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Sending a huge thank you and a great big group hug to our 2016 Glassboro Road Trippers! Did we have an amazing time or what?!?! Your energy was infectious and your excitement topped the charts! I just can’t believe that it’s over already. All those months of anticipation finally came together in full swing and then, poof… somehow managed to fly by just like that! I guess the old saying “time flies when you’re having fun” really IS true. As hard as the goodbyes are year after year I’m so happy to have had this treasured and memorable time with you. Now we get to sit back and relax (with a wee bit of DOMS, ouch) while our piles of sweaty (and yes we worked super hard for that sweat!) clothes run through the washer and we enjoy looking at the hundreds of awesome pictures being posted by the many fitness friends that we were celebrating with just a short time ago. This gym gets so quiet after your energy leaves the building and I am filled with a mix of both gratitude for your dedication and love and sadness over having to say goodbye until next time. I always say that each Road Trip holds a special place in my heart and this one is no exception!

I’m having so much fun reflecting on the excitement that started as soon as registration doors opened. You literally raced in to grab your new #cathlete tanks and logo hats. Wow! They sold out fast! Note to self, order double next RoadTrip. It was great to have some new goodies this year and fun to see so many of you wearing them in classes throughout the weekend. The new Road Trip bags and Camo t-shirts are pretty cool too aren’t they? In fact, I still have my RoadTrip t-shirt on as I write this note! And how about the new hot/cold tumbler mugs! Some fun refreshing changes this year.

We kicked off our workouts this year with a game face worthy boxing class! From the moment I ran through the door the class erupted in excited energy (wow, thank you so much for that huge warm welcome) and it never stopped throughout the entire weekend! You did amazing with the step choreography on Saturday even when I threw in those unexpected peg leg pivots! How about that ROCKIN’ DJ spin class! DJ Joe really brought his A-game with killer top 40 club mixes to help us keep our sore legs moving! I was so excited to share my IDEA Boot Camp Blast workout with you too! Special thanks to SPRI for supplying all of our red resistance bands. #soremuscles #shinyhappypeople

We certainly earned our lunch. The food was great and we devoured every delicious bite! By the way, what were those organic black bean brownies I’m hearing so much about and why didn’t I get one?! Lol!

Q&A was fun! Did somebody say new series?!?! Yes, announcing the STRONG and SWEATY series! I can’t wait to start sharing more details about the new workouts with you soon! I loved that so many of you had great questions to ask and I truly enjoyed having that time to chat! Now that I think about it, I never did give that levitation lesson! (Oops)

I hope that you all enjoyed spending time with the video cast throughout the weekend and hanging out on the video set! For the first timers (welcome, we enjoyed having so many of you this year) it will be fun to hear how the DVD workouts strike you now that you have actually stood on the set and experienced being in the filming studio! So many of you we already know through social media, but meeting you all in person is such a treat! One thing is for sure, whether you traveled nationwide or worldwide to be with us “we were in this together”. We even glowed together! That’s right, a huge shout out to Darlene and Wendy too for an amazing ZumbaRave Glow Party! We lit up the night in our glow jewelry, bling and blinkers!

Sunday morning we all dug deep for the strength and stamina to power through one final class! We started stiff and sore, but I promised you that you’d feel so much better by 10 minutes in and sure enough, we found our groove and knocked it out of the park! We squated, lunged, jumped and ran, jacked and even hit the floor for some last minute push-ups! We are warriors! After a quick clean-up we piled into the studio one final time for a delicious, healthy refuel breakfast and final pics and goodbye hugs! Thank you all so much for your never ending dedication and loyal support! Having you in my “home” each year means more to me than you know! I hope to see you all again one year Cathletes because as we learned (our new Catheism) this weekend…”what you do one time, you do another!”

Huge Hugs,


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