Vonage anyone?


O.K., thanks to your great suggestions, I have my ipod nano (and have been adding songs/downloading my own music like crazy). Now that I have that under my belt, I am slowly getting more tech savvy. My DH and I are considering cancelling our land phone line and moving to Vonage for our phone service. If anyone here currently uses Vonage, or has had experience with it, please let me know of any drawbacks (or what you like about it). I currently have Verizon FiOs as my internet connection, and I think that will work with Vonage, but am still unclear (and this is AFTER I have spoken with a cust. service rep). Any comments would be welcome!
Thanks so much.
I use Voip Your Life and have had no problems. It is similar to vonage. There are lots of Voip Companies out there now so shop around for the best deal. Vonage is not the only one. HTH
I used vonage but ended up going back to a land line because my internet connection was apparently too inconsistent to get a decent connection. It kept cutting out, or it would ring and no one would be there. (I had a cable modem.) So we got rid of it, went back to a land line with DSL and have had no problems with it.

So if your ISP is reliable, I think you're more likely to have a better experience with it.
DH & I have been using Vonage for about 4 years now. We signed on before they went public. (DH is a techie and somehow found out about it.) I have no complaints. We have had maybe 1 real problem since we have had it, but that was not their fault, but Insight's. Insight was doing upgrades or something that interrupted our internet access, therefore no phone service.
We've had Vonage since before they went public, as well, and we love it! We've also had no real problems to speak of. The one thing I'd watch for, though, is my DH is fearful of them going under soon. You might want to shop around, but VOIP is a great, cheap alternative to traditional land lines :)

Well, we haven't seriouslly considered it after I read that it did not offer 911 service.

Anyone know about this?


Yes - I've used Vonage for years. It's fantastic. I highly recommend it. I pay $15 a month for local and long distance (US and Canada) and international is dirt cheap. The quality is just as good as a land line.

Do it...you'll be glad you did.
I used vonage for a business line in my home and it was comparable to using the regular phone company. When we moved into our new home I wanted to do vonage for our home phone but I also wanted DSL. To get DSL from the phone company, I had to pay an amount for basic phone to get the DSL so that plus the vonage cost was not much less than what I would pay the phone company for phone service. Does that make sense???? So, I don't have Vonage anymore.
Thanks for your quick replies. I did sign up for Vonage today. I currently have Verizon FiOs, so I don't believe that I would need a DSL line on my phone (at least I hope not). Thanks again.

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