30/40 minutes really enough????


Okay so here is my question,

Im sure this question has been asked before but really is 30 to 45 minutes of excercise enough to benefit from?

My life has been so crazy these last few weeks that I really can't seem to fit it in. I'm lucky if I can get 45 minutes in its usually 30-35 minutes. I do all of cathe's premixes.

I'm not trying to lose weight maybe just maybe just a little more definition but I know nutrition has lots to do with that.
So what do you all think?


Hi Wonderwoman,

In response to your question: I believe you are the expert on you and know what you can fit into it your life. And, it sounds like you are trying to keep fitness apart of it as much as possible despite being so busy. I say good for you. Fitness can be tough to keep high on the priority list. I also think this: do what you can do when you can do it, and on days when you can and want to do more - do more. I think just keeping fitness in your life as regularly as possible (no matter how many minutes) is wonderful for your overall health. So i think you are doing great. IMHO.

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Hi Wonderwoman

Cathe's new workouts are 30-45mins and I have done a rotation using the premixes and have seen great results because I just don't want to spend and hour working out. I say something is better than nothing.


You can definitely keep up your level of fitness with 30-45/day and I think even make gains, you really don't have to workout for hours. If you are looking to increase muscle, you may want to look at doing split weight routines and 1 full day routine, and do a little less cardio.

BTW, do you have 4 Day Split? Because this set would be PERFECT for you.


Of course 40/30 is enough, depending on your goals

Currently, the guidelines from the Interantional Association for the Study of Obesity are as follows:
- to reduce the risk of chronic disease in adulthood, engage in at least thirty minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most days of the week,
- to help manage body weight and preven gradual, unhealthy body weight gain in adulthood, engage in approximately sixty minutes of moderate - to - vigorous-intensity activity on most days of the week; and
- to sustain weight loss in adulthood, participate in at least sixty to ninety minutes of daily moderate-intensity physical activity

In order to increase your fitness level, you need to constantly challenge yourself in flexibility, strength, and cardio.

The HIIT workouts are challenging for the cardio aspect and since they are under sixty minutes, one can add on a strength routine to reach the goal of weight loss.


My thoughts....if that is all you have time for, then it is enough and better than skipping it because you don't have more time. Sometimes in life we have to modify to get through a stressful period.


I really think it depends on the type of workout you do... If you are doing HIIT workouts for 30 minutes, you are burning just as many calories as doing a steady-state, hour-long workout, as long as you give it your all, because you are getting that after-burn effect. Same as when you do Tabata... These kinds of workouts are designed to be shorter because of their intensity. On my kids' soccer nights I reach for HIIT or Tabata so I can get a really good workout in less than an hour. :)


Lets put it this way, 30-45 minutes is way better than none;) Also, if you do at least one HIIT workout/week, that cuts it down too.


I think it depends on your routine. If you're training 6 days a week, 40 minutes could be enough. When I do cardio I focus more on the number on my HRM than on the clock. I have a certain number of cals burned in my head that I must reach before I stop (whether that # on the HRM is accurate or not LOL).

I think my weight routine for each body part takes about 30 minutes (40-45 for legs). I would love to do a 6 day split for lifting, but my schedule won't allow it. That said, if you'd consider a 6 day strength training split, that would be the ideal for more muscle definition. You could work one body part per day & focus more on short, heavy sets & eat squeaky clean. Maybe fit the cardio in on rest days, or days you can do both.


Thank you guys for all of your responses! Okay so I guess I will try not to feel so guilty. I do have all of cathe's dvd's. I am currently doing a rotation with the Gym Styles premixes which is great and I know Intensity has great premixes and 4DS too! WOW the possibilties are endless!



I think if a workout is well-thought-out, and elements are combined right, then 30-40 minutes can make for an effective, time-efficient workout.

I'm currently doing a Supreme 90 rotation, and the workouts are all in about that time range (one exception is Chest/Back, which is designed to be about 30 minutes long, but which takes me--and many others--longer to do because they move too fast in the workout itself. But for $20 for a set of 10-11 effective workouts, I'm not complaining!)

The strength workouts are done in circuit fashion, which makes long rests between sets unnecessary. And the cardio is Tabata-style or interval style, which is an efficient way to work.

Now that warmer weather is here, I've started my outdoor walking season, and I sometimes do shorter interval workouts, pushing for max speed during the intervals. I definitely feel like they are effective workouts.

With shorter workouts, I think it's important to push yourself so that you don't feel like you could do a lot more after the workout is over.


I run for 30-40 mins 2 or 3X and week and lift heavy upper body weights 2X per week for 30 mins and I am at the smallest I've ever been. I used to work out at least an hour 6 days per week.

I've come to realize that for ME, more does not necessary equal "better." I also don't eat as much as when I used to exercise more vigorously which made me hungrier.


I run for 30-40 mins 2 or 3X and week and lift heavy upper body weights 2X per week for 30 mins and I am at the smallest I've ever been. I used to work out at least an hour 6 days per week.

I've come to realize that for ME, more does not necessary equal "better." I also don't eat as much as when I used to exercise more vigorously which made me hungrier.

I am also one that believes in Quality NOT Quantity! I too used to do 90+ minutes most days per week in addition to walking/running my dogs. I have seen more strength gains and endurance gains these past 3 months (30-40 minute workouts) than I did when I was doing longer workouts. If you are giving it your all, and that *all* changes on a daily basis- so keep that in mind too, then that's what you need to focus on. It's not how long you workout, it's what you do in that workout that counts! My gosh look at Kelly Coffey-Meyer- she's made a whole fitness empire/routine based on 30-40 minute workouts. Cathe's premixes are the same way. I can't say I'm my smallest yet, but I'm getting there and I'm much stronger now than I was 2 yrs ago. I don't have plans anytime in the near future to make 60+ minute routines a regular part of my life. I don't care what some athletic board or research panel says- I know my body better than some stranger!!

I also am not as hungry now as when I was did more vigorous forms of fitness yet I see positive results. If it works for you, by all means, do it!
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