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    Vocals Only Audio Track

    Yes, I probably do need help! It is only on two of the download that I have noticed. I have used Quicktime and also Itunes to play to workout. My computer screen is 15" so I just used it. The television in the garage isn't too technologically advanced!
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    Vocals Only Audio Track

    What if the vocals and the video are not in sync? I have had this problem.
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    Travel Fit Update

    Just what I need, can't wait!!
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    Is there a way to copy cassettes onto a more modern form of audio?

    I know at our dance studio, we have a cd recorder hooked to a tape deck....of course there are lots of wires and cables involved, but we have to record music often. Heck, some of it is still on vinyl! I know my sister can record VHS to DVD on her set-up. I think you just need a DVD recorder...
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    Question for P90Xers

    I know!! I am so used to KM, KPC, well you know Cathe's cardios, that I easily get frustrated with the cardio, or lack thereof, as I have said on previous posts. But I think it is more about getting 'ripped' or the weights, not the cardio. I didn't do the diet. I am a mom of three and I...
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    OTC teeth whiteners

    I had the same result as Judi. I have never had sensitive teeth but after about a week, I could hardly stand it, my teeth were soooo sensitive. Great results, just bad side effect!!
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    Question for P90Xers

    I am in the middle of P90X, week seven to be exact. I have only substituted on the Yoga X days, well I do as much as I can take then do a little something else for my sanity's sake. I have seen major gains in my strength/stamina during the past weeks. I would stick with the program. I would...
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    I saw in my Fitness magazine. It was nice to actually find something for free. Not "free until you actually download and then it is $14.99" the music is pretty good too.
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    So what are giving up or adding to Lenten practices?

    I am a Catholic in Southern Baptist Alabama...we are a small group, well especially in my town. We should have a lenten support group, just to keep in check!!! Ha!
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    Physical Trainer Certification

    Did anyone do the home study or go to the workshops for their certification? And do you need ALL of the 'recommended' study materials?
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    So what are giving up or adding to Lenten practices?

    It is so hard to think of something every year! I have a 'Mary Day by Day' book that I read, so I will probably try to add more prayer and attend all of the church services that I can! And of course no meat on the days of observance! I might try to cut it out as much as possible, but all I...
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    Real Housewives--who else cried?

    I don't think any of the the Atlanta women are actually from the South! I agree Southern women do not act that way!!! How about Ramona...her eyes are on crack or something! She needs a little of what Lynne of the OC is taking.
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    Real Housewives--who else cried?

    Okay, this is totally changing from OC to NY, but what does everyone think of Simon Van Kempen? I LOVE his Speedos on his frail white body!!!!! I am ready for the OC Reunion, but think it is going to be more of the same!! Tamra and Vicki do not like Gretchen. Do they act like high school...
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    Flooring question

    Lorrie, which product did you get from I saw where their aerobics flooring is on sale...I really don't need too much to cover the area where I work out. I was looking on there...I would only need to cover my designated "area" I so wish I had my own room, but I do have heating...
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    I saw a picture of one of my exes and boy am I glad he is my ex, ha ha! My husband's ex is on there, they dated for a while, is on there, but I can't look at her profile, and she can't look at mine. I am very careful about who I "friend" on there, I have ignored more than a few requests...