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X'ers ..... Thursday * Feb 1

Discussion in 'Check-ins & Challenges' started by teddy16410, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. teddy16410 Cathlete

    Mar 23, 2006
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    Morning X'ers! Hope its a "happy day" for all thus far!
    Core Syn on the plate today and then tomorrow is Yoga and then....I'M DONE!!!!!!! My happy dance is becoming quite the little jig these days!

    Havent caught up on personals so I shall return after a few cups of java!

    Great morning if I miss anyone today!!:)
  2. taprice Cathlete

    Nov 26, 2004
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    Hi all,

    I got home from work yesterday and saw all of the cable wires sticking out of the box on my side yard, so no cable again last night.

    I’m on the final countdown and I must say that I am ready to be done and try something new. I think I have kenpo or core syn, and I’ll do whichever, plus some yoga. I’m adding in more cardio this week as a shock and hopefully to burn off some more BF. Then I will go back to the regular weight lifting etc. I walked for an hour yesterday, it was beautiful but very cold, and then spent an hour learning some new choreography. It was a nice combination of low impact cardio. Oh, I also shook up my leg routine and did the following. I’m trying to see what new things I can come up with and this is just to help define the legs.

    20lbs 15 squats, 15 plie, squats, 16 front to rear lunges,
    15 jump squats & 15 plie jumps squats with/ 6lbs followed by 16 mary catherines.
    Then same weight work with 24 lbs
    Jump squats etc,
    Then same weight work with 30 lbs
    Jumps squats etc, then mary catherines with 6lbs and every time I got to the lunge, I tossed the ball to the other hand/I think I’ll incorporate this because the ball makes you stabilize through the glutes.
    Then same weight work with 50 lbs/ front lunges only

    As you all can see I’m bored. I hope everyone has great workouts and I’ll check back in later.

  3. bubbee33 Cathlete

    Sep 14, 2004
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    First and foremost, CONGRATS TO TRACI! To be done... wow, I can't wait. Next week is recovery, then that's it for me. I'm so proud of all of us. Enjoy Core Syn for the last time. That's definitely a challenging w/o and I can't imagine what it's like to be starting it for the last time and FINISHING it for the last time (at least for a little while... :) ).

    Did my Brian Kest last night. I chose Sweat because I had a lot of energy and knew that it was my first time with the w/o, so no matter what, my "all" wouldn't have been into it. The only Yoga I've done prior is Tony, and I'd heard a lot of yogis complaining about his lack of form and such before doing the tape. However, in comparison to Brian... well, there is no comparison. My hubby was washing some clothes at the time, so the dryer whining in my ear didn't help, but Brian really moves through the moves fast. Is that how power yoga usually goes? Also, I realized just how non-flexible I really am. Those girls practically doing back bends throughout the whole video.... I now see how someone could get an EXTREME w/o from Yoga. Stephanie, how did you like Tone? I know I started with supposidly the hardest w/o, but like I said, I knew I wouldn't be able to "bring it" it being my first try with the w/o. Aftward, I felt like I could've done the whole Yoga X tape because I wasn't really that beat. I did throw in Yoga Belly 7 at the end. I'll have to try another Kest to really determine if I like it. I'm definitely not going to throw Yoga out of my program. I think it's really important for me and seeing those chics in Brian's video bending like Gumby made me realize I can really strive for more.

    Tonight I was hoping to do my marathon Cardio X, L&B, and ARX, but I think I'll make it a rest again. DH is going out of town and I think he wants to take me to dinner. Probably best just to chill or else I'll be thinking about how I shouldn't be working out while I'm working out and, therefore, not be in the mindset to really "bring it".

    BTW, thanks to everyone for your comments on how to up my weight. Everyone gave great suggestions and I'm sort of peeved at myself for not asking the question sooner (especially since my last REAL weight w/o with Tony is L&B, and you really don't have to use high weights on that one to feel the burn). Since I don't have a rotation set up yet after P90x, maybe I'll just throw in a few of Tony's tapes after my recovery week to see what "upping my weights" really feels like. Probably have to go out and purchase a set of 25s... never thought I'd say that. The DOMS are already starting to kick in! :)

    Have wonderful days!
  4. bubbee33 Cathlete

    Sep 14, 2004
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    Guess Tracy and I were posting at the same time 'cause I didn't get to read her FABULOUS leg w/o until after my post was up.

    Tracy, are you saying you did jump squats AND mary katherines with weight???? How impressive! I think I may write down that leg w/o 'cause it seems great! Way to get it done on your own.
  5. lvnascar Cathlete

    Mar 23, 2004
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    Morning BB's,


    Today is Shoulders & Arms plus ABX.

    Traci, you are almost done! Congrats.

    Tracy, you are a crazy woman. Weights with Mary Katherines. I'm still just putting my hands in the air. :D

    Have a great day everyone,

  6. Netta Cathlete

    Feb 7, 2005
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    Good morning,

    Classic/Phase 3/Week 1/Day 4

    Had a great Spinerval session with the Garage Boys, 7 of us sweating away. It was good I feel better afterwards (mentally) with Cardio Coach. When I got back, worked DH on upper body weights and I also did AbX.

    I'm going to experiment a little with my food. I've been doing 2 carb servings a day per Phase 2 eating (mostly oatmeal as those carbs) so will lower that to 1 serving a day and see if it makes a difference. My BF% on my Tanita scale has not budged off of 26% plus, whereas I started P90X at 25% plus. I know it's not accurate, but you are supposed to at least see a trend. Also, my 30 day pictures looked better than my 60 day so I'm thinking it's the eating. Just for kicks, I'm going back on Phase 1 to check it out. I'll of course monitor my energy levels and if they take a dive, I'll up the carbs, or maybe like 2 servings every other day or something like that. Of course it's almost TTOM so I'm not pleased with puffiness showing and weight is up, but weight will go even higher when TTOM comes so that's not cool. Get sooo frustrating to be doing P90X (an extreme workout program) and not getting lean results. However, I am really pleased by my strength gains. But I must admit, I'm doing this for vanity purposes mainly, not to say I did 500,000 pushups. Maybe my body has just adapted to this whole thing. Anyways, don't worry, I'll finish P90X.

    Anyways, today was a combo of Bryan Kest Power Yoga and then Eoin Finn's Magically Hips premix for a total of 60 minutes. I really needed to stretch out my legs from the spin session last night. They do feel good today. I'll see if they will feel okay for doing L&B tomorrow and still have enough left for Sunday's bike ride. Otherwise it may just be backwork and a little bit of leg work. We'll see.

    Traci, the end is near!!! Bet you will just breeze thru Core Syn today! You may even do the spins at the end of the Dreya Rolls to celebrate!!!!!

    Tracy, you are so close too. Your leg workout looks great. I'm just not sure if anything works on these legs at all. They are just short and thick (though strong). Later on, I may do the Firm It Up workout from Slim Series for a while, that gave me some good results in the past. I'm so afraid of doing heavy weights to make them bigger under the fat.

    DB, Wow, Brian Kest's seemed not too tough? Yes, some of those gals are soooo flexible. I am not, however. Don't think I ever will be like them, but I can improve some. I like Bryan's chatter though. You go girl, with the 25#ers! I think DH could use those soon.

    Got to go now ladies, BBL.

    Jeanette :7
  7. aschendell Cathlete

    Jan 19, 2006
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    Hi there ladies!!!

    Hope everyone is doing well today! I have Kenpo on the books today, so no dread factor this morning! I did L&B yesterday and I must have really brought it because I have a lot of DOMs this morning...I felt like Dreya moaning when I got out of bed! Just wanted to give one more observation about Cathe's S&H the other day and then I'll shut up about it.....I also noticed that I pushed myself a lot harder than I would have before starting the X...Once I felt fatique in my muscles before I would have lowered my weights, but I didn't do that this time, I just pushed through and only when my form suffered did I drop...not just when I started to shake...and let me add that 3 days later my chest muscles are still tender. I think I will get gains that I hadn't before with Cathe now that I know what muscle failure really feels like!

    Okay...enough about me!

    Jeanette...Glad you enjoyed your spinning time last night! I felt much better after my yoga this week, too. That's another thing I will take from the X-perience is that my body needs that stretch and not to feel guilty on using up a workout for yoga. Good luck with your quest for lower body fat...This is one of the harder parts for me. Maybe you just need your extra carbs on cardio days. I'm a big bread eater, so it's a real challenge to lower my carbs.

    Laurie..Have fun with my favorite workout today!

    DB...Have fun with your DH tonight and don't feel guilty about making it a rest day. I really like Bryan's videos...Now I haven't done the Sweat one yet, just the Tone and Energize...I always add yoga belly, too. In my opinion, yoga should make you work, but you should not be exhausted after completing a session. Bryan says that if you feel something you know that you are doing it right. I personally think Tony is too "pushy" with the yoga segment....You should push yourself, but also respect what your body can do and what you need to get out of yoga for the day..whether that's relaxation, stretching, or toning. Just my 2 cents!

    Tracy...I don't think I could walk after doing your leg workout!!! Congrats on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...I think this last phase is the hardest since you do start to get bored with doing the same things over and over! Can't wait to hear about your ending stats!!! You must be a better person then me because if I was without my computer for more than a day I would be on the phone yelling at someone!!

    Traci..Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!! I can't imagine how accomplished you are feeling now!! And you have fun workouts left to do!!!! I am so excited and proud of you for completing this program! There should be some diploma awarded at the end of all of this. I'll be thinking of you today and tomorrow as I struggle through the end of week 9 and hope that when I grow up I can be like you!

    Hi to all the other Xers out there...Hope you all have wonderful days! It's a good day for me because I haven't fallen yet!


    Bite off more than you can chew. Then chew it---Ella Williams
  8. FiddleFit Cathlete

    Jul 22, 2004
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    CL/PH3/WEEK1/DAY5: YogaX

    Traci/Tracy/DB - wow, the count down is really on for you guys! When you are done I think you have earned the right to put "X" after your name. Like "TraciX". Or even PTraciX. And every time you finish a P90X rotation, you get to add an X. In a year this forum will look rather X-rated LOL! But seriously, I think everyone on the forums who has ever finished a P90X rotation should put an X after their name. It's a fitness degree!

    Tracy - what's the ETA on getting that cable fixed? It seems to be taking quite a long time. What do you mean you spent an hour learning new choreography? Are you making stuff up on your own? What kind of choreography? Step? How come you're not an instructor? Your leg routine looked terrific! I like the way you increased the weight each round.

    DB - so are you saying Brian Kest's workout was harder than YogaX? It certainly sounds challenging! Enjoy your dinner out with DH tonight. How long will he be away for?

    Laurie - enjoy Shoulders & Arms. That seems to be a popular favourite.

    Jeanette - your session with the GBoys last night sounded like a lot of fun. Leaving the bike there, huh? You're hooked now! Is this a different bike than you'll be riding on Sunday? I agree with you about the lack of physical changes. I also found that increasing my carbs after Phase I has prevented me from seeing any increases in lean-ity (yes, I'm making up words!). It's interesting, this P90X stuff. The program was designed for graduates of P90. But we are all advanced Catheites. And frankly, I think we were all in a better starting position than are P90 grads. Based on what I see DH doing, a P90 grad might be ready to do some Cathe workouts, but they would definitely be a challenge. I think if you're going from P0 to P90 to P90X, you will see bigger changes with P90X. It will seem like a more extreme change for your body. DH is still doing really well with P90, thank you for asking. He's done each workout 3 times now. I've told him that the 4th time he does them, I'll be in his face about form the whole time. We'll be hitting pause a lot, and taking our time. Then I'll leave him alone for a week. I find that, like you, if I'm in the room watching, I want to interfere too much. But he says he's already feeling trimmer, and I think today he even looked it a bit! I've got him to clean up his eating a bit, and together the two things seem to be working. But of course, he's a man, and he's new to this kind of training, so he'll see lots of results with minimal effort x( .

    Debra - I loved reading how well you did with SH last week! A few years ago I got GREAT shaping results (especially in the shoulders) from doing the SH series and PUB every week, for a few weeks. Those two really complement each other quite well. Okay, now I want to do that! I'm so terrible at staying focused on a rotation when there are so many great workout combinations I could be doing. I want to do them all! The only thing confused about me is my brain! I'm pulling for you to remain upright today! Avoid the lure of gravity...you can do it!

    Traci - You must be writing a book of personals if you haven't posted back yet. I wonder what you're writing?.....Something nice and cheerful, I bet. How are the hormones today? On a slow boat to China, I hope. Did you buy all that "food" for DH yesterday? I checked out your new rotation last night. You did an excellent job staying within the P90X structure. You have some variation throughout the weeks, and seem to be about to confuse your muscles some good. I like that you're alternating a DrillMax premix and CardioX every other week. Alternate weeks of high impact will be kinder on your body. What are your ab combos like? Can you give us a sample? Overall I think it's a very good rotation. More variety could be inserted with the cardios if you get bored. I don't think there's any pressing reason to only use 2 CTX workouts, is there? I also wonder whether KPC's kicking/punching drills premix is going to feel like enough of a workout for you, on it's own? You would probably get much flexibility and strength benefit (in the core and legs) if you added the KickMax Leg Conditioning Drills to the KPC workout (note that I'm NOT suggesting you do the BootCamp Blast in KM!! - just the stuff at the end, with the chair!).

    Lea - that sore from CoreSyn, huh? You brought it good! I'll bet you're feeling even more toasty in the core after doing KenpoX last night!

    I have a cold. Ugh. I've been feeling it coming on since last weekend, but refused to acknowledge it until this morning. I just can't ignore it anymore. So I took some cough medicine and feel really good right now. A little loopy. As usual, though, I would love to take a nap.

    I started putting together my own post-P90X rotation, and didn't get very far. I'm starting to rebel against a long-term regimented schedule. Part of the problem is what I told Debra above - there are so many different workouts in Cathe-land, and I want to do them all. I think for a couple of weeks post-P90X I will simply do my own thing. I'll set a general goal of doing split-days heavy lifting, one day of total body lifting (either on its own or in a circuit), one high intensity cardio, a couple of shorter, milder cardios, and power-yoga. I also want to get some good core work in 3 times a week, and do lots of stretching. That's not so much to ask, is it? (yikes...).

    Have a good day,
  9. moni_stout Guest

    Just a quick update.

    My doctor did call yesterday. She said that they were still not able to get a clear picture from this MRI of exactly what the tumor is. They have ordered a Nuclear Medical Scan to rule out a blood vessel tumor. That would be a tumor because it is benign. If it is not a blood vessel tumor (hemangioma) then we will do a liver biopsy. The doctor said she is very baffled that they could not tell because the reason for this third MRI at a different hospital was that it is the best MRI equipment available and she was certain we would get the info we needed. The tumor is small - but has grown since my last MRI -- doesn't mean much though. Oh well, basically I still know nothing. I'm not feeling very positive about it though. I am reading a lot into things she said on the phone and the tone of her voice -- my husband says to stop analyzing it. That's just not possible.

    Anyway - today Stretch X was on the schedule but I skipped it. Getting a haircut after work so it probably just won't happen. I don't care - not a big deal to miss this one.

    I'll be back with personals later. Lot's of good stuff to comment on in everyone's posts.

  10. teddy16410 Cathlete

    Mar 23, 2006
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    Happy Mid Morning / Avoiding Workout Gang!

    I have yet to get back to yesterday afternoon/evening posts so I apologize if I am missing pertinent info! Heck its ALL pertinent if an X’er writes it isn’t it?

    We’ll start with today’s stuff and see what else I can get to. I think I ‘m just moving in slo-mo this morning… Mean Aliens have left the building, Crying Aliens are thinning out but the Fatigue Aliens & Whine-y Aliens are holding strong! If you ladies feel confused with all that imagine my poor DH!

    !!!!!!!! PERSONALS !!!!!!!!

    *** SANDRA ***
    I love the X after our names! I may just go change my signature today .. You are so correct- It is indeed a Fitness Degree! So happy to read that your DH is moving right along with his program. That’s just so exciting to me so I can only imagine your delight! Tell him one of the “grads” is sending ^^5’s! After shopping for DH’s junk Superbowl food I realized how dang expensive all that pre packaged garbage is! I spent the same$$ for 1 weekend as I do on a weeks worth of clean. YES- I did casually mention that to him as he likes saving $$$ so maybe that will spark a desire in him to eat cleaner. Thank you so much for your feedback on my rotation. I agree about cardio variation & I too was “concerned” about KPC not being enough… but dog gone-it Sandra wasn’t it you & Tracy that said those damn leg drills in KM were too much like floor work? Fess up! I used to love them until you 2 got me going- Yeah…what’s up with that? ROFL
    So so sorry about the cold… Those can really give you the “I don’t wanna’s”
    I think I may also create generic rotations in the future as I have sooooo many workouts + all the premixes… I just don’t want to be too limited. Also- after phone consult with my new Bio-Identical Hormone Doc yesterday – she may alter some of my plan for the first 2 months after I start any meds. When we discussed my workouts see said that based on next weeks test results I may have to give my body a few weeks to regain strength & level out hormonally as she said based on preliminary questions she is certain I am having Adrenal Failure. We shall see. Tests are next Wednesday & I don’t know how long before results come back and compounding pharmacy can get meds ready. I will start off as planned this Sunday and just adjust whatever she suggests. I am just so wishy washy about picking a rotation as they ALL sound good to me! Build Muscle… yep I want that, Get Lean – Yep I want that too!!!! LOL
    On my Ab Combos: I will share definitely! The basic premise was to take all the abs from Cathe workouts (plus other instructors) and mix n match 3-4 to get to a 20-30 minute Core workout. I did best I could with getting at least 1 w/ planks but older stuff doesn’t do much of that.

    *** DEBRA ***
    Great job in taking L&B to the max yesterday! Kinda cool knowing that we can always go lower/deeper etc to keep getting results with same workouts. Enjoy Kenpo & hope you get the same burn in upper today! That’s so neat about SH and applying all you have learned with the X. I agree that all of us will be able to achieve great things when we go back to Cathe wts based on what we now understand about our individual needs. I am feeling quite good about the past 3 months. My hormones unfortunately are keeping me from being overly excited about anything right now… LOL… I can really celebrate in a few days when final stats are in. I don’t believe there will be any major excitement about Ph 3 results because my body “feels” like it got most gain at week 8-9. That may prove true because my ttoms have not been regular at all throughout P90X & that greatly effects my measurements sad to say.

    *** JEANETTE***
    WOW on your Spinervals + ARX!!!!! You got some energy woman!!!!!
    I am so happy you are lovin’ the new GB Workouts! I love finding new passions like that. Not to mention all the cross training and how cool that is for your body/mind!
    I’m right there with ya on leaning out more. My BF% hasn’t budged this month! My primary goal is BF reduction – A year of Cathe Cardio did zippo for that & the heavy weights worked for 8 weeks & now STALLED !!!!! Maybe I should think about going back to heavy cardio or circuits for 4-6 weeks? OH HELL I’m SO CONFUSED!
    LOL on me doing spins with Dreya! HA- I’d break my ankle no doubt and feel really inferior to her! (can ya tell I got whiny hormones?)

    *** LAURIE ***
    Enjoy SH & A today! Had to lol at your comment to Tracy about Mary Katherines… I still cant KEEP my hands in air! My greatest challenge still seems to be with balance. With hand up I try to still go way low but I topple over every time!

    *** DB ***
    I am proud of the X’ers as well. This is NOT an easy task to complete- physically I think we adjust but at that moment mentally we start the fight. Its designed to be that way I do believe and as Sandra said – if we had all been in mediocre shape upon starting I think boredom wouldn’t set in so quickly… I started getting bored when my results/gains were less noticeable. Funny about your Kest experience! I have his beginners Power yoga and felt the same way! Those flexible gals are just not “normal!” lolololol Hope you have a terrific dinner tonight and that DH has safe travels.

    *** TRACY ***
    I’d be going NUTS without cable for so long! We have DSL that is our internet & TV cable and I just go bananas when its down. No tv? No WWW ? all at the same time??? That just isn’t right!!! Lolololololol I’ve been adding in more cardio too this week.. For me I just gotta feel that I’m doing something to rid myself of BLOAT & YUK! Your leg workout just ROCKS! You are one fit woman Tracy! I applaude you & others who can do “freestyle workouts” – I gotta have a leader to follow or I blow off everything but first set! Definitely a character flaw. Hang tough – just a couple more workouts & we are DONE!

    *** MONICA ***
    Thank you for sharing your latest Dr update. I am so frustrated for you! In this day and age I guess we are so unaccustomed to unconfirm-able reports. I am sorry. I’d be a freak-a-zoid by now. I will keep you in my prayers and hope for a quick & definite diagnosis so you can move forward with some sense of peace. Try & enjoy your pampering with the haircut…. You sure deserve it.

    Guess that’s it for todays personals gang…. {{{buffy}}}, {{{Lea}}}, {{{DEB}}}, {{{Steph}}}, {{{ x }}}

    Gotta go get this workout done – no more excuses!
  11. wkoutmom Cathlete

    Jun 27, 2006
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    Hello everyone. I woke up feeling crummy. Today I am suppose to do Stretch X. We will see. Thank goodness that this is the last week. I don't really care if I miss a workout or not right now. I am looking forward to doing my Cathe rotation next week.

    I hope that everyone is doing well. Yay Traci, Tracy and DB, almost there....


    Hi to everyone in X land.
  12. teddy16410 Cathlete

    Mar 23, 2006
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    Lea: Oh my you & I are both in a funk today! I guess its good we have each other & all the X'ers to help us thru it! {{{{Lea}}}

    Ok gang... had to be creative in order to get my workout in so I ended up having a blast!
    I dusted off LIS (Low Impact Step) and did the 70 minute Circuit Premix. While Cathe lifted I did Core Syn from book.. (should be able to do it from memory at this point!)... ANYWAY- It was a hoot!
    Did you know that LIS Circuit Mix is just as good if not better lower body than LowMax IF you apply all the lower principles? I was astounded!!!! The Mix is Step + Blasts + Wts for 2 full cycles then both Blast Segments + Wts/Abs. AWESOME and really fun mixing Core Syn in there. I will definitely be doing this one for my lowercardio days in the future. Easy enough to do some moves from Legs (& back) to make it a killer lower cardio.
    Also did a segment of Total Body Stretch... Hammys REALLY needed it today. Feeling better now that I got a good sweat in for the day.
    Have a great afternoon gang!
  13. sstindt Cathlete

    Mar 9, 2006
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    LEAN/Phase 2/Week 8/Day 2

    Good evening everybody! I hope someone is still reading this evening! I’m finally able to get to the computer after work today! I’m on my recovery week and tonight I’m doing Core Syn. Well, I’m not really feeling one way or another about it, just that I have to do it.

    DB - Weird that you did Bryan Kest for the first time last night, too! We could have been doing it at the same time! (LOL) I did Tone, and yeah, it’s really different than Tony, that’s for sure. I really like his calming voice and instructions, and that helped a lot. In some ways it was harder and in some ways it was easier. It was harder because I’m not even close to being that flexible, and it was easier, I think, because it didn’t really get my heart rate up. It seemed more relaxing and stretchy-like than a regular workout, which is good and I enjoyed it. There were only a couple of poses that made my legs really burn and I couldn’t hold on as long as they did in the video. Like you, though, if I had had time, I would have put in YogaX because I wasn’t really that beat, just relaxed. Not nearly as many Vinyasas! Woo Hoo! What is Sweat like? Does it really feel like a heart pumping workout?

    Tracy - That’s cool how you shook up your leg routine. I can never think of stuff like that. I think if I don’t have an instructor in front of me, I will never challenge myself enough to get in a good workout. Were your legs burning after that? Mine sure would be! Let us know how the DOMS is tomorrow. LOL!

    Traci - 2 MORE WORKOUTS!!! Holy cow! How awesome is that? I was reading about the adrenal failure? Does your hormone lady think you got that from doing P90X? Does it make you feel icky, or how did you know something was wrong? (Sorry if you mentioned it already, you’ll have to catch me up!) How long did your whole workout take today? Wow, you are pretty creative with the LIS and Core Syn. I’m guessing you got a heck of a workout!

    Lea - Do you think you are getting what your DS had? Definitely take it easy! Hey, you’ve made it to the last week and your almost done! I actually took about 5 days off from P90X due to sickness, injury, etc., etc., etc. It will still be there when you’re ready.

    Monica - I’m sure you’re very frustrated that you don’t know anymore today than you did last week. I’m going to keep sending positive vibes your way. Keep us all posted as we are all thinking about you and hoping for a positive diagnosis!

    Sandra - I like your plan of doing your own thing once P90X is done. This has been difficult for me, too, since this is my very first rotation of any kind, although I am liking the results, I just wish there was more variety. I do want to do P90X again soon, but I’m afraid I won’t finish it because of boredom. I may have to find some way to incorporate other workouts with Tony’s, like X is doing. Actually, what you’re thinking of doing has that P90X flavor to it, but you will just be able to choose different workouts to fit each week.

    Debra - That’s really cool that you found you pushed yourself harder in Cathe’s S&H workout! I guess P90X really shows us what our bodies are capable of and what we’re made of! I think we’re becoming what my DH calls, “mentally tough.” I used to not be that way and would give up when it got a little hard or uncomfortable. I can’t wait to take on those bicep curls in ME now!

    Jeanette - I like Bryan Kest’s comments, too, in his workouts! I really was getting annoyed, however, at those flexible girls. For some reason I felt so inferior to them. He didn’t really have any “normal non-flexible” people. We’re not all “Stretchy Dancer Boy,” you know! Have you thought about doing the LEAN rotation? Just curious as to what the difference would be.

    Great workouts today, ladies!

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