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Exercises for legs/glutes other than squats and lunges

Discussion in 'Ask Cathe' started by dsmiller, Sep 18, 2001.

  1. dsmiller Cathlete

    Dec 31, 1999
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    Last week I suffered a torn meniscus of the left knee. I can't do my regular step, hi/lo, kickboxing or dancing, and squats and lunges are out for at least another 3 weeks. The PA didn't restrict other movements and suggested I bicycle or swim for aerobic exercise, which I haven't done as yet. What effective leg and glute exercises could I do as a substitute for squats and lunges to keep up my muscle tone in the interim?
  2. Debra Guest

    The cycling can work your entire lower body especially if you use cleats so that you're pulling up (hamstring & glute) & not just pushing down (quads). If you don't have clipless pedals, at least use clips & a stiff athletic shoe. Really watch your cadence (rpm) to protect your knee. Too much tension or a high gear will put a lot of torque on your knee.

    If you belong to a club, I recommend group cycling (e.g. Spinning) over the stationary bikes. Be sure & tell the instructor about your knee since you should stay "in the saddle". No jumps for you!

    I bet Aquajock can help you with some H2O exercises that will be very kind to your knee.

    Be patient - You'll be back to your regular routine quicker!
  3. Lynda Guest

    Aren't you going to get it fixed--i.e., arthroscopic surgery? I ask because there's no 'cure' for a torn meniscus. You have a hanging piece of cartilage, and it's going to get in the way at some point and cause a lot of pain, and there aren't any exercises that are necessarily 'safe'. My husband was just walking out to the car from the supermarket and suddenly his knee locked up. He has had two surgeries--one for each knee--from torn medial meniscuses--or menisci, I guess, is plural. He's a soccer ref and was up and about after about two weeks.

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