Video Clip of Cathe's Low Impact Cardio & Strength WithStep Live


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This video clip is from Cathe's "Low Impact Cardio & Strength w/Step Live" that was first broadcast on Thursday, June 11th on Cathe Live and is our 55th live broadcast.

Get ready to blast off fat and calories with this high-energy mix of 80s style cardio splashed with mini intervals of low impact blasts.
No equipment needed for this workout. Just double knot your laces & let's go have some fun!!!!

The full class is about 52 mins long and is available to Cathe Live and OnDemand subscribers at

*Now you can workout with Cathe almost every week at her Gym no matter where you live! All broadcasts are recorded and may be viewed whenever you like 24/7.Sign Up today! Learn more about Cathe Live and OnDemand or sign up at

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