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I need a rotation using the following workouts

Discussion in 'VIDEO & DVD ROTATIONS' started by lulu68, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. lulu68 Cathlete

    Dec 5, 2007
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    I'm trying to lean out for spring/summer season. I would like to incorporate my newest DVD's that I got for Christmas combined with my older ones. I have the following workouts

    Cross Fire
    To The Max
    Lower body blast
    High reps

    Older Dvd's that I would like to incorportate

    Drill Max
    Kick Punch and Crunch
    Pyrymid upper and lower
    Like to go heavier Once a week-Gym Style or slow and Heavy

    I'm a cardio freak, I like to do cardio 6 times a week and do weight training 3 times a week, with one of those weight days being heavier weight training days. Hope someone can help!

  2. Jenniferlove Cathlete

    Mar 31, 2010
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    Hi Lulu,
    Since you are asking for suggestions on how to incorporate your workouts I will give it a shot...

    I'm not super familiar with the premixes but there are a lot - some premixes are set for just cardio, some are set for just weights, and of course there are some for upper body and lower body, and of course the time savers are great for mixing/matching workouts during one workout session.

    Also, I am not super familiar with Insanity but it looks really hard on the body - this one might be good for a Friday so you can have a rest/stretch day on Saturday.

    Based on that information you may want to check out something like this:

    Sunday: LBB (for cardio and lower body),
    Monday: GS/S&H upper body,
    Tuesday: cardio portion of KPC as well as the cardio portion of To The Max,
    Wednesday: Drill Max
    Thursday: LBB (cardio and lower body)
    Friday: High Reps Upper body (or insanity),
    Saturday: rest/stretch/yoga

    The following week you might want to change it up by doing:
    Sunday: Pyramid Upper/Lower,
    Monday: KPC and cardio of Drill Max
    Tuesday: To The Max
    Wednesday: GS/S&H Upper body
    Thursday: Crossfire
    Friday: GS/S&H Lower body (or insanity)
    Saturday: rest/stretch/yoga

    It's best to feel free with changing your w/o schedule as you feel your body needs. Injuries really suck so don't be afraid to skip a hard workout for a stretch or to modify anything that your body just doesn't feel it can take. Also, if you don't have a foam roller I highly recommend you get one - those are some pretty tough workouts and your muscles/connective tissue are going to need proper care. Remember to eat clean and fuel your body with water, carbs, protein, and good fat.

    Good Luck!
  3. deineira Cathlete

    Jan 4, 2009
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    Hi Lulu,
    When I saw your post, it occurred to me that there's an older Cathe rotation that incorporates CrossFire and To The Max that might meet your needs, http://cathe.com/forum/f100/july-2012-rotation-289653/. I did this rotation and thought it was awesome. It was very intense, had a lot of cardio, and definitely increased my endurance noticeably. I even leaned out a little, which is very hard for me to accomplish at this stage.

    Jenniferlove's rotation looks great too, so hopefully one of these would work for you. You could do one and then the other, so you don't have to choose!


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