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Take a tour of what many are saying is the most comprehensive and best workout plan on DVD. It is just like having your own trainer 24/7 – 365 days per year. STS is a purchase that will last you a lifetime and when you consider each DVD only cost $7.47, it is truly an incredible value.

Do Something Different

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Following Cathe Friedrich's groundbreaking successes, she's now doing something different! STS is the first and only DVD series that allows you to do a different workout each and every day through the entire series. The most extensive workout series ever filmed, STS will challenge you to be the best and most–fit "you" possible.

So join Cathe today and
"do something different!"

Easy to Use

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  • Just like having your own trainer guiding you every step of the way.
  • No matter what your fitness level or experience you will be able to do the STS program.
  • We've done all the planning and work for you, all you have to do is insert the first disc and follow along.

(1) Reps in Next Exercise
(2) Name of Next Exercise

(3) Remaining Break Time

Concepts For Success

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  • STS is based on three of the most important training principles in strength training: periodization, muscle confusion and progressive overload.
  • Research studies have shown that exercisers who follow a periodization–based workout get superior results.
  • A well designed exercise program utilizes muscle confusion by varying the workout routine's exercises, sets, reps and intensity to keep your muscles growing.
  • Progressive overload is the gradual increase of intensity placed upon your body during a workout over a period of time, continually challenging your body by increasing the intensity of your workout in very small steps.

Customized to You

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  • One Rep Max (1RM) testing to make sure the weight is just right for you.
  • The same method used by trainers and athletic coaches in planning workout programs for their clients and athletes.
  • Knowing the correct weight to use is extremely important and will help you obtain the results you're striving for, both safely and quickly.
  • That is why we have built the Workout Manager. The Workout Manager is a FREE online application that will allow you to track, schedule, and analyze your weight-loss, diet, and fitness routines in an easy-to-use interface. This application is built for people who use Cathe Friedrich exercise DVDs and equipment, but easy for anyone interested in working out and staying fit & healthy.

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