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P90X January Starters, TGIF!

Discussion in 'Check-ins & Challenges' started by Fit_mommy, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Fit_mommy Cathlete

    Jun 29, 2005
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    Hello Ladies. :)

    Classic/Week 1/Day 5

    I am a bit sore this morning and not sure why? Is it 2nd day DOMS from shoulders and arms or is it from the yoga y'day? }(

    I have legs and back and arx on tap for today. I will do it this afternoon when I get home from work.

    Angie: I like your idea for the crane. Maybe I'll try that next week! I tried just lifting one leg...forget it...I was too afraid! LOL

  2. marnold Cathlete

    Dec 31, 1999
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    Hello all! I am back again today after I won on the Ebay auction for the P90X set. Not sure when it will get here but I am so excited!!!!

    Well gotta scoot! The snow is flying and the shovel is calling out to me! :)

    Happy Friday
  3. Poochy Cathlete

    Oct 11, 2005
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    TGIF and good morning Ladies! {Week 2 day 5 .. my own version of classic rotation}

    Long weekend for me .. :) thank goodness this work week has been so hectic and WILD .. filled with crazy people!

    I am a bit sore in the shoulders and abs from yoga last night .. but after all the work I have done this week man did yoga feel good!

    Oh BTW .. the trick to the crane is to spread your fingers wide ..get your knees up really high on the outside of your armpits .. get your balance first .. then contract you lower abdomen to lift the legs .. don't think about making the legs lift themselves .. fix your eyes to concentrate and balance .. if your concentration breaks you will come out of it .. I LOVED when I first was able to do the crane .. b/c when I first began yoga I thought that would NEVER happen .. keep trying!

    Today is legs and back at lunch .. no class tonight .. date night tonight!! YAYAYAYAY ..

    fishing trip got canceled but we are still going to the beach house to check things out .. not sure w/the travel time if I will get a workout in Sat. .. think I will just let that be my REST day!

    Nancy .. I read where you upped your weight on the biceps and triceps .. CONGRATS!!! I knew you could do it!!

    Ok Ladies .. have a great day .. great workouts .. and a great weekend!!

  4. nancy156 Cathlete

    Sep 16, 2005
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    Hi Ladies!

    I'm feeling just a little sore from Shoulders & Arms from last night. It's probably just early in the day. I hope to hurt later!

    Oh...Laura, you're living my dream. I always wanted a beach house. My SIL let us use her house on Long Beach Island, NJ this summer as she wasn't planning on using it at all. I loved it!! I loved being able to come and go at my whim. Loved the books I allowed myself to read while there. I love the beach. I have a hard time reading for hours at home - I can't relax knowing there's so much else I should/could be doing. I love the beach....did I say that already?

    Have a great day everyone! Yoga on tap for me tonight which I'll substitute with Hard Body Yoga. I'm just not fit enough to do Tony's as I haven't done Yoga before AND I don't care for it. I hope I can do this one!!!!

  5. desertbriez Banned

    May 29, 2004
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    good morning, ladies! i would have posted sooner.... but i've been distracted by the snow!!!! (keep in mind... i'm in the DESERT in southern california! lol!) it's so pretty to see it blowing around!!!!! i LOVE it! (only cuz i know it won't be here the rest of the winter like you snow folks have it!)

    but onto the topic of the day!

    this morning was kenpoX for us.... i was worried that the dvd wasn't going to work again... but it went through the whole workout flawlessly!! yay! i'm still waiting for my copy i ordered last weekend that was supposed to have shipped on monday... UGH! beach body.... gives me a headache!

    the only sorness this morning is in my upper back (shoulders).... no doms in my legs this week! woo hoo!

    tomorrow is our p90x rest day... but we have a 100 miles bike ride to do.... IF i go through with it (cold temps and wind my actually make me be a wimp and not do it... i'm still debating... i HATE the cold!)

    gee.... my post seems to boring this morning.... but i can't think of much else to say about kenpo.....

    cute work out clothes are good for AT LEAST an additional 10-15 calories burned!
  6. RWattier Cathlete

    Jan 13, 2005
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    Good Morning everyone = sounds like everyone had great workouts :)

    I had Chest and Back last night. I was struggling at the end just doing the pushups on my KNEES!!! I try to get 15 each for the pushups, but I am on my knees after about the third one. Its very frustrating. Also frustrating is my chair I use for the assisted pullups - its a folding chair and not sturdy, and I cannot do them unassisted. So I might go purchase the bands this weekend. I have a lat machine that I used on the second set which worked well, but the range of motion the bands allow you to get seem more like what I need?? Any suggestions??

    I also told my husband I notice I don't sweat near as much as when I do these P90X workouts - he says its because they seem to be more strength focused, but even in Cathe's Gym Style series I am sweating like a pig by the end? What is the difference?

    I want my rest day to fall on Fridays - so I am going to do a light yoga tonight and Cathe cardio tomorrow and then start up on Sunday with the one that follows Chest and Back. That should put me back on track to have my rest day fall on Fridays.....

  7. Fit_mommy Cathlete

    Jun 29, 2005
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    Well fellow Xers...I just finished Legs and Back (for the first time) and ARX. I got to use my chin up bar for the first time-DEFINATE improvement over the bands I had! I LOVE THIS WORK OUT! I think I just LOVE this program! I wasn't so sure I would be into it but I really am! I am surprising myself!:)

    Well, tomorrow calls for KenpoX but I am putting a run in it's place. I will give Kenpo a try next week...

    Time to hit the showers before the little guy gets up!:+
  8. rmrmr Cathlete

    Dec 5, 2003
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    Hi Everyone,

    I did Imax 3 this morning, my favorite workout. I did this workout the other day but only time for the first five intervals so today I did the whole workout. Tonight I'm giving Yoga X a try for the first time.

    I started a week before most of you (12/26)so I'm thinking of doing this for one more week before the recovery week. Besides, after doing chest and back using my dynaband for the first 2 weeks-and then using the assist machines at the rec ctr for week 3, I really want to get the benefit of the assist machines for another week.

    Have a great weekend everyone,

  9. angie_nrs Cathlete

    Nov 1, 2006
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    Good evening ladies -

    One of these days I am going to post in the morning! LOL It seems I'm always bringin up the rear.:D

    I'm on Wk5/Day6/Classic

    Wendy - hope the modified crane works for ya.:) I think my bottom is a bit too big yet to do the regular version (big butt, small arms) - but someday.....and hopefully soon. My 9 year old son just got it down today - but he's such a skinny squirt:p

    Melissa - Congrats on your purchase!! The folks on this forum talked me into it too, and boy am I glad they did!:)

    Poochy - Hey thanks for the pointers on the crane - I'll have to try that next time around. Hope you get yourself a good catch tonight.:D

    Reba - I know what you mean about the sweat factor. What's up with that? I have definite pump in my muscles but very little sweat with most of the workouts. I think it's because the HR isn't sustained. Tony takes a lot of breaks - which I am NOT complaining about. It seems to work so I'll go with it.

    Diana - Good luck with Yoga. Let us know what you think. IMAX 3 is your fav?:7 There's still a part in there that still confuses me every time - I think it's the 9th interval. By the time I'm that far into it, I'm just too darn tuckered out to care and just keep going to get it over with. One of these days I really need to get that down.

    Kenpo X tomorrow. Pretty easy workout and NO ab ripper;-) Happy day. I am finding that my form is improving a lot on ab ripper and I can do all of the exercises now, except on some days I have to take a small break during crunchy frogs - those are killer}( And I really wish he would get the count right on the backwards bicycle move - always doing extras. Anyone else notice that??

    Have a great weekend all!!


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