12 week Challenge July 6 (thursday)


Good Morning challengers,

I am up early as usual so i can get my workout in before leaving for work.

Wendy-I was working pt for a little while and it just didn't workout. So now i have a full time job. I work in the Human Resources field. The treading class is so much fun, it's just like doing a cardio coach or a itrain workout but having someone right there shouting at you:D

my workout for today is gymstyles chest and triceps. can't wait to get started.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
You sound sunny this morning!!!!!

Late as usual....

I lowered my cardio intensity and got my 60 minutes in.....

CTX - Tris (changed again) TJ Cardio Party and Fat Blaster 75 minutes, 485 calories burned, HR 69%ave/92% max

Food for Yesterday:
M1 - Oatmeal and egg whites
M2 - oatcake and grilled chicken, almonds
M3 - salmon, spinach and tomato salad, almonds
M4 - Chicken breast, green beans
M6 - Chicken breast (again) and sugar peas with tomatoes, almonds

OK, I am really hungry now.....my calories were lowered and now I am wanting to chew everything in sight!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for the step comments - I am going to pull it out in the next couple of days!
Good Morning.

Sunny, Hope you are enjoying the new job!

Kathy, Maybe you should tell K. Sessions that you are starving...perhaps the cal count is too low?? Or do you think it's just b/c your body is adjusting to the change?

Today is a weight day. It will no doubt be a circuit due to time constraints!

Happy Thursday Ladies!:)
hello challengers:)
yesterday's workout: ran 4.5miles
today's workout: GS back, shoulers, and biceps w/ TJfatblaster

I feel I need another workout??? I'm thinking of going to the fitness center and do a class there.

What happened to our group??? oh, well, it's nice to!hello to kathy, sunndelite and wendy!

ya'll have a great day

take care:)

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