All the basics : Working out (fitness in general), wine, cooking (baking really...), reading, music
Nov 19, 1979 (Age: 43)
When I began doing Cathe Workouts
August 2009
How I found out about Cathe Workouts
I always read in dvd reviews "if you are advanced and want a challenge, try Cathe!" Needless to say I was terrified! I dove in anyway and will never look back! I enjoy working out with Cathe every day!
Why I love doing Cathe Workouts
I always feel like I accomplished something. The workouts never seem to drag on and somehow, through that little screen, Cathe seems to push and inspire me.
Where I work out most often
Other Workout DVDs that I own
Ilaria, Ellen Barrett, Amy Dixon, Jessica Smith, Amy Bento - Ross
My Fitness Goals
I want to lose those last few stubborn pounds, tone up more, and maintain it!
My Success Story
I'm doing Cathe videos now, that is success enough for me.


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