Lower Body Rotation Mar 27


Hi Ladies,

How is your weekend going? I am doing okay. I don't have a lot of energy this weekend.

Saturday was a 5 mile run. I was going to do L&G also, but listened to my body and rested.
Today I did Step Blast and L&G. I feel a lot better..

How about you ladies?

Have a great day!!

RE: OOPs it is the 28th of Mar....

Hey there Beverly!

I can totally relate to the low energy thing. Last few weeks have been really crazy at work. I had to focus more on that than working out. The good news is I hired a really good project manager so things should be more sane! But I worked from home for like 11 hrs yesterday. Son started HS lacrosse - it is SUCH a huge sport up in MA now. I'm having major empty nest ... and my daughter doesn't leave for college until August. I'm going to miss her soooo much! We did the girls shopping thing today. She's down stairs working out now.

Anyhow good work out today KPC. I just love that one. Well I'm back to this routine. This week plan to do L&G, Imax2, SS or PP, SJP, PLB/PUB.

Have a good nite!
Hi Ladies ;o)

I started my workout early today, and it felted great. I did Cardio Kicks and walked the stairs of my appartment (7 times, 7 floors) great workout. Today starts my 4th week, gee how time fly. Well I'm going to watch a movie and relax. Have a wonderful evening.

Hey there!

I'm running REALLY late today. It was my night to cook for my kids HS church youthgroup. I had such a great workout last night with KPC I think I"ll do L&G or SS or PP.

Hope you are having a great week.

Teddy Girl I love cardio kicks too.

What results are you getting?

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