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December 08 check in 31rst New Years Eve

This is a discussion on December 08 check in 31rst New Years Eve within the Check-ins & Challenges forums, part of the Cathe Friedrich Fitness Forums category;; Hi everyone... Getting our thread started...Anyone got big plans tonight? Not us..The kids are excited since they get to stay ...

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Old 12-31-2008, 09:18 AM
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Talking December 08 check in 31rst New Years Eve

Hi everyone...

Getting our thread started...Anyone got big plans tonight? Not us..The kids are excited since they get to stay up until midnight...Moives and board games with the kids is our night tonight..

Workout today is something cardio..Not sure what yet..Maybe one of Amy Bento's workouts..

Talk to you later...
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Old 12-31-2008, 09:44 AM
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Good morning all! Hi Kathy!

No exciting plans for us. We've been taking the kids bowling for the past few years on New Year's Eve. So, we'll be doing that with some friends. After that the kids and I will hang out and wait for midnight. DH has to work. If anything like last year, Jameson and Ian will be the only ones who make it that late!

I did the Firm's 500-calorie workout this morning. Unfortunately, my HRM battery was dead, so I couldn't test it! It was a good workout - the cardio was fun and some different moves with weights.

Hope everyone is well and Happy New Year!

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Old 12-31-2008, 09:52 AM
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Hi all! I did FF's crazy combo of PUB & MM back and biceps. My biceps are sooooo fried! And I'm still feeling my chest from the other day. These are very creative rotations she has come up with.

No big plans for us today -- I know that Larry and I will be asleep early. My oldest son wants to stay up and wake us up at midnight and I have a feeling he can achieve that. We'll see. Tomorrow we're going to an open house party to ring in the new year.

I previewed some of the clx stuff -- I'm excited about it. I know this has been said, but it's just so different than anything I've ever done. I think I may have to buy some heavier dumbbells. I have one 25 -- I may need it's match and I think I'll need a 30. I can tell with FF's work over the last almost five weeks that I do need to push myself a bit more.

I'm still not doing well on the eating front, and it's showing! There is still too much stuff in the house -- I should just throw it all away.

Happy New Year! Enjoy your day and evening, whatever you do. Vilma, I hope your kids are better!!

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Old 12-31-2008, 12:02 PM
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Hey Girls!

It's snowing!!

I do hate going out in it. I went out this morning, to get groceries done for our New Years supper and dinner tomorrow. People were going 20! It took forever! And then I get to the register, and the check-out lady whispers to me, "Your zipper is undone" (). I'd want someone to tell me if it were the other way around". OMG.. I was so embarassed, mostly for having to "zip it up" in public!

I am enjoying the snow, looking out, though!

I came home and did FF's workout, like Beth. PUB/MM Back & Biceps! Oh my! I swear my biceps feel like they're HUGE right now! I am loving her combinations this month!

Kathy: Hope you enjoy your cardio today... we're spending the night home too. Just going to watch movies and play board games! And yes, the boys will "try" to stay up until midnnight. Zach wants a friend to sleep over. So I'm sure they will. Alex might make it (he's 9), Jake (7) made it last year, but a SECOND after the ball drop, BEGGED to go to bed! Funny boy!

My DH has to work too. I miss seeing him at midnight. It never gets easy, after all these years of working nights. HEY! My HRM battery is dead too! HA! Hate that! How long is the 500 calorie burner ?

Beth: OMG.. FF's workout today was WORK! it was good though and I know I'll be feeling that tomorrow. When are you starting CLX? I got an email from Jess (I was asking about the CLX again) and she really likes it, I think she's in week #3.! I really want it now, but I think the thing that is holding me back is, STS. I want to do STS as is, and there's not so much room for CLX that way. *sigh* I need a clone to do both!

It took me forever to type this, in between getting the boys their lunch, and getting them dressed to go out in the snow....

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Old 12-31-2008, 12:26 PM
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Hello Gals!

No plans for us tonight. DH is working again this New Year's Eve so it'll be me, my kids and my lil one's bff who is spending the night while her parents party the night away lol

I'll be opening the bubbly tomorrow night w/ dh but tonight it'll just be sparkling apple cider

Thankfully my kids have not had any horrible choking episodes so I'm guessing the steroids are working along w/ the breathing treatments using the nebulizer. I pray by this weekend and before school resumes that both are back to normal.

My ds is really concerned as he is on the HS running team and has noticed his times and milage are down due to the coughing spasms and he is their top runner - they calls him the gazelle as he's so tall and skinny. At his age he doesn't want to give away his rankings (cocky son of a b*&^%) lol

Kathy Have a great 'ringin' in ' the New Year

how is Kaitlyn doing today - is she doing better?
Guess we're on the same boat as far as the husbands working tonight

Beth when I'm ready to do more traditional weight rotation I'll be doing FF's Dec and Jan ones those do seem like fun. My highest dumbells are 25s but don't use them as often.

So you rec'd your CLX? That one is really intriguing and one I may buy one day. Honestly since I have Cathe's entire workout library minus of course her STS series I just don't want more. Is that bad to say? I'm really liking the variety of other fitness instrutors although Cathe is still my #1 as I always go back to her. Sometimes when I do other workouts I feel as if I'm cheating on her - silly eh?

I'm drinking tons of water to help with the food grazing. I just can not have my trigger foods (cookies, baked goods) in the house although the family gripes about having no snacks because I know I'll gorge myself on all that junk. With the hoildays my triggers have been here and its been very hard to stay away from those gingerbread cookies my kids had me bake as they are my favs. Thankfully I have no more cookie dough.

Chris oh girl I'm sorry but I had to grin about the zipper - I would've been motified myself though so big hugs.

It's windy is heck over here and my windchimes are singing their hearts out never mind our deck chairs are moving around out on the deck - I keep forgetting the bungie cord them lol

I'll be doing the Uno and board games also and watching Bedtime Stories (shhh-online)

I may end up getting CLX for a summer workout as I am really really, intrigued by it and hearing so many good things about it plus it would be my 1st non Cathe weight work. For some reason I rather do heavy weight work in the summer esp. since my thighs get bigger but leaner does that make sense? And I can wear shorts lol

Anyhoo To all that follow (Ivy, Hottie ) I wish you all a great evening tonight and ...



'Because Nice Matters'

'You Can Change Your Reality Simply By Making a Choice' --- Jim MacLaren; Choose Living Press Play

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Old 12-31-2008, 12:35 PM
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Chris, I know what you mean about clx and sts -- I really wonder if I'll be able to get through her whole rotation and wait for sts! I'm not sure I can!!! I may modify to three weeks for each phase -- I"m so naughty! I think I will start it on the 12th with Joanne. It's so much fun doing the same workout as other people, don't you think?
That's one big reason I think I'll find it very difficult not to jump in on sts when others are.

Vilma, you should definitely do FF's December and January rotations when you are up for them -- I'll bet you'd love them. Chris, I think you may even want to re-visit December some day and do the repeat as I did. After doing January the way it is, you can see that it's not quite so crazy to repeat, can't you? I'm really liking all of this weight work -- I'm so surprised at myself after thinking I so hated three day splits. Just goes to show....

ok, gotta make the kids some food.....

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Old 12-31-2008, 12:53 PM
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Sounds like lots of us have working DH's tonight. I can only remember one or two NYE when DH was off. I hate that he has to work Christmas and Christmas Eve more though.

Vilma, sounds like the kiddos are a bit better. Caitlyn is doing better I think. The cough is still there, but not as frequent and it doesn't sound so bad. She should be good and ready to go to school Monday. Too funny about your son! I'm sure once he's rid of this yuckiness he'll be right back where he was. I feel like I'm cheating on Cathe, too, if I do other workouts. But I've done hers so many times, sometimes you need a change for a bit! I think you'd really enjoy one of FF's rotations. Sounds like your thisclose to getting CLX! I'm anxious to start! Don't want to have to miss any days, though, so I'm still waiting till the 12th. My eye thing is scheduled for the 6th. Not looking forward to that! Did you cancel STS? I thought I remembered you saying you did. I cancelled, but I'm sure at some point I'll probably wind up getting it.

Chris, OMG about your zipper! Too funny. Well, not at the time, I'm sure! The 500-calorie thingie was about 50 minutes of cardio and weights, then about 5-10 of abs and stretch, so a total of an hour. I thought of telling the boys they could have a friend sleepover. But, I wasn't sure I wanted to have seven kids and just me! Maybe next year... I was thinking about how it won't be too long before the kids have their own things to do on New Year's - I should enjoy it now that they are home with me! Probably a few more years, but time does fly.

Beth, isn't CLX packaged nicely? Some of the recipes look pretty good and easy to make, too. I need heavier dumbbells, too. My highest pair is 15. I have one 25. Definitely need some 20s. I need to try Play it Again Sports. They are so expensive at regular stores.

Gosh, I'm chatty today, aren't I? Sorry! Need to get back to work....

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Old 12-31-2008, 01:33 PM
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just a fly by right now...have about 3 minutes before I go into a cold room again (4 degrees)... I'm trying to do this really hard experiment so I decided to forgo the morning workout to do it later. Yesterday, my body felt exhausted so I didn't work out but then I ate like a piggie. Probably something circuit like tonight. Will try to bbl. If not, happy new year!!
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