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$19.97 / month

*Cathe OnDemand + Cathe Live $19.97 per month. Auto Renews Every Month. Cancel At Any Time



You can subscribe to Cathe’s On Demand workout video site and get access to all 300+ premium Cathe videos and bonus videos for only $19.97 per month. Plus, you also get free access to Cathe Live for FREE! (normally $9.97 per month).

You can watch Cathe OnDemand videos on your computer or almost any mobile device. And best of all when you subscribe to Cathe OnDemand not only do you get unlimited access to all 300+ workout and bonus videos, but you will automatically receive unlimited access to any new video production we make for Free.

Cathe OnDemand also comes with access to Cathe’s Workout Blender, which lets you create your own “premixes” from any chapters from any of Cathe’s workouts. The possibilities are endless! You can also easily import workouts that other Cathletes have created and shared…and you can share your creations too!

Our new OnDemand network has several advantages. First, we stream at three different data rates instead of just one. This should help if you have marginal download speeds since you can now select a lower quality feed by clicking on the player’s HD button. The good news is we’ve also really tweaked our settings so that our video files are smaller, but higher quality. This helps too. Lastly, our video files are cached on servers all over the world. This means you’re usually only one hop away from connecting to one of our media servers – at the most two hops away. To learn more about why our new streaming network is the best in the industry | Click Here |

With Cathe OnDemand you don’t have to worry about storing or losing Cathe video files on your computer’s hard drive or defective DVDs. Since Cathe OnDemand streams video to your computer the files are stored on our servers and you can access them whenever you like. You can also access your videos from wherever you are by simply logging into your account. This makes streaming a great option for when you travel.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry, we don’t lock you in and you may cancel your subscription at any time.

*Not sure if your system can handle our OnDemand streaming videos? Go to our free test site to find out. | Stream Test Site |

18 reviews for Cathe OnDemand + Live Monthly Membership

  1. Michelle (verified owner)

    Cathe OnDemand is the best $20 you could spend. I am a group fitness instructor and yoga studio owner who really appreciates the safe, clear exercise sequences and cueing delivered by Cathe. My personal trainer recommended Cathe DVDs years ago and I have never been disappointed. Members get to choose from fitness videos for all levels – beginner to advanced, and all are professionally filmed and edited. Definitely sign up for Cathe OnDemand. It’ll make you happy!

  2. Berneda (verified owner)

    I’m going on my 3rd week using the streaming videos and love it! It works well. This is very convenient for me and love the variety. I look forward for the premixes to be added.

  3. Dorothy

    I’m a big fan of Cathe’s–so much so that I own probably 85-90% of her dvds. I’m turning 50 next year, and I’m in better shape now than I was when I was in my twenties. My question is, will the older material (mainly only released on VHS, way back in the day) be available as well for the OnDemand package, and are these charges introductory offers only?

    Thanks very much–love your products, and the inspiration you provide to folks like me.

    • CatheDotCom

      We do have Step N Motion 1 available for OnDemad, but doubtful we will add any more of the older workouts. Masters that are 20 years + old usually have a lot of solar radiation damage and it is doubtful would be good enough to reproduce again.

  4. Kimberly (verified owner)

    Love Love Love the variety and being able to ‘work out’ with Cathe via Cathe Live…it is an awesome experience to be in a class and see the others working out with her- the music is also awesome and the workouts are great- I have not found one I have not thoroughly enjoyed yet, with the exception of the Senior Fit class, I’m not of that age generation but I am pretty sure it is just as motivating as the others. Additionally, with the exception of a few other live productions thus far most are in the 45 min range, therefore, I like to do one and then either add on a weight if it was mainly cardio or cardio if it was more weight centered. I still enjoy and do the DVDs I own, however, the energy from the Live Classes, I just sweat more, not sure why, but I get a kick butt workout regardless. I do not own all of Cathe’s DVDs (I have a few VHS tapes from way back when), however, if I do a ‘new’ workout OnDemand and like it, I will buy it so I have it handy. I was skeptical at first as this is the first on demand/streaming I have tried. I love it! I hope it continues and while I can do the class on Thursdays at 945 am when I’m working, I do look forward to Thursday afternoon or Friday when they are posted so I can complete them at that time. Keep the hits coming Cathe! As you know, you totally rock as my 19 year old would say…ok now I’m aging myself. 🙂
    Kimberly (from DB, RT 2014 Oct).

  5. Sue Brooks

    This is the best service out there. Where else could you get so many challenging & fun workouts in one place for such an incredible price. This really takes my home workouts to the next level. Having them right at my fingertips and bringing them up instantly is extremely useful. I love that she has put up every workout. It’s amazing. I’m always discovering a new favorite! Thank you so much for this, Cathe and your team!

  6. Stacee

    I’m wondering if I can play these on my tv somehow…through my computer or phone? I want to make sure this is possible before I sign up! Thanks!

    • CatheDotCom

      Yes, from using something as simple as a cable from your device to your TV to using Apple TV or Chromecast there are numerous ways to watch our streaming videos on your TV.

  7. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I love Cathe on Demand and the live streaming classes. I enjoy the variety and the ability to mix and match my work outs to my work out routine. I also love the flexiblity of working out on my schedule. Cathe is very knowledgeable and her work outs are fun and safe. I have recommended Cathe on demand to my friends and family. Thanks Cathe and Happy New Year 🙂

  8. Z (verified owner)

    Love love cathe streaming. Great variety.. Step.. Dumb bells .. Stability ball. I use the live classes to keep me in shape. Cathe great cueing.. And modifier helps to keep from injury self. Worth $20 monthly membership it’s a bargin ! Don’t need to buy DVDs and find storage space for it. Just open my iPad and select a workout !!

  9. Jackie (verified owner)

    SO much fun!! Cathe is kicking my butt with CatheLive and I’m loving it! Do sign up!! Much better than dull gym workouts. There’s something for everyone with CatheLive and OnDemand.

  10. Nichole

    This is the best idea ever! I compete, and travel and don’t always have access to a DVD player but I do usually have my phone. I still buy the DVDs and the downloads but I can’t praise the streaming video enough. No contract, able to cancel and renew whenever is convenient. Being able to access almost all of Cathe’s workouts, including new releases, is priceless.

  11. Teresa Lucas (verified owner)

    I was wondering if there were any step aerobics videos available? I prefer those over others.

    • CatheDotCom

      Sure, both our OnDemand site and Cathe Live have plenty of step videos.

  12. Pat

    I’m eager to sign up for the subscription, but I can’t tell if I can download a workout to my IPAD Air 2 and watch when I’m traveling when I might not have access to high speed internet. It looks like mobile streaming requires Internet access. I’m familiar with other sites where I can download an MP4 to my IPAD, then I can watch it while traveling and not worry if there’s internet access–or pay additional charges to get high speed internet access.

    • CatheDotCom

      Hi Pat,

      You have to have access to the internet to watch our Cathe Live and OnDemand videos as they are only available by streaming

  13. Andrea (verified owner)

    Excellent product! I just had a baby! I love the fact that I can workout around my baby’s schedule. I don’t have to wait to go to the gym to workout. I don’t have to wait until it is daytime outside to work out. Cathe’s workouts are excellent. I recommend this product to everyone I know!!!

  14. Ebony (verified owner)

    I love the Workout Blender because Im able to save all my favorite DVDs and you can remove the introduction so that it goes straight into the warm up. Or you can remove sections or add sections from other DVD workouts, you can do so much with it. I love it. You get ALL of her DVD’s plus the LIVE ones, for only $20 bucks a months. You can beat that with a bat. She has something for everyone. Remember to modify modify modify, dont get turned off by what they are doing in the DVD, you can always modify. Of course they are doing everything perfect because it supposed to push you but I always modify when I need to so I dont feel like Im restricted to just the Low Impact DVD’s. But this is an excellent service. And i tell all my friends and family about Cathe any chance I get.

  15. Grace (verified owner)

    I am a live member and I was wanting to try the on demand, will I be able to view them using my android Samsung tablet?

    • CatheDotCom

      Yes, any tablet or computer that can play videos will be able to play our OnDemand videos

  16. Marcellina DeArcos

    I’m new to this, and was wondering if I could stream from my android phone to the television?

    • CatheDotCom

      Yes, here is a link to our tutorial page that may help you:

    • CatheDotCom

      Yes, but you would need Chromecast to do this with an Android phone.

  17. Johnny gegner

    I love it

  18. Tonya Peace

    Hi, I am interesting in ordering and need to know will I be able to add this to my Amazon Firestick? I would like to access the videos on my TV.

    • CatheDotCom

      Hi Tonya,

      Cathe OnDemand is available on Fire TV, but we’re still working on the Cathe Live Fire TV App.

    • CatheDotCom

      Hi Tonya, when you purchase directly from us your account will allow you to use our Fire Tv apps.

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