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    Get Glutes Program

    I'm nervous about the zercher squat too - it's in my next phase and I'm all set to start out really light! Edit: I missed that you asked about front squats. I like front squats - I did them instead of back squats for a while and they really helped my back squat form a lot. I think they helped...
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    Fitness App recommendation?

    I don't have any app recommendations unfortunately, but as far as digifit - do you have an Android or iOS device? I ask because I don't know how the Android store works, but if you buy an iOS app and it doesn't do what you expected, you can usually delete it and get a refund from the iTunes store.
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    Can you PLEASE help my homeschooling son!

    I'll send one. I'll see if I can get my brother, who's stationed in Germany right now, to send one too :)
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    Get Glutes Program

    Glad you're both liking it! Jenniferlove, I hear you - I feel like some of my lower body exercises (walking lunges and step-ups come to mind) are limited by my forearm strength! The GG workout doesn't have the between bench squats, but I'm really enjoying the single-leg...
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    Muscles bigger on one side

    I haven't necessarily noticed a difference in size, but my right side has always been significantly stronger than my left. I too have tried doing extra reps, etc. on my left to try to balance it out with little success. Interestingly, over the past 6 or 7 weeks that I've been lifting heavy...
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    Get Glutes Program

    Have any of you started one of the programs from the book yet? If so, how are you liking it? I just finished phase 1 of the "Gluteal Goddess" workout, and I am really enjoying it. My behind and my hamstrings in particular are getting pretty hard when I flex them, even after just 4 weeks. I've...
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    A nice compliment at the gym

    mbmundt, it was, that's why I just had to come and share, haha Natasha, Hahaha, no - no #s exchanged :) jcm, Yes I am, and it really made me resolve too that when I see someone who inspires me I should tell them so! Tralaivin, I go through phases... I'm in a heavy lifting phase right...
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    A nice compliment at the gym

    It's funny, I was just reading through the facebook thread... I am not that active on here, but the reason I came on today was because I wanted to share a story that my facebook friends wouldn't necessarily appreciate :) So I was at the gym this morning, and you know how you see someone...
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    Get Glutes Program

    Oh, both workouts have taken me about an hour, including a fairly thorough warm up and foam rolling.
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    Get Glutes Program

    Well, there are 4 programs in the book, and one of them is bodyweight only. I am doing the "Gluteal Goddess" workout, which does involve equipment. I am doing it at a gym, so it's not a big deal. I do think that to do the program exactly as written, most people would need to go to a gym...
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    Get Glutes Program

    Well, I got the book, and I'm really impressed. I actually bought the Kindle download, but I may buy the physical book as well because I keep wanting to refer to it and it's hard with the electronic version. I wrote a review on Amazon here: Audry's review of Strong Curves: A Woman's...
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    I Need Your Input on Beautiful Badass

    Hi! Tralaiven, it is two pdf files - one is a "manual" that gives a lot of advice on fitness, lifting, eating, and generally having a strong mental outlook. It also has links to private youtube videos that demonstrate how to do all of the exercises in the programs. The other file contains 19...
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    Get Glutes Program

    I haven't subscribed to the program, but I'm totally buying their book when it comes out on April 2nd! Here's a blog post that links to a free sample of the book: “Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Better Butt and Bodyâ€￾ Sample and Coaching Consultation Giveaway | Bret Contreras
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    Lifting Heavy

    I just started this in January. I had been thinking about it for a while, but equipment was holding me back as well. My husband has a small universal machine and some adjustable dumbbells and an easy-curl bar, but that's it for weights. So I finally joined a gym. I'm really enjoying it. I am...
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    Fitness Glove recommendations please

    I just recently ditched the gloves for weightlifting, and I have to say, going glove-less is actually easier on my hands. I'm getting calluses, but they're not huge or obvious, and I lift pretty heavy. I have a pair of the pink go fit ones that someone linked to, and the extra layer actually...