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A couple of bugs I have noticed so far...

Discussion in 'Workout Blender Bug Tracker' started by hawgwild, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. hawgwild Cathlete

    Nov 13, 2008
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    OK. The first one is fairly minor. The "Click Here to purchase more Cathe downloads at Cathedownloads" isn't "clickable".

    A BIGGER bug is the fact that I cannot preview PART of a chapter. It seems I have to watch the entire chapter in its entirety. If I try to move the slider at the bottom of the preview video, the video just freezes.

    Also, I'm not sure if the chapters are starting and stopping in the right places. I downloaded Imax 3 and am currently trying to create a video with Upper Body (from Basic Step & Body Fusion) to create an upper body circuit. Upper Body seems confused about where the beginning and ending of the chapters are supposed to be (unless that is just a previewing problem). I'm not sure because I have been waiting for over 10 minutes for the software to CREATE my video. It is STILL only 10% complete.

    OH! It is working... I just checked it is now 21% complete. Gosh! It's slow... I have a fairly MONSTER computer, so I guess most others really will have to be patient. lol

    OK.... I'm waiting to see how the video turned out...

    *waiting... waiting...

    Meanwhile (while I'm waiting) I just want to say that when the bugs get ironed out, I think it's really cool for you guys to offer this software to us. I am doing this to help you guys with the "bugs", not nit pick...

    OK... It's 22% done now....

    *waiting... waiting...

    Can't wait to see how this turned out... *fingers tapping...

    If this works out, I can see downloading a whole bunch of workouts! lol! I already own all the DVDs... hee hee.

    WOW! It's 24% done...

    I'll come back in a few minutes...

    *gone to brush teeth, wash face, etc...

    OK. Fifteen minutes in... 29% complete.

    *just thinking... it is kinda cool to be one of the first threads in this forum... hmmm

    OK. It's been 1/2 hour. I guess that in itself is not really a bug. It's just really slow. It's 35% complete. I'm gonna let it run and go to bed. I'll post tomorrow if I find any bugs in the video itself.

    Nighty Night!
  2. fitatfifty Cathlete

    Dec 6, 2006
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    Waiting in anticipation!!!! How did it go?
  3. SNM Videos Administrator

    Dec 31, 1999
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    Speed of Workout Blender

    I tested the "Click Here to purchase more Cathe downloads at Cathedownloads" on both a Mac and Windows and it worked fine. I think the problem is you're are clicking on the bold headline, not the text saying click here. This does work and is not a bug, but it is something we should probably improve and make less confusing.

    The speed of the Workout Blender is something we want to improve, but this will not be easy to do and keep the WB a free application. We could replace the workout Blenders engine with Apple's Quicktime Pro, but this would require us to pay a license fee or to require all of our users to purchase Quicktime Pro. This is an option we're considering as it would greatly speed up the development of the WB, but first we want to see if we can solve this issue by other methods keeping the WB as a free application.

    The reason it can take a long time to output a premix is that currently if the files you are trying to mix were originally encoded at different rates by us then the files must be re-encoded again to make the final premix. This will not always be the case as many files are encoded at the same rate. Re-Encoding is done in real time. That means a 45 minute premix will tale at least 45 minutes just to re-encode plus extra time for other things that also must be done.

    It is theoretically possible to join video files that are encoded differently without re-encoding (Quickbooks Pro can do this), but it is very difficult to develop this and I'm not sure if it can be done without a license from Apple. But this will be our next major focus of the WB development. For now just let the computer re-encode while you work on other things.
  4. hawgwild Cathlete

    Nov 13, 2008
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    OK. The video turned out great!
    The only bug is previewing the video segments then (from what I could tell so far). If I try to slide the lever ahead, the video preview just freezes.
    This only happens when I am playing a SEGMENT or CHAPTER. When I have a chpter selected then try to preview it will freeze if I try to advance the slider. It does NOT happen if the DVD is selected. I am able to advance the slider back and forth and everything plays smoothly.

    Anyhow, nice software!

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