<—-goodbye to another Cathlete

<--- is also heartbroken over MissNancyFancyPants
<--- remembers when the arrow thread used to be so much fun, thanks in large part to Nance
<--- can't believe how many Cathletes we've lost since we first met here all those years ago
<--- cannot even remember the last time I posted here! :eek:
<--- will join Melissa in the hidey hole
<--- hopes Robin is there, too
<--- had no idea!
<--- is so very sad
<--- thanks Robin for sharing the news
<---knows MissNancyFancyPants is working out to Cathe in Heaven
<---still wants to go to the hidey hole, even so
<--- heard about this sad news on Cat's FB post
<--- fondly remember the "old days" with the OAL posts
<--- sending heartfelt condolences & prayers to Nancy's family & friends
<--- Godspeed Miss NancyFancyPants
<--- cancer sucks!
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<---is also sad about the passing of Miss NancyFancyPants
<---did not know her very well, but enjoyed reading her posts back in the day
<---misses the OAL and the Ladies therein
<---sends hugs to all of the OALers
<---brings snacks for the hidey hole
<——was so sorry to hear of the passing of another friend to cancer
<——will always remember the sassy Ms NancyFancyPants
<——joins other long ago Order of the Arrow friends in mourning
<——shuffles off to sit quietly and remember Nancy, Carola, Gin, and Vickie
Gosh, I remember all of them.....so sorry, her posts always made me smile -just looking at her name...
<---- very belatedly saw this
<---- thinks what terribly sad news
<---- remembers happily jumping on board and sharing in the fun with Nancy and the OALers
<---recently spoke to DT on FB
<---says he misses her terribly but is doing well
<---has very fond memories of the OAL and the amazing members
<---'s son was in love with Nancy when he was a little boy
<---sends love to Nance <3

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