The New Cathe Player

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2009)

drill_max_player_captureWe have just launched our new Cathe Player with the first extended video clip from the new series. Our first clips to be shown on the new Cathe Player are from Drill Max and are nearly 14 minutes long.We still have some tweaking to do on the player, but we need to get some feedback from you in order to improve the performance. Please let us know how the player worked on your system on the first play and the second time. Based on your feedback we will try to tweak the players performance.We’ve spent months developing and designing the new Cathe Player and we hope it greatly improves your viewing experience of our vid clips on our website. Over the next week we will continue to post the rest of the new DVD clips and after they are done we will start redoing all of our older workout clips Here is what you will see and can expect from the new player:#1 A larger and better quality picture.#2 We have included a vid clip for every chapter point on each DVD.#3 On the right side of the player every chapter point is listed. As the vid clip plays a green highlight bar will move over each chapter point.#4 You may also click on the chapter point and the Cathe Player will almost instantly play that chapter point. (This will only work after the file has downloaded at least once).#5 Our new player uses progressive download at 700k. This means that after the first play the file will be downloaded onto your computer and you will be able to watch the video without any buffering or stalling that you often see with streaming clips.#6 The player will launch in its own window and contains ordering info and a button to take you right to our online shopping cart. As of right now were not sure if we’re going to make a separate player for people with dial up modems, but we would certainly like some feedback on this issue.. So far less than 1% of people that have watched our new DVD promo are using dial up modems. We are very surprised that this number is that low. A dial up modem can still use the Cathe Player, but you will need to wait until the file has downloaded once to be able to view it. Our extended vid clip files are rather large so it will take a long time to download with a dial up modem on the first try.. If you have DSL/Cable the clip will start to play within 10 seconds in most cases. After the first play the vid clip will start very quickly regardless of your connection speed since the file will play from your computer, not over the internet.Hopefully everything will work, but the Cathe Player is a cutting edge product and we might have to make some adjustments. If you have problems please make sure to first download an updated version of Flask. You need at least Flash 8.0. Here is a link to where you can download Flash – it’s real simple to do:

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