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Workout Manager Software

Discussion in 'Ask Cathe' started by beckyp, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. beckyp Member

    Jan 17, 2006
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    Hi Cathe! I was reading in the Blog about the workout manager software, and it said more information was to come. Could you please update me on where you are with that?--I really LOVE your workouts. I have been only using yours for a couple of years, and don't want to use any others. Thanks for the challenge!
  2. SNM Videos Administrator

    Dec 31, 1999
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    Perhaps now is a good time to give everyone a little more information about the Workout Manager online application that we’re currently working on as well of some things we haven’t told you about.
    The Workout Manager is actually just one part of another large Cathe website we’re currently developing. This new site will not only contain the Workout Manager but also our new Forum software, Mycathespace Blogs for all of our forum users, Photo albums for all Forum users, Cathe Chat and a Nutrition and Meal Planning online software program for premium users. All these programs are designed to work together and will be accessed by using your forum login and passwords. Let me explain further about some of these new features.

    New Forums and new forum Software

    We currently use DcForums+ forum software to run our Forums. In my opinion Dcforums at one time had the best forum software on the market, but several years ago the company went out of business. Thus, our forums are now starting to fall behind newer and more up to date forum technology. All threads in our current forum will be transferred to the new forum software as well as most of your profile and login information. The only thing that may not transfer is your password. I should have an answer on the transferability of user passwords in a few more days. If passwords can’t transfer you will receive information by email from us on what you need to do. There also could be a problem with Calendar information.

    Some new forums are also being added to the site, such as “Healthy Recipes” and “Nutrition Tips and Meal Planning”. You will also be able to upload pictures of yourself to your own photo album or Blog and you will be able to tell us more about yourself in your enhanced profile page. Those of you who like the Check-ins and Challenges Forum will now be able to form your own social groups too.
    The new Forums, Blogs and Photo Albums will be finished within the next two to three weeks. We’re still discussing if we want to make the switch at the time or wait a few more weeks for some of the other things we’re also working on.

    Chat Software:
    Our new site will feature a very nice Chat program. We will use the chat room to occasionally have some chat sessions with Cathe as well as some occasional chat sessions with special guests. This part of the project is ready for release now and will be launched when we make the forum switch.

    The Workout Manager

    The Workout Manager is a web based application that gives a person the ability to track, record, schedule and output all kinds of reports about their fitness and exercise routines. The Workout Manager will have a login screen that uses the same login information as our new forum software.

    Workout Manager Key Features

    Rep Calculator – The Rep Calculator will be used to determine a users 1 rep max for various weight lifting exercises and several other calculations. Users will be able to print a workout card with the data from the Rep Calculator
    Workout Card – With data from the rep calculator, a user will be able to print a workout card with name of the exercises they wish to do as well various data from the rep calculator. Users will also be able to select from a drop down menu any of our Cathe workout DVDs and have the exercises automatically load onto the card with the weight they should be using for each exercise.
    Workout Tracking –Users will be able to enter data from every workout such as: sets, reps, weight and rest period. A very robust reports module will allow all kinds of reports to be generated. Users will have the ability to easily look up any workout they have done in the past.
    BMI Calculator – BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women. A user’s information will be linked to their reports module.
    Calendar – The workout calendar will be used to track and schedule workout and personal data. It will also serve as a diary for the user.
    Reports –We will develop all kinds of reports for the user. We also want the user to be able to compare their personal data with the entire group of Workout Manager Users. You will not be able to see other users data (unless they allow you to), but will be able to see where you rank among other Catheites.
    Goals –Users will be able to set various personal goals like the weight they want to weigh, body measurements or daily food calories they hope not to exceed.
    Activities – We will have a drop down list of generic activities as well as a separate drop down that will have all of our workout titles. Both of these lists will have MET values for each activity. User will choose an activity and then enter the amount of time they performed the activity. This will determine calories burned for the activity. User will be required to have entered their data for the BMI calculator before they can use the activities feature since BMI data is necessary to calculate calories burned for an individual. Users will also be able to enter distance ran or peddled. This info will be used in various reports and the calendar too.

    My guess on the Workout Manger is it will take another 60 days to finish the program, but it is really hard to make accurate predictions on a software product since it not only has to be designed, but also invented. We may release this product as a beta before it is completely finished so we can get your input and feedback. This program will be an ongoing development, so your input will help us in developing future enhancements.
  3. alison13 Cathlete

    Mar 15, 2007
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    How much will this cost to use?

  4. cheval Cathlete

    Jul 25, 2006
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    Very nice and exciting stuff coming down the line. I applaud changing the forums onto a new software solution.

    I "vote" for going ahead and changing over the forums first. This will give us something to chew over while we wait for other exciting things to come, like the Workout Manager. ;)

    The Workout Manager software looks great. I'm especially excited about the workout card for any Cathe workout! Since I'm a beginner at this weight thing, I'd love more guidance as to which weights I should be selecting. I'm thrilled that all the workouts (not just the STS series) will be a part of this.

    One thing that pops into my head is it would be nice to have workout cards that correspond to the premixes, too. So the exercises would be in the order you'd be doing each exercise.

    Cost information would be nice to know.

    Very nice post and well thought out. Thanks for sharing. Might I suggest this information be posted to the blog?

  5. LeanneM Cathlete

    Jul 14, 2007
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    Yes, posting this to the Blog would be great! I almost missed reading it!

  6. YasBeFit Cathlete

    Dec 31, 1999
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    Why isn't this great informative post on the front page? I'm glad that I found it before I logged off, so many good things to look forward to! Thanks.
  7. xschwarz Cathlete

    Apr 14, 2005
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    Thanks for this exciting update Chris. Definitely Blog it, please.


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