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Let's Go Friday!!!

This is a discussion on Let's Go Friday!!! within the Check-ins & Challenges forums, part of the Cathe Friedrich Fitness Forums category;; ...

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Old 01-23-2009, 09:53 AM
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Default Let's Go Friday!!!

Good Morning!

I didn't have a great morning. Got up late and had trouble breathing but I attempted to do my workout. Did the pullup challenge:

Last set was supposed to be 2 but I would up doing 3/4 and 1/2. I probably should have taken more rest before I attempted the last set.

Santa Monica: Really like this workout but it was tough for me. These endurance workouts are killer. I also did the ropes off option with 60 secs. rest.

Round 1: Figure 8s to a hold: Did the whole 3 minutes. Did the first minute with 25# and the next two minutes with 20#. This round seemed to go on forever.

Round 2: Turkish Getups - This round was even worse for me than Round 1. I literally had to stop after almost every TGU but managed to complete the whole 5 minutes which felt like 30.

Round 3: Swings - Had to rest after each minute of swings. Did pliť squats with the 20# bell for 1 min.

Round 4: This actually was the easiest round for me. Used 2 20#s. Did all the double chest presses and singles on each side without stopping. Rested for about 30 secs. then did the pushups. Did all the squats and jumping squats.

That was all I managed to do. I did preview the rest though. I guess he didn't do a bonus snatch round since he did the alternating snatches in round 7. I can't decide which was worse - Newport or Santa Monica. I found Firepower easier than Santa Monica although like I said, the strength workouts are easier for me. I'll reserve judgment for when I do this when my breathing is normal. I still feel like I got a great workout even though I only did half. I don't know how I'd ever get through if I had the ropes!

Gin - I really missed chatting with you this week. How's your marathon training going? Did you like this month's rotation? Would you be interested in doing a pullup challenge with us? We just started this week. Don't know if you have a pullup bar. I asked this on the KB thread. We're going to be painting our dining room and living room. Dining room is next to kitchen which is Mustard Gold. Living room is extension of dining room. Any color suggestions? Are you going to do Circuit Zone next week?

Deanie - Did DH get your pullup bar up and running? Thanks for the suggestion about the painting.

Have a great day!

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Old 01-23-2009, 11:06 AM
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Good Morning Girls!

Marcy~ You were sweet to start this thread today, but I know how busy everyone is, so please don't feel like you have to keep it up. I would just love ot check in everyone once in a while. Whatever works for you and Deanie!
You girls are really into kbs. I wish I was able to get the hang of it, but it didn't really click with me. I do still have my 15# kb, so maybe one day.

I do have a bar in the doorway in the basement. Is that the same as a pullup bar? I probably wouldn't be very good at it!!

Marathon training is going well. We did 7 miles today and next week is 10. I took today off from work. I have to work tomorrow (testing incoming Kindergarteners) and it is our 27th anniversary, so decided to take the day off.

I did enjoy Fitness Freak's Jan rotation. Not sure what I'll do next. Hopefully I can find a time to do Circuit Zone next week. Glad you said it was good.

My kitchen is a terra cotta orange. Sounds wild, but I like it. Then my dining and living room are both gold and all three rooms are glazed. I didn't do it though! Could you paint your dining and living rooms a shade of green? I'm not so good at colors, but just trying to think what would go with the gold.

Hi Deanie! Hope you are doing well. How are your boys? I'll bet it is cold there. Have you had snow? It was 60 degrees at 6:30am when I ran! Tomorrow will be in the 30's again!

Have a great day!
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Old 01-23-2009, 11:29 AM
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Hi Again!

Gin - Sounds like your marathon training is going splendidly! Is the bar in your basement anchored to the wall somehow or in between the door frame? Happy Anniversary! My DH and I will be celebrating 16 years on 2/14 (he picked the date because he knew he could remember it). Let me know when you might want to do Circuit Zone and maybe I'll do it next week with you. Glad you liked FF's rotation this month. Sorry you have to go into work tomorrow. Maybe you could check out and see if there is a kettlebell instructor in your area to introduce you to KBs.

I actually wanted to go with green. Apparently all of us love green! Terra cotta orange sounds great in the kitchen. I've seen it before and it looks good.

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Old 01-23-2009, 03:00 PM
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Good Afternoon

Thanks Marcy for starting the thread!!

today was Santa Monica. I though this was tough, but not as hard as Firepower. (still #1 in my book)

Marcy~ I'm sorry your not feeling well. I hope your breathing is better soon. Great workout considering!! I've been working out barefoot with kb's since day one. thats another thing I like about them... DH did not get the bar up, and he was supposed to be off this weekend (and I thought he could do it then, but now he has to work) depending on how tired he looks, I may bug him to put it up tonight! I will be doing pullups tomorrow.

Gin~ Missed talking with you chicka!! Wow your training is moving right along!!7 miles is great. How many miles is the marathon? Happy Anniversary!!! did your DH take the day off too? That's weird they do kind. stuff on a saturday. Here, the kids just have the day off of school for that day or 2. Are you enjoying the new job, and the teacher you work for? Did you see any results from FF's rotation? She does have good ones

Have a good evening!
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