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Jul 20, 2008
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September 4

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Cathlete, Female, from KY

Do people really read these? :) Oct 24, 2014

    1. pugw
      Do people really read these? :)
      1. complik8td, Soxy and Nanbo like this.
      2. Nanbo
        YES! ;)
        Oct 24, 2014
      3. complik8td
        I do! I think this is a nice feature of the re-vamped forums. :-)
        Oct 25, 2014
      4. pugw
        LOL So I guess I should check more often. ;) Now I know. I do like the new forums as well.
        Oct 29, 2014
    2. fitover40
      Hey Rhonda! I think a couple of us are hitting the big 5-0 this year (me included), and I know Jody is over 50. We decided to stay together since we've bonded so much. You are always welcome! I see you on FB a lot. I don't look at the Cathe forums much except the checkin thread. I try to stay off the computer as much as possible :) I started staying off the computer when my neck problems started last year, it was hard, but I do have to say a bit liberating :0 I'll be the one doing all the modifications :)
    3. laperez25
      Hi!!!!! It's been a while! Hope you are doing great!! :)
    4. pugw
      Hey Linda!

      It was so good to meet you this weekend. You aren't on FB, are you? I put up some pics on there. I'll email you a link to mine on Picture Trail in a bit. I was going to go upstairs to change clothes but after getting our pics taken with Cathe, I knew the showers would all be taken. I'm sorry I missed the brunch but glad to have gotten home earlier. I think I already sent you a friend invite. :)
    5. llp
      Hi Rhondalynn!
      It was really fun to get to know you! I think we didn't say good bye after the final CAthe pics! Maybe we did, but, I don't remember. I will be putting up some photos somewhere, and will let you know when I do, hopefully by Tuesday.

      I am really sore today!! How about you?

      Well I will be asking you to be my friend, when I figure out how to do it!

    6. Pearlstrand
      Pug, We have a really large weight machine in the corner of the room, by the window. It gets very little use, considering the amount of space it takes up. I like my dumbbells and barbell much better. I have both rubber coated, to protect the floor. I really like the way they feel and the fact that they dont rust. I supplemented the set with a pair of 17.5 lbs because I couldn't always make the jump from 15 lbs to 20.

      Thanks for your kind words about the house and the kids! My daughter would love your furry friends, as she is a nature and animal lover and wants to be a vet when she grows up. I'll be sure to show her your pictures!

      My son loves technology. He wants to be an inventor when he grows up. (Is that really a job description?) He and my daughter debate the virtues of nature of technology. They are like night and day!
    7. Pearlstrand
      Okay, I put up an album with pictures of my fitness center. You'll see my space challenges. When we bought the house we broke down some walls to turn a closet into more floor space (in the cardio area). It was dark and depressing! It had dark brown trim, yellow walls, and dark brown indoor/outdoor carpeting glued right to the concrete (the knees, the knees!). I had a raised floor put in to help lessen the impact on my joints.

      I was wondering if you had any special resistance/weight machines, or if they were all cardio. It's nice to have so much variety!
    8. Pearlstrand
      Pug, I really like your gym! I was trying to figure out all of the equipment that you have, but can't tell from the photos. You're fortunate to have so much room for your gym!

      We made a gym in our basement (also my favorite room), but it's an odd-shaped room and not as large. I dedicated one part to the machines and weight and the other part is the aerobics area. I have rubber flooring in the weight/machine section, and wood-like flooring (like Cathe uses in her videos) in the other area.

      I find that having a nice place to work out makes it easier to do it regularly!

      Thanks for sharing.
    9. laperez25
      WOW! What an awesome Gym you have in your basement. That was super nice of your husband to do that for you :) Also, your pets are super cute! :)
    10. scubagirl
      Wow, what a great gift!!
    11. bleujeane
      Thanks! Yes, the little ones are identical twin boys.
    12. laperez25
      Hi Pugw! Thank you! :). Yes, my hair is naturally curly.
    13. Jazcam
      Pug I think once I get the STS it will make a lot more sense to me. I started a social group for STS just to see if other people are confused like me. LOL
    14. pugw
      Thank you, Laura.:)
    15. LauraR
      Great workout room, Pug. If you hadn't had the album description, I would've thought they were pictures of your local gym!! Wow.
    16. pugw
    17. Jazcam
      That's a funny nickname.I hope you had a blessed with Beth. Where did you get those funny little smiley faces singing Kumbayaa?
    18. pugw
      [IMG]Jazcam. Thank you so much. I love my room and yes, it was a dream come true. :D I am very thankful. I don't have any pugs but I do have a lot of other dogs. :) Pug is actually my nickname. I've had it since I was a kid and people that knew me then still call me Pug.
    19. Jazcam
      Hi pugw. I'm just stopping by. Do you have a pug?
      I love your pug workout room. WOW that's a dream come true.:eek::eek:
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    September 4
    When I began doing Cathe Workouts:
    2003? Not totally sure. :)
    How I found out about Cathe Workouts:
    From my Ya Ya friends.
    Why I love doing Cathe Workouts:
    I started using Cathe for her strength w/os. A natural progression from the Firm. She is a machine and great motivation.
    Where I work out most often:
    Other Workout DVDs that I own:
    I guess it would probably be easier to list the ones I don't have. ; )
    My Fitness Goals:
    To feel good. Be healthy and fit.
    My Success Story:
    It's a work in progress!
    Fitness, Food and Fellowship with others who enjoy the same.