's nice to have a place to post what you're doing and see what others are doing as well. Not everyone is so dedicated to fitness.


You will be riveted to know that I chose S&H bis and tris and did some boxing. I will walk the puppy -- 4 to 5 miles -- later.

I am so glad to hear you decided to do S&H. I did that one 2 months ago for the entire month I just didn't feel like it helped but I had alot of other things going on at the time.
Ok, not feeling very energized or enthusiastic about working out this afternoon. I know once I get going I'll be ok...I think. The weather here has been so incredibly depressing for about a week and a half that I think it's getting to me.

Eats for the day:

breakfast - packet of lower sugar maple brown sugar quaker oatmeal
snack - apple with 1 stick light string cheese
lunch - salad with spinach, carrots, broccoli and a morningstar "chicken" patty
snack - 1/2 clif bar + 3 almonds
dinner - have absolutely no clue. Last night was black bean, bell pepper and goat cheese quesadillas though...yummy.

Today's eats are as followed;

Meal 1: Ezekiel with teaspoon PB, 1/2 cup of coffee

Meal 2: Protein shake (cup of blueberries, 5 strawberries, 1/2 banana)

Meal 3: Go Lean High Protein cerea (1/2 cup) 10 almonds and walnuts and cup skim milk

Meal 4: Grilles chicken salad with spinash, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, (balsanic dressing)

Meal 5: 4 boil eggwhites with 3 trisquits

Meal 6: Bake Talapia, vetables on a bed of brown rice

Have a good night everyone!

Workout is complete:

Basic Step 1 set of risers
26 in the zone
153 avg hr
174 max hr
228cals burned

Total Body Stretching
1 in the zone
103 min hr
136 max hr
47cals burned

Our cable and internet is out won't have it fixed until Thurs so nothing better to do then workout. Borrowing someones internet tonite.

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