What's up with the price of bedding?


I used to do what you did - just use the bottom fitted sheet and a duvet cover, but I finally started buying the sets and rarely wash the duvet. It is such a PITA to get the comforter out of the duvet and put it back in!

The separate sheets are always more expensive than the package for some reason.

BB&B has some good sales, but I buy my cal-king sheet sets at Ross or Marshall's.

Since trying the higher-thread counts, I've also become a bet snob.
I like that idea, Clare. It would work well for me. Unfortunately, my DH hates top sheets. I can't keep them tucked in for more than 5 minutes before he feels "too confined" and untucks them. :(
I use the fitted sheet and put a top sheet on and then the duvet cover. No particular reason, I just like the "look" with the top sheet. My sheets are usually white and the duvet cover is pretty colorful so it looks nice and crisp, something like this


DH didn't like the top sheet either because he feels "confined" so I just "untuck" the top sheet before we go to bed and tuck it back in when I make the bed. I know PITA but hey ....... :)

Just like Carola and MadnNats Mom, I use to use a duvet cover until I discovered how much easier it is to use a top sheet. My DH is the same way, so I keep it untucked.

Costco is a place I have found great prices and often (but not always) a-la-carte items (not in a set) and deep-pocket too. Best wishes!
Amazon 600 tc sheet set queen/king 34.99 FS.

You can browse selection but it's limited
White is available in both Queen and King for 34.99
They have ivory in both Queen and King for 34.99
Chocolate is also available in Queen and King for 34.99
Cafe is available in King only for 34.99


These sheets have great reviews. You could even get them as a gift for Christmas if you had prime and wanted to pay 3.99 extra or just get them free shipping with or without prime.
Thanks. The price is good enough that I could just toss the flat sheet, but unfortunately, they're not deep pocket enough for my double pillowtop mattress. I'm sure someone else will benefit by your post though! :)
>All I want is an extra deep pocket fitted sheet, a matching
>duvet cover and two pillow cases and the lowest price I can
>find is $200. x( What happened to the days when they made
>inexpensive bedding?? I'm not even particular about the
>fabric. Where do you buy your bedding?

I agree. And what's up with the price of bras? Why is it always stuff women buy that costs and arm and a leg? I vote with Penney's on sheets, if you're not obsessed with thread count. I remember when Oprah carried on about how she has to have really crisp sheets on HER bed and I got mad. I can't stand crisp sheets. I like mine so soft they feel like old rags but, good luck finding sheets like that now that The Queen ;) has spoken.

I used to work part-time as a telephone customer service rep at both Penney's and Victoria's Secret and I KNOW the frustration is, at least, nationwide. You see you already have three pages of frustration from one small question so, clearly, it's not just you.
Interesting, Siren. I have no problem paying a fortune for my clothes, bras, underwear, shoes, hair salons, etc., but when it comes to household items, I turn into a miser. I buy store brand paper products, cheap sheets, and use hand-me-down dishes. I guess I know where my priorities are. }( :eek: :7

I usually buy my bedding at Lands End. I think they sell separates and if you watch for the end of season sale, you can get some great bargains. The stuff wears like iron.


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