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    Graves' Disease (hyperthyroidism) ??

    Hi. I was hyper with Grave's disease. My doctor said that the anti-thyroid pills were not sustainable long-term and so I had radiation. I started on Synthroid/Cytomel, then NatureThroid, and am now on Armour. I've gained 15 pounds since this all began and can't lose any of it to save my...
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    Hypothyroidism and Welbutrin?

    Hi Sara. I don't have any experience with Wellbutrin but I have tons of experience with thyroid drugs. I'm now without a thyroid. So I've gone through every dosage of Synthroid and Cytomel. Finally, started on NatureThroid and now, for 4 months, Armour. I can't say I feel better (my energy...
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    Thyroid-less and Desperate

    Thanks for the great replies. In a few weeks - after vacation - I'm going to switch things up... Eat more and change my workouts to 50/50 cardio/weights. Maybe that'll help re-calibrate my metabolism.
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    Cathe Live Spreadsheet 01/30/2017

    This is incredible! Thank you!
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    Thyroid-less and Desperate

    Thank you, karategirl. I really appreciate the feedback. How many calories did you add when you started the STS rotation. I'm seriously considering doing it; I know I do too much cardio. But, in my defense, doctors, nutritionists, everyone has told me to eat less and exercise more. I...
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    Thyroid-less and Desperate

    Hi Catwoman7631 and thank you for the suggestion. I do one straight weight workout at the gym every week. The other weights I do are combined with cardio. I can add in another pure weight workout but my frustration is that this routine worked for me before I lost my thyroid. I had no...
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    Thyroid-less and Desperate

    Two years ago, I had my thyroid taken out. Now I've just switched from Synthroid to NatureThroid. But I can't lose weight. I don't have a ton to lose - only 10 pounds - but it won't budge. Just like when I had a thyroid, I work out 6 days a week. I do weights three days a week and cardio...