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    Workout Manager problems.

    thank you!!
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    Workout Manager problems. issue seems to be fixed....the metadata associated with my cardio workouts is saving again...woo hoo!!
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    Workout Manager problems.

    Hi...when I make entries into the calendar, it still doesn't save the metadata.
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    Workout Manager problems.

    I'm having issues when I add cardio workouts it won't save the duration and calorie count. This appears to have started yesterday.
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    Workout Manager Weigh-In Won't Save

    Hi....I can't record previous weights using the enter daily values function and I can't delete some workouts that were entered in error.
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    Workout Manager on the blink?

    I tried to add some weight values from a few months ago using the record daily values button, but the entries won't save. I also tried to delete some incorrect workouts and wasn't able to.