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The above picture is from the Friday Night relay race. Friday (6pm), was the official start day and time for the road trip. The complete Friday itinerary is listed below:Friday, August 10, 20079:10 AM – 10:10 AM STEP CLASS WITH CATHEThis is Cathe’s usual Friday morning class and gym member…

Premix Submenu

The above picture is submenu that appears if you select the “HIS and All Upper Body” Premix from the main premix menu. Each premix has a submenu page, just like this one, which will briefly describe what the premix is made of and the weights and equipment used by Cathe…

Mix and Match Menu

As you can see our Mix & Match menu is a little different this time. Each chapter point shows the weights and equipment Cathe uses for that section. Though you should always use weights appropriate for your fitness level this new feature should help you with selecting your own weights…

About the DVDs

The 4 Day Split Series contains 2 DVDs, each with two approximately 60 min workouts. Each DVD contains about 11 premixes for a grand total of 23 premixes (we will have some more premix details in tomorrows blog post). The above picture is the Main Menu screen from the Higher…