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Discussion in 'Check-ins & Challenges' started by fitg, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. fitg Cathlete

    Jul 19, 2008
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    Posh: Hope you find out about your horse soon!

    Today will be a 5 mile run.

    Have a great day everyone!!! :)
  2. RunninTeach Cathlete

    Jul 8, 2007
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    Good morning, cheetahs! :)

    I "slept in" a bit this morning, so I have to post this quick. My phone rang at 1 am (some number in Carlisle, PA?) and it took me about half an hour to get back to sleep.

    Christine:) I realized about the bug comment after I hit post. Hilarious clip! I don't remember that particular skit, but I used to love The Muppet Show. I think I might make the line "sip the air like wine" part of my marathon mantra. :) :) :)

    Karen—how far apart in age are your girls? Do you differentiate instruction for them? Just curious...Very difficult to stay healthy when the school is rampant with germs. Lots of kids and colleagues have been sick.

    Jackie—I used to have a hairstylist like that who would get backed up. It's not that she overbooked, but that the place only took walk-ins. I felt bad, but ultimately decided to move on.

    Gloria—I would rather score after school; I doubt we will get paid for that, but I hate to miss too many days. So far, I have already been out 3x (1 personal and 2 PD). I brought the assessments home yesterday, but then I rebelled and did none of it. Want to enjoy my days off sometimes and not think about school. It'll get done, though. How are you keeping up with your workload?...Enjoy your 5 miler!

    Posh—thanks for updating us; let us know what DH finds with his follow-up call, please. Fingers remain crossed. *Ha ha* re: Napa. I checked into flights for San Fran (I assume that's where it makes the most sense to fly into) for that weekend, and they're not cheap, but the greater issue is time—getting a decent outbound & return flight to justify the cost. Trips out west do pose a bit of challenge during the school year, and now I only have one personal day remaining. I know with LV, which we'd talked about last year, it was just impossible. But one step at a time: will see how I feel after Chicago. :)

    Yesterday I did not do weights (failed miserably at being like Carole :) *lol*). The abbreviated run, yoga, and the tennis ball rolling treatment was it for me. As mentioned, I'm feeling a little more fatigued than usual, which I'm chalking up to the sniffles that are trying to creep in. For tonight, I'm hesistant to commit verbally to anything with the way I've been going lately, so I'll just report whatever I do when I DO it.

    Have a great Wednesday!
  3. Fit_mommy Cathlete

    Jun 29, 2005
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    I give up. My knee is sore again. It started bothering me overnight. I guess it's weights for me today unless it makes a recovery with in a couple of hours. Perhaps the 2nd 15 mile run is not in the cards for me. :confused:

    I am also starting to reconsider the full marathon in March. Atleast for now. Not sure I'm ready to make a training committment like that. Truth me told, I am tired of training just from doing it for the 18 mile race. I'm not going to force it. I'll wait it out and see how I feel about it when it's almost time to start training.

    Cathy: Sorry you are not feeling up to snuff lately. With the intensity of the marathon training it would not surprise me if you are a bit run down right now. Sounds like your taper came at the right time. Sorry about the belly problems and the gnats (LMBO!!!) during y'day's run. Stomach issues when you are not by a bathroom are NEVER fun. :confused:

    Gloria: Enjoy your run today. Good luck with new shoes! :)

    Christine: Keepin' my fingers crossed the rumors at your company STAY rumors! Great job with Leaner Legs! OUCH is right!:eek: Congrats on scoring the tickets, btw!!!

    Carole: Weight maintenence has always been easier for me then weight loss. I must be the odd one. LOL Unfortunately my eating has been awful so my weight has creeped up a few pounds. If I can manage to get a grip soon I know I'll be able to reverse that easily but if not, I'm sure to have some trouble. :confused: So how much total weight did you lose if you don't mind my asking? Did you celebrate with a Michelob Ultra? Hey, did you see the new beer....MGD 64. Only 64 calories! I'm all over it!;)

    Linda: Hope your TM continues to behave.

    Jackie: I thought about keeping the new kicks if the inserts work in the old ones but considering the knee issues I am currently having, perhaps these new shoes don't work for me either? I really need to grab some inserts FAST!!!! Great work out today.

    Judy: Enjoy building your running mileage back up. I hope your PF continues to behave. :)

    Karen: I've never had problems with my knees before now. They will get sore after a long run but I never had problems with soreness after the shorter, faster treks. I'm really starting to get upset by this. I need to figure out what the problem is FAST! So the OD run was a cold one huh? I thought about that. The weather in March is very unpredictable. Ofcourse now that I am leaning towards perhaps NOT doing it, I may not have to worry about it.

    Posh: Sending good vibes for the results you seek from the vet! You know you wanna run Napa!;)

    That's all for now. BB after I drop DS off at school.
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  4. trooper15 Cathlete

    Aug 1, 2005
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    Good morning cheetahs! Yesterday was a full day sitting in front of a computer screen... torture for me!! Glad it's over:eek: Can't say I'm all that impressed with their software for charting, etc but I'll withhold final judgment for a while. It's not like I have a choice anyway;) I did get in a great workout with AllBody Cardio first and yest evening went for 40 minutes on the EXT which felt great:D

    Carole- Congratulations on making your goal weight!! I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of you soon at Chicago.. with your new do and svelte bod to go with it!

    Wendy- I'm so sorry your knee is troubling you again!! You're fitness level is fantastic and you did put in some good miles so I wouldn't fret about not getting in that last 15 miler. Not to worry... we'll take out time at LBI and have a ball! I bet you'll be all charged up to tackle a full mary!

    Cathy- I didn't notice my banged up knee at all during my last long run:D
    It's only tender to the touch... not bad. LOL about how many calories are in a gnat! I had a few of those bug meals during runs myself:p
    Oddly enough I was thinking I'd have much more of a bug problem here... not the case at all! There are gnats in the evening in the woods, but not in the open and no mosquitos that I've noticed! Sounds like all the marathon training and the usual hectic start of the school year has really gotten to ya! Sorry you were unsuccessful at being Carole (LOL)
    I know you'll do the wise thing (as always) and listen to your body.

    Karen- I've been in a couple of those mega crowd marathons (Phoenix and Vegas) I guess Carole forgot to mention Vegas... there were well over 20,000 there!! They also used those disposable timing chips and they worked very well. I participated in a wave start in Phoenix and it made it much more organized... I liked it! You'll really like the experience I'm sure!!

    Gloria - hope you are getting in a great run this morning! I'll be getting outside myself pretty soon. It is daunting to think of running 26.2 miles when the farthest you've been is half of that, BUT... that's what training programs are for. A nice gradual build up and you'll be wondering why you ever thought a 15+ mile run was such a big deal.... really!

    Linda- TM back in action.... woohooooo! I find that pretty amazing that it is only a yr old! That is supposed to be a good brand too so I hear.
    Hope it still behaves for you and it's a good idea to have it checked out anyway. When is your upcoming Mary anyway... pretty soon isn't it?

    Thomasina- Great to hear from you and it sounds like you had a great getaway/wedding trip. Looking forward to seeing those pics. Very glad to hear Smokey is better, keep us updated!

    Christine- Did you survive the hectic work day yesterday? These are some scary financial times lately. I'm afraid DH and I are casualties of all this mess. I'll be paying two mortgages for a very long time I'm afraid.
    We'll be okay, I'll just have to budget wisely for the unforseeable future.
    When our contract for the realtor ends in Oct I may try to talk DH into renting the house.... we'll see. What's the workout plan today?

    Jackie- The painting in the main living area and kitchen/dining area is done. Those were the most important areas and I can relax a bit now:D
    It will be nice to cover up the bright green master bedroom tho! Nice jo with the iTread sprint workout yest. Got a new do also?

    Judy- BBQ tempeh sounds yummy! One drawback to this area is that it is not at all very health concious. I have yet to find a single health food store. The vegan/vegetarian options at the supermarkets are scanty to say the least (sigh) I'll keep looking. Great plan to build up the miles very slowly and glad to hear that that PF is history!

    Caught up for now... time to get the tush in gear. I'll be doing a 6 mile run and then later KB/L&G circuit. I go in to work tonight so a good heavy workout should make for a nice nap time this afternoon!

  5. andtckrtoo Cathlete

    Jun 8, 2005
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    Good Morning Cheetahs!

    Karen – Sounds like a fun idea you are doing with the girls! Yes, I think picking the name out of a hat would avoid a lot of hurt feelings. We’ll see what happens with my company. At this point, it’s just rumor and we had a good quarter, so I’m not worried. :D

    Jackie – I think us early morning exercisers are the same – rotations mean that it’s a no brainer in the AM. I feel bad for the people who have to go back to work. It’s tough. I’m still a few years out from retiring, but I do hope things stabilize!! That’s one of the reasons we bought the condo – we’re trying to diversify a bit.

    Gloria – No, I’m not in any danger of lay offs at this point, but we do have rumors – you know how those go! Leaner legs is not nice. :p

    Thomasina – Smokey remains in my thoughts!! Poor horsey! I think I’m going to become the permanent cheer squad for the Cheetahs!

    Cathy – glad you enjoyed that clip. I love the Muppets. I liked that line, too!! Too funny. Rest yourself so that you don’t get sick this close to the marathon! *Sends anti-sickness vibes to Cathy*

    Wendy – Oh man, I’m sorry the knee is hurting! How frustrating. I think you’ll go through a bunch of different emotions as the full marathon approaches. You’re wise to let the idea simmer for a while. But I know what you mean about training!

    Shelly – OMG! You sitting in front of a computer screen? That would be torture! Great workouts as usual! That’s funny that you’re thinking of renting the house – I was thinking that might be an alternative. Two mortgages are never fun! Yes, I managed to survive the hectic day – today is not much better. But oh well. That’s my life! :p

    Wow, am I sore! My goodness! I guess I’ve been neglecting weights way too long! Time to make sure that does not happen again! I’m going to do parts of “Have Mercy” today. Probably a little over an hour. I think the spinning will feel good on my poor ole legs! :p Today we sign the loan papers for the condo over lunch, then we have a dinner at DH’s work. He’s been with this company for 10 years, and so they invite everyone who has hit that mark to come and dine with the CEO. Reading the email sent out regarding this dinner was like reading instructions for meeting a head of state in an event open to the mere common folks. “You will have an opportunity for group photos with said CEO. After the event you will receive an email with photos, and you will be allowed to chose 2 complimentary 5X7 Photographs.” I mean really! Amazing… :eek::eek:

    I have to share this – only in the Bay Area – there’s a town outside of San Francisco called Martinez that has a beaver problem. The city considers beavers a nuisance as they tend to build dams, dig under retaining walls and buildings and basically threaten to flood everything and threaten the structural integrity of buildings (a restaurant in particular). But, this being the Bay Area where the down trodden are welcome with open arms, the residents of Martinez have formed a coalition called “Give a Dam”. Now the big news is that “Give a Dam” is trying to get these beavers to move up stream themselves with a device called the Beaver Deceiver. No one is quite sure what this device is or how it works, but the city of Martinez is willing to give it a shot. I cannot believe this is news… Too funny… Have a great day all!
  6. Mckmain Cathlete

    Sep 20, 2003
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    Good morning cheetahs

    Cathy..sorry about the "not so fun" run yesterday and LMAO about swallowing those gnats. I always think protein like Christine!! Cool about the deer. That is crappy about the wrong number waking you up!! I did not do great with eating yesterday, had a few too many reduced fat Triscuits!! Do you have some Airborne for the sniffles? Now is sure a better time for a cold than in 10 days!!

    Wendy...so sorry about the knee. Have you tried icing the area any? 15-20 mins at a time. It might be a good idea to rethink the full mary if you are tired of training for the 18. I know many good runners that don't ever race/train further than a HM, as they just do not like distance. Since April I lost 21 lbs. I am back at 120, which is where I know I run better. This time when I gained I was up about 5 more lbs from my alltime high of 136. Yes I posted about the MGD Light (64) a few weeks ago, it is my fav beer now too! And I did have one Monday night...:)

    Gloria...John is my nephew. You were not posting when he had his accident. Over 2 years ago he had a freak/slow motorcycle accident and is paralyzed from the waist down. He has has a problem with a bed sore, so he needed this surgery to correct that. Way to go with BC. Enjoy your 5 mile run today.

    Shelly...Thanks re: my weight goal. It sure was nice to get that weight off! I am sure there will be some Chicago pics. I had brain fade as I knew LV was big but I did not remember how many started!! Enjoy your 6 miles and KPC/L&G circuit.

    Christine...I like Meaner legs myself, it is a tough workout. I can imagine stairs after that workout could be hard. Good workout yesterday. Congrats on getting the tickets. Hope those Pats run havoc over the Whiners!! BTW, loved the "jogging" video..very cute. So you have some lower body DOMS?. I bet the spinning will help the legs. I hope you and DH will get a lovely 5x7 with the CEO! Too funny...and the Beaver Deciever story was great!!

    Posh...Hope you get some news about Smokey soon. I would love to see you and Cathy at Napa. We will have a great time...:)

    Linda...I am so happy your TM was behaving yesterday!! I would still contact the Company and tell them too. Lol about you stalking my workouts!...:)..I had not done BM2 in a long time so it was fun.

    Jackie...Thanks re : my weight goal...:)..Our temps are really supposed to drop with the rain coming. Watering can be boring, but if you get in a drip/sprinkler system it makes things lots easier! Good job with iTread and the 4DS workout.

    Karen...I think you will have a great time with all those people in your 1st HM!! It is amazing the people you meet.

    Judy...good luck building up your base miles. How much more will you be running?

    Today is upper body (PUB I think) and a 5 mile run.

    Have a great day...:)
  7. Fit_mommy Cathlete

    Jun 29, 2005
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    I'm back from dropping DS off at school. I have my hot Dunkin' coffee sitting in front of me and I don't have to go to work today. Life is good. :)

    Shelly: Thanks. :) You are always such a bright spot no matter what. You are right though...we will have a blast in LBI and I have a feeling that it will leave me wanting to conquer the 26.2 no matter how much I may think otherwise right now. Heck, I had my doubts about ever making to the half distance and then after my first half a full mary was definately out of the question!!! LOL

    Carole: 20 pounds is a fantastic accomplishment! So you posted about MGD 64 already? Not surprised. My brain is like a seive. :p Enjoy your weights and run today. :) I can certainly see why some wouldn't want to go past the half distance. I really want to WANT to do a full mary. I think it would be an awesome accomplishment but again, I won't force it. I'll play it by ear and see how I feel once the 18 miler is complete. I haven't tried icing my knee simply cause I know I won't wanna sit there long enough to do it! That's no excuse, I know but that's why. I guess I need to just do it and stop complaining, ey?

    Christine: Beaver Deceiver? LMAO! Where do people come up with this stuff!? :confused: Yes, this sudden knee issue is VERY frustrating and perhaps part of why I am re-thinking the full mary. I really need to just get through the 18 miler and see how I feel. I think I'm just feeling sorry for myself right now and once that passes I'll have a better outlook. Who knows...time will tell. Boy your DH's company's CEO has a pretty big head, huh? How ridiculous. :rolleyes: I'm surprised he isn't makin' ya PAY for the pics with him! Jeesh! Well, I hope the food is good atleast!:)

    So for the past couple of days I haven't had any regular coffee in the house. Only decaf so I've been drinking 2 cups of decaf when I wake up in the morning and then getting a leaded Dunkin' coffee when I drop DS at school. Usually I make my 2 cups in the morning with half leaded and half unleaded and then get decaf at Dunkin. I've noticed the past couple of days I have been quite cantankerous in the morning. Just in an all around crappy mood. This is unusual for me as I love my mornings especially on the new school/work schedule! I am wondering if my body is missing the caffeine first thing and it is affecting my mood? Anything is possible I guess. Caffeine is a nasty addiction. I wouldn't put it in the same category as nicotine but if I ever tried to get off of it completely, I gaurantee you I'd have a bit o' hell to pay! I already know that if I don't get that one cup of caffeinated coffee by a certain time, I am prone to monster headaches so it's safe to say I'd be quite miserable if I tried to cut it out completely! :eek:

    Oh well, I guess I'd better get my butt in gear....I have some errands to run today and I have to pick a weight work out to do.

    Last edited: Oct 1, 2008
  8. Me2 Cathlete

    Dec 31, 1999
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    Good morning!

    The “Sole man” called yesterday. He e-mailed me some instructions to re-calibrate the TM and told me to lubricate it and to always lube it every three months. So, I ordered a tube of lube. Hmmm….that has a nice ring to it ;) So, I recalibrated it. As soon as I get the lubricant, I will do that. It did just fine this morning, too. Thank goodness!

    Gloria – Enjoy your 5 mile run! LOL…it will be quite a while before were get to retired to Montana. I would say around 8 or 9 years! I would love to go now…..when we are young enough to really be able to enjoy it!

    Cathy – I am sorry your run was not so good yesterday! Yuck, yuck about swallowing the gnats! I’ll bet you were furious at the phone call…that wasn’t even for you! I hope you feel better, soon! I have always heard that marathon training lowers your immune system for a brief period and a lot of runners develop colds, etc. Hope you feel better soon! I hate to feel run down! LOL about you “not being like Carole!”. Yes you are! She has some “recovery time” now and then, too!  Hope the Achilles and hamstrings are good today!

    Wendy – I am sorry about your knee acting up again! Hang in there and don’t totally give up the idea of the full. I have definitely felt like you are describing, more that once over the past several months! You can take some recovery time and take it slowly and see how you feel and think, so time goes on. But, most importantly….listen to you body and your own mind. But you are one strong Cheetah! You can do it! I agree, it does take up so much time….something we don’t always have!! Hmmm....maybe you cutting out the caffeine is making you feel a tad tired lately. When I had my dr's appt last week, I didn't get my coffee until around 11:00. My head was splitting and I felt horrible and sluggish!

    Shelly – Sorry you were chained to the computer screen yesterday! Great job with the ABC and EXT! Yes, the TM was too “new” to be messing up! Hopefully, it will be okay, now! My marathon is November 2! I am getting so excited (but still nervous!). Which races are you doing, besides the 18 miler with Wendy?

    Christine – Wow! They sure made that dinner sound like some serious business!  That will be nice! Oh my gosh! I heard that about the Beavers, but I thought it was just a “joke” going around! I have been seeing the pics posted of the beaver dams and them describing exactly what you just said. It is amazing how something as “innocent” and “natural” as beavers and beaver dams can wreak such havoc! ;)

    Carole – Enjoy your PUB and run! Yes, I am definitely going to keep on top of the customer service and treadmill issue! Hopefully, what he suggested will be all I need to do! By the way….what is the temperature and weather like in Napa Valley at the first of March. I was there the end of January/1st of February a couple of years ago (just a couple of weeks after my dad passed away…so I don’t really remember a lot). Would March be cool….hot….?? My friend wants us to do the San Diego marathon in June. I would think that would really be hot? Sorry for all the questions.

    Judy – I am glad your foot is doing so well! Good luck with building your distance!!

    Karen – Wow! It is nuts how anyone would even think of that …to sign up for the marathon …to run the half! I could understand why they would be disqualified!

    Jackie – My favorite Firms were Vol. 1-3! I loved the floorwork!

    Posh – I am sure you are nowhere near as slow as me! I am running my first marathon knowing that it will be a blessing if I just finish! I would really, really like to do Napa, too. If I do okay with this one in a month, I may do it, too. I wonder if that will be time enough in between marathons for me (seeing that Nov. is my first one). Hope your horse is doing okay!

    This morning was a 7 mile run and Jules Benson Pilates (not the abs…just the leg series).

    Hey to everyone!

  9. jamarba Cathlete

    Sep 9, 2005
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    Good morning Cheetahs!

    Gloria - Good to be compensated some for the extra work you have to do after school. Hope you had a good run today.

    Posh - Gosh Posh, hope you hear something soon about your horse.

    Cathy - Sorry your sleep was interrupted. Hate those wrong numbers! :mad: Sure hope you're not coming down with something. Good idea to do what workouts you can.

    Wendy - Sorry the knee is bothering you again. Bet you're burned out on all the running. It's hard to find motivation to get out for that run. I'm sure after your race you'll know for sure. It took some time for me after my series last year. See your dilemna about the shoes.

    Shelly - I sit in front of a computer all day long. Imagine it's hard for you if you're not use to it. You did have some horrible paint colors in your new house! Bright green could give you nightmares.:eek: Glad you can rest a little now. No new do for me. When the hairdresser does it, she puts some curls in it. It will last a few days until I get a good run in and then it's back to straight or a ponytail. Enjoy your nap and have a good night at work.

    Christine - Glad you feel good about your job security. This country usually bounces back after a crisis and I'm sure we will this time. It may take a little more time this go round. Good luck with the closing for the condo. Know you'll be glad to get that over. Congratulations to DH for 10 years on the job!!! Funny about the beaver.

    Carole - I notice the more mileage I do, I have a tendency to gain a few pounds. When I start with the weights again, it usually gets back down. This time I'm noticing my BF% fluctuating all over the place. One day I plan on installing a sprinkler system. Just couldn't fit it into the building budget. Enjoy your UB workout and your run.

    Today's workout was 4DS Legs & Abs.

    Phone's ringing off the hook and interfering with my concentration. Will talk to you later.
  10. trooper15 Cathlete

    Aug 1, 2005
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    Hi Cheetahs! Well, I was about to go outside and the drops started coming down so being the wet weather pansy cheetah I am I opted for my comfy basement and the TM. Did get in a good 6 miles tho.

    A little off topic from running and fitness. I know alot of us are kind of consumed and worried about the current financial crisis. I asked my father his opinion about it since he is without a doubt the wisest man in the world! ;) I was especially distressed because DH and I are squarely caught up in it paying two mortgages now with little prospect of it changing soon. Anyway, his words helped clarify things some and made me feel a tad better so I thought I would pass them on.

    "We do favor the bailout by the US Government. Here are a few observations on the situation. The idea is to get the credit markets moving again, not bail out the banks and investment companies.. The sub prime mortgages were bundled with other more conventional mortgages and then sold as investments titled Collateral Debt Obligations (CDOs). These held up as long as the home prices raised annually 5-10% (The critical false assumption). Then overbuilding and investors "flipping" houses for short term profits and then bailing out brought prices down. Soon houses with bad mortgages started being dumped on the market.

    Banks are required to have 10% capital on hand to cover their loan balances. Those with heavy investments in CDOs now found them valueless because they couldn't be sold. The CDOs on their books then had to be written down to zero, so the banks lost the backup capital to make future loans. In point of fact, most of the mortgages in the CDOs are still being paid by the owners just as you, and we and many others will continue to do. The bailout idea was to buy the CDOs as a US investment, restoring the Asset values in the Bank's Balance Sheets and allowing them to make loans again.

    The US would then break up the CDOs, sell the good mortgages and gradually fix up and sell off the foreclosed properties. Thus the losses on the portion of the $700 trillion bailout (Whew!) representing bad mortgages might be reduced to zero over time, or even upgraded to a profit. In the meantime, the US must sell government bonds to cover the bailout. Many of these bonds are usually bought by foreign investors, including foreign countries.

    At the same time the US has encouraged large banks and investment companies with good balances to buy up the failing banks and investment companies: Countrywide, Indy Mac,Washington Mutual and finally Lehman Brothers have been bought out or bankrupted. Their buyers will handle the CDOs and any bad mortgages in the same way, selling them off gradually to avoid overloading the housing market even more than it is. Now Congress, both Republicans and Democrats must get off their butts, compromise somehow and act to revitalize our credit markets. The whole world is holding its breath! It is truly said that in economic matters, the whole world catches a cold when the US sneezes.

    Hope this short summary helps to clarify the situation for you and Jerry.

    Love, Dad "

    Hope this may help some with those of you as perplexed and upset as I am
  11. andtckrtoo Cathlete

    Jun 8, 2005
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    Carole – Meaner legs kicked my butt! :eek: It is a goodie, though! Thanks for the vote on the Pats! I’m really excited. We were even invited to a tailgate party! Yeah, the legs and glutes are a bit sore today, but the ride into work helped that. Enjoy PUB and your run!

    Wendy – Sounds like life is indeed good! :D I have no clue where people come up with this stuff. I was watching the news trying to decide if I were amused or alarmed. Still don’t know. Yep, I agree, get through the 18 miler and then worry about the marathon. One thing at a time. I’m with you on the headaches with no caffeine – but I have switched to tea in the mornings, so the headaches are more annoying than anything else if I accidently buy decaffeinated tea like I have done. *shakes head at self*

    Linda – Nope, unfortunately the beavers are not a joke. It’s amazing actually. As I said – only in the Bay Area. I’m all for animal rights and have pushed for heavier penalties for animal abusers, etc., but move the freaking beavers!! It won’t hurt them. Yeah, they’ll have to make a new dam, but guess what! That’s what beavers do! There was an uproar about the thinning of a herd of mule deer at Point Reyes National Park not too long ago. The deer were destroying the park because the herd had gotten huge and come winter would likely starve. Sorry, but a bullet seems much nicer than starvation. People in this area have too much money and not enough sense I think. :rolleyes:

    Jackie – ITA that we’ll bounce back, but I think it may be very painful for so many people without any help from the government. We’ll see. How dare that phone ring and spoil your Cathe time!!! :p

    Shelly – wonderful post! DH and I are for the “Bailout” as well and I think it’s a very unfortunate name for what it really is. It’s not bailing out anyone and especially not the banks and other investment houses. I really feel that if we do not have some sort of plan, then this country will be tossed into a major recession and possibly even a depression. There’s too much at stake.

    Well, I could not get moving when it came time to work out. My legs hurt too badly. So, I’m taking today off except for my commute on Mike into the office. I did make myself do that.
  12. karenvictoria Cathlete

    Feb 11, 2005
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    Sittin down for some much needed luch. Tuna sandwich and cucumber with rasins. Not altogether:p

    Well, one final last long run left for Friday. Today was 10 miles of speedwork and for some reason it took every ounce of me to finish it. I felt like I had lead feet, lead legs, lead butt. You name it, it was stuck to the TM and it didn't have that spring in it at all. I can't tell you how long and drawn out that run felt. I'm so glad it is over. I am pretty sure that it had to do with the way I ate yesterday. I ate very well all day and then last night the girls and I were putting a state puzzle together and before I knew it I ate an entire sleeve of fig newtons. AN ENTIRE SLEEVE. I downed it with water but still. Won't make that mistake again.

    Cathy- Sorry about the morning wake up call. As for school subjects like Math, Language ( Reading, Comprehenison, Grammar, and Spelling) I do all by grade level. So no one is working on the same level or same book. The girls are 11,9, and 6 so those book are all grade appropiate. Now for History and Science, I use to do it the same way but I hated doing it that way. For the past two years we all work together on history and science at the same time learnig the same things. For example the election. The girls who are 11, and 9 have workbooks geared to 4-8 grade. They work on the same things at the same time. Kameil my 6yo has a book all her own so she is doing the election but at a lower level. So basicaly we all work on the same things at the same time in those subjects. Yesterday the older two had in their books about canidates and issues. So it gave you all the info on debates, issues, speeches and so forth. So what I did was have the girls ( all of them list the issues they would like to go for if they were class president) So of course one of them says, No more narration in school, while the other said she would like more field trips. The 6 yo said she wanted hot chocolate Fridays, and show and tell. So I made all of them make a campaign slogan and then a poster with their issues. Now the older ones today have to write a speech based on their issues and I am also going to make them debate each other. Now the 6 yo I will have her tell me her speech and i will write it for her. She will not debate. I will have her demonstrate her issues. So pretty much I do the same work but at varying levels for their age.

    Gloria-Gald you had a great day yesterday. Hope you get in the 5 miles

    Wendy- I know how you feel about being tired of running. I was like that a few years back. At one point I did an entire month of yoga. You know when you need a break and you know when it's time to run again.

    Shelly- Great job on the TM run. Hope the software becomes more user friendly for you. You dad is amazing and smart. You can tell he loves you by all the effort he put into his response. Thanks for sharing.

    Christine- The Give a Damn cracked me up. Hope you have a nice time at dinner. It sounds so fancy. I hope you can walk in heals after all that weight work.

    Caorle- great job on the 5 miles. Had an off day today but I'm looking for my final Friday run. Hope the excitment of the last two weeks gets me to the end without dragging like today.

    Linda- great job on the milage today. It is pretty amazing about what people will do to get into a race. They had on their last night that they are allowing another 100 or so racers into the half from the waitlist.'

    Jackie- AHHH phone calls. Don't you just hate it when your trying to get somthing done.
  13. JAFitMama Cathlete

    Feb 25, 2004
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    Hey Cheetahs!

    Today was leaner legs and Yoga. some of the low lunges were a bit challenging right after LL, but it no biggie.

    Carole- When I refer to building up mileage it is not high mileage by any means. The most I have run consistently is 25 miles/week. When I did the 4 months of NROL4W, I did all interval work and not much mileage. Then PF set in probably from over doing the speed intervals and golfing. I am only at about 10-12 miles/week so far. It will take a while. But I have done EXT and biking consistently too.

    Christine- good idea to rest your legs today. did the commute help to loosen them up?

    Wendy- Oh dear! Is your knee better today? I did not realize your race ( and Shelly's ) is so close

    Cathy- Wise idea to cater to resting during your taper week.(IMO)

    Linda- So the TM Gods cured your TM?!

    Jackie- I cannot deal with people who double book! I have fired a few nail techs for that very reason. My hairdreser and I have been together for over 15 years though!

    Karen- It would be easy for me to eat that many Fig Newtons! last night I had the urge to make brownies. So i did. 'nough said. Your social studies /history classes sound fun!
  14. karenvictoria Cathlete

    Feb 11, 2005
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    Judy- I should have come to your house. I love Brownies.

    Funny story. I just let the girls have the debate. I did let my 6 yo in the debate. So glad I did. She was super funny with her points. As for lollipop Monday. My 11 yo's issues. She said she that it would help her get motivated for the week knowing she had something on Monday to look forward too. Then my 6 yo told her she didn't like that idea ( surprise surprise) She said that it is too much sugar and that her sister didn't need that because we can't keep her calm as it is. Good point I thought. Than the 9 you said " Yeah but if you shove a lollipop in her mouth then we don't have to hear from her at all. Nice sister HUH!!! Totally got a kick out of it.
  15. Fit_mommy Cathlete

    Jun 29, 2005
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    Hi Girls.

    I was feeling awful this morning but I feel better now thank goodness. I was motivationless after dropping DS off for school but after a short nap (during which I iced my knee believe it or not!LOL), I got up and MADE myself work out. I did the push pull upper body premix from muscle max, some of my own ab work hitting upper, lower and obliques and then I ran over to the gym and hit the elliptical for the first 30 mins of IClimb 21/40 Intervals. I've had it for a while and had never done it before. I liked it. I had a choice-either skip the last 10 minutes and grab a shower before picking DS up from school, or do the last 10 mins and go to DS' school all sweaty and gross. I picked the first option!:p

    Karen: LMBO at your girls' debate. Too funny. Kids say the darndest thing, aina'? :D OMG Fig Newtons are sooooo good! I always eyeball the fat free ones in the foodstore but I rarely buy them. I know better!:p Sorry about your slip up last night. It happens. Good thinking to drink lots o' water afterwards. I will sometimes do that after a diet distaster as well. :) TEN miles of speedwork!? Holy crap girl! No wonder why you felt like lead from the waist down! That's a crazy long speed work out if you ask me! You deserve major kudos just for attempting it!:eek: I have considered taking a break from running in the past but if I do I will lose endurance fast. When I did the X last January I didn't run for the first week or two of the rotation and my endurace plummeted just in that time. I've worked too hard to let that happen so the best I can do is cut it all the way back to once a week if need be. I may very well do that after the upcoming race.

    Judy: Good job with LL and yoga. I am sure some of the yoga poses were more challenging then usual after such leg torture but I'll bet it will help ward off atleast a bit of the DOMS you have in your future!;) Knee is up and down. Feels okay now. Not perfect though. I iced it this morning and then took ibuprofen before hitting the EXT. I am going to try to find the patience to ice it again today at some point. I may try a more lengthly slow run outdoors tmrw instead of something shorter and faster on the TM since the fast is what seems to aggravate it. I would like to get in a quasi long run on saturday as well if I can swing it. 8-10 miles would make me happy with the race a week out at that point. We'll see.

    Christine: Perhaps the ride on Mike helped to loosen the legs up a bit so you won't hurt as much in the morning! I can't switch to tea. It doesn't "do it" for me. I recall drinking caffeinated tea one morning instead of coffee and I had a killer headache by that afternoon. Funny thing is I've heard that tea has MORE caffeine in it then coffee! What gives!?! Is there a chemical in coffee that makes it addicting aside from the caffeine!?! :confused:

    Shelly: And this is why I do not get into finance/politics, etc. I started to read what your dad had to say and was lost in the first paragraph. If it's not laid out for me in COMPLETE laymans terms then I am clueless! :eek: Oh well. Ignorance is bliss!:D Thanks for trying though!;)

    Jackie: So who had the nerve to call while you were talkin' to your Cheetahs? Did you give them a piece of your mind? ;):D

    Linda: A tube of lube, ey? Too funny! :D Glad your TM is behaving again. Simple fixes are the best! I have 6 weeks between my 18 mile race and the time at which I would have to begin full mary training. In that time I am seriously considering cutting back my running to once a week and concentrate on having some fun with my work outs again. I wanna do other cardios like the TJ's and more weight lifting then I've been able to do since I started training for my race. Perhaps the break will help get me excited over the prospect of a full mary all over again. I am also hoping that I cross the finish line of the 18 miler strong. That will also help motivate me!

    All caught up for now! Off to peruse the forums for a bit!

    Last edited: Oct 1, 2008
  16. RunninTeach Cathlete

    Jul 8, 2007
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    Evening, cheetahs! J

    WendyI can understand the hesitation on whether or not you want to train for the full, after all. Maybe you just need more of a break in training…in that case, you can always opt for a marathon later in the year…Good job icing the knee. Not my favorite treatment, either. “With the race a week out” made my stomach plummet. *lol*

    Shellythat’s great that you are not too overrun with the bugs out there. The skeeters here are ferocious!...Yeah, I suppose I was overreaching a tad with that one (wanting to be like Carole—or you—or any cheetah!) J A girl can dream. Liked reading your dad’s take on the bailout situation.

    ChristineI have been neglecting weights, too. Which is odd. I *like* weights. But I could not bring myself to do them tonight. I don’t know what is wrong with me lately. Congrats to DH on making 10 years. Enjoy the dinner. Very funny about the CEO. You’d think you were meeting Brad Pitt. That does make one chuckle to think that there are people out there protecting beavers’ rights. Legs still in pain?

    CaroleI do have some Airborne—so far I haven’t taken it. I am upping the natural Vitamin C a bit and drinking teas. Hope that helps. Your weight loss is phenomenal—very inspiring! No doubt Napa would be awesome! As mentioned to Posh, the trick will be finding flights that justify the expense for me. And well, I still need to find out what's happening w/ that Lake Placid trip (skiing).

    Lindaso, the “Sole Man” prescribed a lube job for you, eh? J Glad your TM is right as rain again…thanks—we all have our share of less-than-blissful runs. I figure at least I am alive and healthy and can get out there and run-shuffle-waddle-whatever, even if it’s painful. J That’s worth something. So, how do you like Jules Benson pilates? I have never heard of her.

    Jackieinteresting how your body responds to more miles vs. more weights. Damn the phones! J

    Karenthanks for the response. I was thinking it must be such a challenge for you as one person to meet the different needs of the girls at their various cognitive and developmental levels. Wow on the 10 miles of speedwork. I can see why everything wanted to give up on you.

    Judyarggghh, brownies. J Nice job with LL & yoga. Anything after LL is quite impressive, in my book!

    Though I've neglected weights lately, I could not summon myself to do them tonight. My joints are aching and my feet have been feeling numb again. (What is this—a conspiracy of body parts?? :p It's like one ailment after another, it seems! *lol*) Anywho, I opted for 20 minutes on the EXT, which I guess is better than nothing.

    Have a great night, all! My goal is to stay awake through Nancy Grace. That's right—I wanna make it to 9 pm. What can I say—I aim high in life. *lol*
  17. meatlessinca Cathlete

    Jul 27, 2005
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    Hello Friends…

    Well, the horse does NOT have EPM; the test was negative. Sooooooo, we’re on 7 days of antibiotic and anti inflammatory…and we’re keeping our fingers crossed and praying he will get better. Thanks again for all your kind words and prayers ya’ll..

    I’m fairly tired now – another long day. Then we move into the weekend with all about Friday night football and then DH and I are invited to a cookout in the evening on Saturday…..where’s my day of rest? LOL

    Ok, I’ve downloaded the Silverado Trail pics to my picturetrail account for ya’ll to view. Please remember these were taken with a Blackberry so they’re not super clear, but it should help enable some Cheetahs that expressed interest (**cough, Cathy, cough*Linda*) to come out to Cali for Carole’s Napa Valley Marathon… LOL….here’s the link… http://www.picturetrail.com/meatlessinca

    Gloria – Thanks re: Smokey…hope your run went well!

    Cathy – I hear ya on the flight situation – I hope we can find a hot deal for you by then…and the fact if you even want to do another marathon too! My bet is that in Chicago you’ll be thinking at about mile 22 “heck no, them Cheetahs are insane to think I’m doing this again”..and then magically at mile 26.2 and 1/3 you’ll be thinking “dang, I can do this again fo shiz, sign me up!”….LOL

    Wendy lou – I’m sorry your knee is acting up…dang it. Take some days off it and ice and stretch it. I think after the great time with the 18 miler and all you’ll change your outlook on the marathon plan. Uh, by the way, chyeah I wanna do Napa and so do you! LOL

    Shelly – Glad you’re getting your house painting done.. .gives me incentive to do mine! We need some new paint but where o where do I find time to tackle these tasks? lol. Thanks for posting your dad’s email. Um, ya, when I visited Staunton, VA I found myself in the middle of “ham country” as I called it and couldn’t find much to eat, so I had to journey to Charlottesville and luckily there was a Whole Foods to save me! lol. Maybe you’ll have to drive a bit to a bigger town and “stock up” on some of the preferred food items..hmm?

    Christine – Head Cheetah Cheerleader…lol…works for me! Where’s your condo located in Napa? is it Napa? Sounds like a lovely dinner, but I hope you can keep from laughing during the “photo shoot” knowing you’ll only be able to choose 2 complimentary 5X7’s my question is, “then whaddaya do with em’?” lol… Hey, here’s a link to something I thought you may be interested in: www.bicycleadventures.com/where/newmexico/santafe-taos.php

    Carole – Congratulations again on the weight loss! I hear ya on the running being better when at a goal weight. That’s my focus. I have only lost 15 pounds so far but I have a lot more to go to get back to my good running weight days..lol. I am doing good but since Maui and the wedding weekend I have just stayed the same which is good I guess considering the CABS involved there! lol I plan to continue my steps to get to the goal and me thinks signing up for the Napa marathon will really help me get there faster. Chicago is going to be very, very slow for me and just a to finish and have fun, but when I get back, I’ll probably get into a more regimented training plan. I hope your mom and John are both doing ok…

    Linda – So glad you got that call from the “Sole Man” and things are better with the treadmill. Hey girl, you’re gonna do great on your marathon! You have posted some great training runs and no way are you slower than me – that’s impossible because I’m the slowest of them all! lol. When in November is your marathon? You should come to Napa!

    Jackie – My dh can’t stand when he has to wait for his hair appt. We had a gal once that made him wait at least 15 mins each appt and he would be so uptight. He’s a guy that is early to everything and makes me get ready way early before we are going out anywhere, so needless to say, he found someone else to do his hair and she is really good about getting him in on time. lol.

    Karen – your debate session sounds like it went well! My kids still have their own at times..lol. Love fig newtons so therefore I must stay far, far away from them…

    Judy – yummo brownies! I made some for my family but it sure was difficult to keep myself from “picking” them but I did stay away…

    Well, I better get some sleep now folks…tomorrow is busy before work already but at least one of the items is to get a massage! aahhhhhhaaahhhh….

    Goodnight friends..


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