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:::: CHEETAHS :::: Tues., 1/23

This is a discussion on :::: CHEETAHS :::: Tues., 1/23 within the Check-ins & Challenges forums, part of the Cathe Friedrich Fitness Forums category;; Mornin', cheetahs... I can't believe this, but I am starting to feel under the weather AGAIN. I woke up with ...

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Old 01-23-2007, 03:09 AM
seeking_guns's Avatar
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Default :::: CHEETAHS :::: Tues., 1/23

Mornin', cheetahs...

I can't believe this, but I am starting to feel under the weather AGAIN. I woke up with a sore throat and earache in both ears!! What gives, already?!! It seems like from September on (as soon I ret'd to school), I go through this once a month where I feel like crud for a few days but manage to fight it off. It *has* seemed like we've had a never-ending cycle of sick kids this year, but man, this is starting to get ridiculous! Back to the Airborne, zinc & OJ for me...In terms of a workout, will see how I feel this afternoon.

Christine ::: Ohhh!! OK! I guess I missed that part of the conversation about overzealous football cheering. *lol* I can just picture the dogs' reaction.

OK, everyone! Have a great day!

Cathy :-)
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Old 01-23-2007, 04:18 AM
onedayatatime's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2005
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Default RE: :::: CHEETAHS :::: Tues., 1/23

Hi Cheetahs--

I hope everyone has a great day

Cathy-hope you feel better. There is a lot of viral stuff going around. It's the right thing to do to rest when you need it and to be with people. Thanks for the update on the sting operation. It sounds like you handled it nicely. The calorie upshot was more like your calorie burn for exercise goes down as you get more fit, so pushing it harder above your new and improved baseline makes keeping the rate of burning more than you take in all the harder....

Christine--too sweet of you to offer to contribute to the bike ride. I'll be in touch. I'm not sure how DH is going to go about this...he got a call yesterday from the "team captain" and I haven't had a chance to talk to him about the plan.

Laura--I agree about the difference wearing the right clothes makes for outside runs in the cold. Really surprising...

getting a quick hello in before hopefully hurling myself outside for a run and doing BC abs and heading to work. I got some UB in yesterday, so I'm feeling happy about that.

Hope to be back for some personals later in the day.

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Old 01-23-2007, 05:20 AM
MRSchultz's Avatar
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Default RE: :::: CHEETAHS :::: Tues., 1/23

Good morning, ladies:

Cathy: There is a BUNCH of crap going around our area; the flu (really bad) and upper respiratory, too. Stay healthy and wash your hands a lot. ;-)

Barb: Enjoy your run, hopefully you live where it's warmer so you don't freeze. ;-) It's about 10 degrees here so I'm not going out for a run this morning, maybe I can after work when it 'might' reach 20 degrees.

Today I will be doing some weight work, I think Slow and Heavy's Chest and Back with some abs in there, too. I had a kick butt step class last night. We did 30 minutes of complete step and then 20 minutes of circuit step/weight intervals. I will also walk at lunch. I eat less at lunch and feel so much better. Oh, and I don't have to hear about the office gossip or complaints!!! That's the biggest reason I'm starting to walk.

Have a great day, I'll be back later.
Turbo Kick Instructor
Insanity Graduate
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Old 01-23-2007, 05:32 AM
Fit_mommy's Avatar
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Default RE: :::: CHEETAHS :::: Tues., 1/23

Morning Cheetahs!

Cathy: Feel better hon! I am not surprised that you are feeling icky so work with kids all day long! You are a prime victim for germs girl! LOL I work with really little kids who also spread germs like wildfire but only for a few hours a week so it's not as bad for me....not yet anyway!:P Do you carry around a bottle of that antibacterial hand stuff with you? They have a wall dispenser of that stuff at work in the daycare! You can bet it gets used alot by the employees and the moms. Lots of mom's rub it on thier kids hands too. I've started doing that when I can as well-just a little bit though as Joey is still a finger sucker.

Barb: Hey there! You have posted a couple of days in a row! YEAY!:+ Hope you can keep it up and I hope I didn't just jinx you by commenting on it! OOPS! :o LOL

Marcia: Your step class last night sounds great! How many times per week do you teach? Good job on starting to walk at lunchtime!

Christine: Nice rotation you have set up there. So will you be lunching with Susan once a week now? Lucky you!:-)

Well, today is a cardio day for me...I will pack my stuff and intend on a 3 miler on the TM after my shift is over at work today. Yesterday I considered coming home and doing MIC instead but I quickly dis-counted that as a BAD idea! LOL :P

I'm feelin' a bit of doms in my back and arms from y'day's work out. }(

I'll be back!
STS 5.5 Month Rotation Graduate: 1/2/11-7/10/11

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Old 01-23-2007, 05:59 AM
MRSchultz's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 1999
Posts: 1,976
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Default RE: :::: CHEETAHS :::: Tues., 1/23

Hi Wendy - I teach every Monday and Thursday evenings. Sometimes I sub on Wednesdays, too. I've been teaching for about 10 years through the town's Community Education department in the school. I have about 8-10 ladies there each week and some are diehards like us and never miss, they are great, an extended family almost.

Off to hop in the shower and get to work, I'll be back.

Turbo Kick Instructor
Insanity Graduate
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Old 01-23-2007, 06:26 AM
karenvictoria's Avatar
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Default RE: :::: CHEETAHS :::: Tues., 1/23

Good Morning all. today is a 4 mile run for me and then some yoga. I'm making a trip to the natural food store in my area. It's so fun to go there. The girls love scooping out the bulk grain and trail mixes.

Barb- Enjoy your outdoor run this morning. It's around 19 degrees here so I'm taking the treadmill today for me run.

Cathy- I'm sorry to here your under the weather again. Good healthy vibes being sent your way.

Wendy- Did you check into your pt stuff yet. When are you beginning.We decided on the Hello Kitty Cake. She comes with bubbles.

Susan her birthday is tomorrow. When dh gets home we are picking up her cake and headed to Chuck E Cheese. It's a pizza fun game zone type of place. They do have an awesome salad bar.

Off to run before the kids get up. Hi to all other Cheethas.
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Old 01-23-2007, 06:31 AM
laura35's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,256
Default RE: :::: CHEETAHS :::: Tues., 1/23

good morning,

wow! Its busy on here this morning already. Today is a rest day for me since I teach bootcamp class so early tomorrow, 6 am. I dont know if I will continue to teach it this session since there hasnt been too many reliable people showing up. the director said to see how it goes this week. The one girl who use to be consistant is now pregnant and my SIL has been having back problems and the new girl is signed up for MWF and only showed up my first wednesday so the only one being reliable is the guy and we did spin class last wednesday instead. first time I taught that. I think I would like teaching that maybe once a week or something. well off to get the kids up. my daughter always gives me a hard time.

talk with you all later!
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Old 01-23-2007, 06:42 AM
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Default RE: :::: CHEETAHS :::: Tues., 1/23

Good morning ladies!

Today's workout will be a nice 3 mile run. Yesterday I was looking at the Derby HM website so I could get more information about registration. If I register by Jan. 31 then I pay $35, after that then it is $50. The price seems kinda steep but then again I've never ran a HM or marathon so it might be normal fees. I guess I should be getting my butt in gear to register for it before the 31st. I think I will be registering my brother as well. It will be his first race and I did talk him into running it with me. It is the least I can do. Besides if I register now then I won't chicken out by the time the race is here.

I'll be back a little later with personals.
Kristi aka Taekwondo Mom
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Old 01-23-2007, 06:54 AM
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Default RE: :::: CHEETAHS :::: Tues., 1/23

Good Morning all!

Oh, I’m a bit sore from yesterday, but I had that wonderfully exhausted feeling falling into bed last night. I felt good! I need my tea to wake up this morning, though. Today is GS Legs floor work and a 3 mile run.

Cathy – so sorry you’re feeling sick!! I hope you’re feeling better soon! It’s been a tough winter everywhere. Everyone I know is battling colds. I’d make chicken soup for you too if we lived closer (I made it for DH who is feeling under the weather).

Barb – Enjoy your run!! BC Abs is killer! Please do let me know about the bike ride. I’m interested in how your DH does with this one.

Marcia – That’s a great idea – walking at lunch. I’ve found that I feel better if I do something over lunch, too – and oh yeah – I eat less, too! Good thing, isn’t it?

Wendy – Susan and I are going to meet for lunch on Ground Hog’s Day. I’d love to get together often, but we’ll take it from there. I know it’s tough for her to get away with her precious girls. Enjoy your 3 miler!

Karen – Enjoy your run and your trip to the health food store! I enjoy trips to those stores, too. Maybe I’m just a kid anyway… :+

Laura – oh I think I would love taking a spin class for you. Our instructors are kind of boring. Hope more people show up – it’s tough to get up at 6AM when you don’t know how many people will show!

Kristi – enjoy your run! Those sounds like typical registration fees for a well run Half. Are you getting excited or nervous?

Adios all! Have a fab Tuesday!

Cheeky Cycling Cheetah
Wag More, Bark Less
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Old 01-23-2007, 07:54 AM
onedayatatime's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 829
Default RE: :::: CHEETAHS :::: Tues., 1/23

I did hurl myself out for a cold run in the dark and overall I feel better after having done it, though I am looking forward to winter being over. If I don't do these runs at this time they aren't going to happen, so march on is the motto for January-February……BC abs was a great challenge. Nice to do with a run. I did half before the run and half afterwards…

Marcia—It’s 25 degrees here – which is sounds worse than it is for running. It’s not too windy and the bigger concern is the ice or snow on the roads. It was pretty manageable today and Sunday. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan going with walking at lunch killing 2 birds with one stone. I think listening to the gossip and complaints, even if you don’t join in, can still bring you down. I find too that if I don’t eat right (too much or too little) mid-day, I feel off for the rest of the day.

Wendy—Hey I love you Cheetahs and I’m trying to work out my chronic time management issues and be able to post more frequently and still keep up with life around here. I am trying to do better – so no jinxing, I appreciate the encouragement. Good job doing P90x. A “bit” of DOMS sounds very good after those killer workouts.

Karen—have a good run and yoga. That’s sounds fun to go to the store with your girls as your helpers. Treadmill runs are good for working on speed -- and I'm not fast like you are! I am doing half TM and half outdoors for now (when I can do it). My ITB bothers me more on TM runs than outside. I am trying to be good about stretching.

Christine—thanks again for offering to donate to DH’s big bike ride. I will email you his webpage info. You are really good to your DH making him homemade soup. He is lucky! Have a good work out today. How's the DOMS post spinning?

Laura – I would think this would be a hard time of year for people to get up early to come to a bootcamp class. If I lived in your city, I would come just to have you work me harder than I would do on my own, though!

Kristi-Have a nice run today. I am not an experienced racer, but I would think that early reg. fee amount is in a normal range. Think of it as divided over the number of days of training, so it’s less than $1 a day! :+

Back later. Hello to everyone checking in later!
-Barb:-) :-) :-)
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