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    Best workouts for working out anger/stress/sadness

    My greatest sympathy with you in such profound grief. Particularly, boxing is known as a crucial mood swinger, and the best way to overcome anger by hitting a punching bag. It can take an individual away from ruminating thoughts and worries. It also provides fun activities to forget about...
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    Vitamin D3 (how much)

    Generally, our body produces vit-d with the help of sunlight. It is necessary to take sun exposure regularly for maintaining vit-d quantity in our body rather taking external supplements. Though, due to certain factors if an individual is unable to take sun exposure then he/she may go with vit-d...
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    Looking for a good Exercise Mat

    Hi, I think here is no one lady to answer except a gent, I just searched over the internet for you and found a very good collection. Now, I'm sharing with you:
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    vitamin for women over 40

    Undoubtedly, one a day woman is the best supplement. However, according to my knowledge OMEGA-3 would be more beneficial particularly in pre and post menopausal stages.