ballroom/swing dancing, photography, music, reading, gardening, travel
February 14
When I began doing Cathe Workouts
How I found out about Cathe Workouts
I first saw Cathe on Collage Video.
Why I love doing Cathe Workouts
Cathe's workouts are super challenging. They really push me to my limit.
Where I work out most often
Other Workout DVDs that I own
Cathe Shock Cardio, P90X, various FIRM videos, videos from Patrick Goudeau, Kelly Coffey-Meyer, Powerstrike, and Amy Bento, and some pilates videos. I am really fond of kickboxing right now, and love MMA Fusion and MMA Boxing.
My Fitness Goals
Continue to gain in endurance and strength. Continue to build muscle, and lose this bit of fat on my lower belly. Stay healthy.
Medical Technologist


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