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    you can do it Thanks so much for you advise. I have been trying not to be obessed with the situation. But I'm more aware of what I eat and also walking more then usual. I have been a member of weight watcher and I have been as I mentioned before more aware of how much I'm eating. I just have...
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    100+ pounds gone forever!

    100 + pounds gone fovever I am amazed with you changes. I too am trying to get into a routine, from the last time that I weight myself I was 200 +. I'm going to a running track in my neighbor Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Sometimes feel so tried but I go anyway. I haven't weight myself, I feel...
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    Hi cathe First of all I think that your workout are awesome. I have a few that are my favorites. But I need help I am going to be 52 years old. I work full time and have a hectic schedule. On top of that I'm 200 plus pounds over weight. My stomach is huge. But I really believe that I can do...