October 2009 Rotation

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2019)
October 2009
October 2009

Hi Everyone! This month we are going to do an undulating STS rotation. This rotation is designed for ultimate muscle confusion. It is an advanced rotation and is only suggested if you are an avid and seasoned weightlifter (ie: been lifting for at least 6 months to a year). If you are not a seasoned weight lifter, I suggest doing any other one of my monthly rotations. As always eat well, sleep well, and stay hydrated.

Monday: Meso One Disc One: Chest, Biceps Shoulders

Tuesday: Meso Two Disc 17: Legs

Wednesday: Meso One Disc 5: Back and Triceps

Thursday: KPC

Friday: Imax 1

Saturday: Step Blast plus Ab Circuit Pilates

Sunday: Off

Monday: Imax 2

Tuesday: Disc 30 Meso 3: Shoulders/triceps/biceps

Wednesday: Disc 35 Plyo Legs

Thursday: Rhythmic Step plus Ab Circuits plates and weights

Friday: Disc 31 Meso 3 Chest and Back

Saturday: Kick Max

Sunday: stability ball abs only from Butts and Guts


Monday: Disc 15 Meso two Back and Biceps

Tuesday: Disc 3 meso one Legs

Wednesday: Imax 3

Thursday: Disc 19 Meso Two chest, shoulders, triceps

Friday: 4DS Kickbox in its entirety

Saturday: 4DS Bootcamp (cardio only)

Sunday: Ab Circuits Yoga and Stretch Max segment one


Monday: Disc 29 Meso three Plyo Legs

Tuesday: Disc 10 Meso One Chest Shoulders Biceps

Wednesday: Power Max plus ab circuits med ball

Thursday: Disc 8 Meso One Back and triceps

Friday: Body Max Two (leave out upper body weights at end)

Saturday: Maximum Intensity Cardio plus Ab Hits of choice

Sunday: Ab Circuits No Equipment plus Stretch Max segment Two

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