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    Fit Split Low Impact Cardio & Metabolic Conditioning Workout Times

    Warm- Up: 4:31 Low Impact Cardio: 17.58 Metabolic Conditioning: 20:30 Stretch: 4:43 *You can pre-order Cathe's new Fit Split series or learn more at: http://bit.ly/2uB7x08 Act Now! Current Pre-Sale prices are for a limited time only!
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    ICE Times and Equipment Used

    We've now listed all of the ICE workout times,premixes with times and the equipment used in each video. Just go to http://shop.cathe.com/ICE-s/119.htm and click on each individual ICE video. You will see three tabs near the top of each video page: 1. Description 2. Equipment 3. Premixes Just...