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I have had a blah week. Motivation = 0. Diet was horrible, exercise non-existent. Not sure where it is coming from. I hate feeling like this.
I forced SS Cardio Slam. Barely got through it.
Hope you pull yourself out of your rut - I've been there many times, it's not easy. It sounds silly, but sometimes you just gotta keep on keepin' on.
Going through "end of vacation" remorse myself. Getting back into my Cathe routine very slowly.
I have been horrible at posting this week.
I did some runs and strength through the week. Today was Triple Fit Live. Holy total body- will have to try to fit this one in once a week.
Warm up only from MIS + Margaret Richard TV shows 1614-16 Lower Body segs w 4lb ankle weights+The Firm Core Cardio 1 47m (no Treadmill)
Yoga yesterday- do not like but it's like eating veggies (which I also don't like)... doing it because I know it is good for me.
Lift It HIIT It Legs today- crappers that was hard!
LOL, I am not a fan of yoga either, but I should try to do it. Lift It HiiT It Legs is a great workout - a lot of bang for your buck!
Cathe Rock Bottoms (instead of squats&lunges I did standing leg work w 2lb ankle weights) matwork: I used 4lb ankle weights ouch!
+ I want those Abs Tamilee Webb 15m+ Hi-Lo Choreography Advanced Gay Gasper/Treadmill 3.5 35m
Crunch Master Blaster 2 pt 1 cardio Tracy York + pt 2 Upper Body w Billy Blanks (lots of unique moves for arms, lots of reps @ low weight)Treadmill 3.5 35m + Abs of Steel 2000 Tamilee Webb,Donna Richardson&Tracy York (I did only 15m of the ab section cause hubby arrived with a whopper junior for me. oops!)
Decided on an outdoor run to rosy up my cheeks a little and enjoy a beautiful fall day.
40 hilly minutes following a blue heeled named Bug.
Got through most of Love Those Legs Live (or something similar to that) when I got disrupted by a family emergency- nothing critical, just 2 adult children and a husband that don't seem to be able to communicate all that well which leads to things not getting done how everyone wants them done. Sometimes I seriously consider moving into the forest by myself.
Ply HIIT One. Only 30 minutes- figured I would do 1 and 2... silly girl.
LOL, I know how that feels. Yesterday I changed my workout several times before procrastinating all the way down to RWH Low Impact HiiT one + Bonus Abs. I think I had a much, much longer workout scheduled. Something is better than nothing. However, today I am falling into the same pattern.
Killer Floor Upper Body section only with Mindy Mylrea she does 30+ reps or so I did 2 sets of 12 and added body parts.
Yesterday I got to go to the gym in the city. I did pedal pump, streaming it on my phone, then I did close to an hour of upper body.
Today was Lower Body Confusion Live- this one hurt.