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    Are we too clean? (an extension to the finger licking thread)

    Interesting article:
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    Who shops at Sephora:):)

    I'm loving the eye shawdows that Kat Von D has there. I LOVE LOVE the Urban Decay eye primer too. I keep going back and forth on foundations. I've tried bare minerals, one by stilla, and my current one is by make up forever. I use Sephora's brushes as well. I could do some serious damage in...
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    Stand Up Mixers

    ditto that!
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    Red face after cardio - anybody?

    I'm the same way and always have been. My mom actually had to send in a note to the school when I was younger because everytime I'd be in gym playing dodgeball or something and they'd keep making me sit down because I was so red but I was really fine. I get the purple face when I run and it...
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    Deadliest Catch

    I LOVE this show! My dad got me hooked on it last season. I'm a big Time Bandit fan myself. I also love Phil on the Cornelia Marie and Edgar Hansen on the Northwestern cracks me the heck up. I can never watch the darn biting the head off the fish thing though w/o gagging lol.
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    Look at my baby!!!!!

    My first thought was Zorro. He looks like he's wearing a black mask across his eyes! When we were little we raised all sorts of critters for fun and we had a pygmy goat we named Orea because he was almost totally black w/ a vertical white stripe going down his belly! We named his twin Elivs...
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    Why You're (not YOU, necessarily!) Fat

    OH yeah, that's exactly why I struggle w/ my weight. I grew up eating those kind of foods and the first thing I thought when I saw that site was "where do I fine the deep fried grilled cheese?" :o I also have to admit i've made a "meat cake" before. I have a side business/hobby decorating...
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    My Dr. told me to be a coach potato

    I've actually seen a family/general practice doctor that did sports medcine "on the side" so to speak as a trainer for a local hockey team. Sometimes if you ask around your local medical community you can find a doctor that has the characteristics you're looking for.
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    I do not want children!

    Lori - We tried for 3 years to get pg w/ our son and people knew we were having problems and STILL asked that question. Furthermore we still get hassled about having another. We did try a bit (unsuccesfully) for a #2 before deciding 1 was the right number for us and most people know that, yet...
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    I do not want children!

    Don't you love that? Like kids are something you can just go pick up at the store as a gift for family. My standard response now to the "When are you going to give me more grandchildren" question is "when you concieve, birth, and raise them on your own". ;)
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    I do not want children!

    I think that is right on. We have one child who will be 4 in June. We are D-O-N-E. The input (that I didn't even ask for btw) I have gotten on having an only child is just mind blowing. Everyone from the IL's to friends, to neighbors to freaking people we don't know at the supermarket. Why...
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    Please vote! Opinions needed!

    Whoops, guess I should have read the entire thing before I posted. ;) OMG this is like my DREAM. I would give just about anything to take a nice vacation by myself to someplace warm and do nothing but sit down by the pool and read and not have to speak to anyone for an entire vacation...
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    How to wean GD off baby formula

    We kept P on whole milk until he was 2. Our ped (Who I LOVE) said that they need the fat for brain development at that age. Since 2 he's been on skim or 2% depending on what was on sale at the store ;)
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    Selling the workouts individually

    I really hope the step is available by itself! That's about the only one I think I would use.
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    Mother of Octuplets/Update

    OH. MY. Okay, first I used to work in mental health and she's sadly mistaken if she's planning on raking in the dough. Second, she really thinks people are going to willing to see her? I mean I know we all have our issues and I wouldn't expect my counselor to be perfect but come on this woman...