Low Impact Series Project Update

lis_limitededition1We would like to thank everyone who has preordered the Low Impact series and we want to give you another update on where we are with our work on this project as we know you’re anxious to receive your DVDs and downloads.

Update as of October 21st – Shipping Alert:

The New DVDs Have Arrived and are Now Shipping! – The Low Impact Series DVDs arrived at about 8:30pm tonight and our staff is already well underway shipping you your pre-sale DVDs. We hope to have downloads launched later tonight or tomorrow morning. We have a couple hours of work to do to make the downloads live and we’re starting the work now. It just depends on how smooth the process goes and we will have to see whether the downloads will be ready tonight, but we will give it our best. If not they will be ready tomorrow.

We are now shipping and we would like to ask everyone to help us to get you your DVDs more quickly by not contacting us once shipping begins and asking if your DVDs have shipped. We would normally be more than happy to answer questions like this, but because of the volume of pre-sale orders we have to ship it’s just not possible to do. This is because your tracking information initially is only contained in the same and only computer that prints your UPS and Postal shipping labels. This computer will be working non-stop (24/7) during the shipping process as will all of our employees. Stopping it to look up tracking information would create a huge bottleneck and would greatly slow down and even halt the pre-sale shipping process.

Our most experienced and full time employees that normally handle customer service will be instead handling the most critical elements of the shipping process as well as overseeing and supervising a lot of temporary employees. This means they will have little time to respond to customer service issues during the pre-sale shipping process and hence the need to kindly ask everyone not to contact us unless absolutely necessary. Regardless, it may take several days for customer service to get back to you, but we will do our best to help those of you with critical problems. Our plan of attack for shipping pre-sale orders is to first to devote nearly all of our resources and employees to helping ship all of the orders and then after this is done to circle back and focus on answering customer service questions.

You may receive an email from us with tracking information only if you chose UPS as your shipping method. Your tracking information will not be available until several hours after your order has shipped. UPS shipments may also be tracked with the phone number you listed with your presale order by using our Cathe Easy Track. Do not panic if you chose UPS as your shipping method and do not receive a shipping notification email. This is very common and based on past pre-sales hundreds of people probably will not receive a shipping notification email for various reasons and will still receive their DVDs just fine.

Postal service orders cannot be tracked and you will not receive a confirmation email if you selected this method of shipping. But not to worry, we have had very few problems in the past with postal orders being lost

Though this is our largest presale in our history we still plan on shipping every presale order in just a few days. We have an army of current and former employees that will be working around the clock making sure everyone’s order is processed as quickly as possible. We have spent the last month preparing every box we will need to ship every presale order and every step in the shipping process that can be done in advance has already been done. We have a year’s worth of product to ship in what we hope will only take a few days days. Cathe is even going to give you a little tour of our shipping operation and what you can expect your order to look like on YouTube.

Thanks for your cooperation, patience and understanding! We look forward to hearing your thoughts and reviews on the new DVDs!

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Video Clips

1. View AfterBurn Video Clip

2. View Slide & Glide Video Clip

3. View Cardio Supersets Video Clip

4. View Turbo Barre Video Clip

5. View Athletic Training Video Clip

6. View Cycle Max Video Clip

7. View Yoga Max Video Clip

8. View Yoga Relax Video Clip

9. View Total Body Tri-Sets Video Clip

10. View Low Impact Challenge Video Clip

182 thoughts on “Low Impact Series Project Update

  1. Thanks for the update. I love the cover art for this series!!! Can’t wait to get these workouts!!!

  2. I pre-ordered the downloadable version. Will we have to wait until the DVDs are ready before we can download, too?

  3. Thanks for the update. As is usual your style and professionalism, these look great and I’m looking forward to doing them!

  4. Thank you so much, Cathe, for these low impact workouts! I know they will be wonderfull and just what I need!!!

  5. Thanks for the update. Your DVDs are always top-notch and worth the extra care you put into producing them.

  6. OMG… CANNOT wait…. I preordered these right from the beginning and iam soooooo excited … i cannot WAIT TO HEAR… “THEY ARE READY FOR SHIPMENT”… seems as if its been FOREVER!!!!!

  7. Thanks, Cathe for helping me become someone who looks forward to the release dates of fitness DVDs. This is the same type of excitement I felt when my favorite band was releasing a new record (yes, I said record!)..Rock on, Cathe and crew!!

  8. I think i was one of the first to order these dvd’s and i can not wait for them to get here. I am 36 weeks pregnat and it is getting harder and harder to do some of the old workouts. I can not wait to give these a try right away. Hopefully they will be here tommorow…….IT SEEMS LIKE I HAVE BEEN WAITING 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i cant wait for these dvds….i ordered them back in may and are very anxious for delivery…..really excited for the cycle dvd….

  10. Thanks so much Cathe for the update and Lorraines body looks amazing and your hair of course love it and looking forward to the next Road trip with you all!!!!

  11. Let’s get rocking! I cannot wait! Cathe keeps my world rolling each day, and the low impact series will be the frosting on the cake! Cathe keep up the phenomenal work keeping us all young. You are the best.

  12. Thanks for the update on the new workout series. I’m anxious to get them like everybody else. I know it’s a long process as I’ve ordered everything Cathe has ever come out with. Thanks for coming out with this low-impact series Cathe. Can’t wait to get started!

  13. Don’t worry, Cathe! We’re not going anywhere! Anybody who knows you KNOWS you are worth the wait! I’m on the edge of my seat…

  14. Thanks for the continued updates. As previously state, you are worth the wait. Your DVDs are of exceptional quality and really rock!

  15. I ordered these back in June and although I have tried to be patient…I can’t wait! I just started the Mesocycle program, (did the first one today), and loved it so I won’t be using my Low Impact series for awhile but I still look forward to it!

  16. I pre-ordered these in July, so I am both excited and anxious to start these new workouts! I’m biding the time with a best of Cathe workout week to keep me occupied :). KPC today, Intensity tomorrow, then maybe some Kick Maxx for good measure. Hurry up, Cathe!! I am running out of titles!

  17. I’m disappointed that this new serie is so far off the original ship by date… Yes, I know it was an estimate, but could have been more accurate…. Especially since I had to pay for it by the end of July at the latest. Then I see where the order by date got extended by another month, which would have helped me alot. I know they will be worth the wait, but it still sucks. Hate you couldn’t have done this differently Cathe, since you touted how this was the most pre-ordered DVD set ever. You should have been prepared to do whatever to get it out on time…

  18. I have been waiting forever. I had looked forward to the end of August to recieve it. It is now the middle of September. I am very anxious to receive them.

  19. I am deeply disappointed that the new series is so far past the original ship date. I ordered and PAID for the series in May and waited patiently all summer and still there is no definite ship date. I appreciate the attention to detail and quality but I feel with better planning this situation could have been avoided. I probably will not participate in future pre-orders.

  20. Maybe some of the people that feel this preorder is taking too long don’t have much experience with preordering workouts from Cathe or other vendors.

    Before Cathe, I was a Firm Believer (the Anna Benson years). Back then, the Firm would send us the concept for the workouts. We’d preorder, at $49.99 per video, mind you (plus tax and shipping) and up to nine months later, we’d get the workouts. The internet wasn’t big then, so most of this took place by mail. We didn’t really get regular updates but in later years, we’d get little incentives. However, there were no discounts for preordering and certainly, neither Anna Benson nor anyone else at The Firm were giving weekly, biweekly or even monthly updates, pictures, cover art, timelines, etc. Periodically, we’d get info about the status of the workout…one workout. Any mixes that came out had to be purchased separately. Of course, there was the “20 Questions About Fitness” program included with each video back then. That was helpful but if you had all the tapes from Vol. 1, it was redundant. It was video tape however, so the technology wasn’t there for mixes. However, even in latter years when Anna started offering DVD’s, the mixes were separate. There was no bonus footage added to enhance the workouts. It was 50 bucks for one workout and you got it when it was done. Period.

    Cathe and SNM (aka Cathe.com) with the transparent manner in which they produce their videos and keep us up to date on even the slightest of details, is unique in the business world. Their business model is one that truly makes us all feel like we’re part of the Cathe.com family. It’s great for us but at times, it has to suck for them when no matter how hard they try, someone gets upset about an estimate being off. It’s an ESTIMATE.

    The only really long delay with a Cathe workout that I can remember was during the preorder for the series in which Cathe got injured during a rehearsal and the project was on hold for several months. But even then, they kept us up to date on her status, the project’s status and even showed us how Cathe was practicing the step routines with a flat mat while she built her strength and stamina back. Many people canceled their order, which was understandable. Some, like me did not. They already had my money and I knew the project would go forward and I’d get the workouts when they were ready. I knew that SNM was not a flimflam operation and eventually the workouts would be completed.

    No video company is doing stuff like this. I know the Cathe machine has spoiled us to a certain extent but c’mon people. If you can’t stand the wait, don’t preorder. Yes, you’ll miss out on the spectacular savings, but at least you won’t have to wait. Preordering is not for everybody. The way she did things this go round, loads of time was shaved off the preorder waiting period. However, productions take time. If you feel cheated when an estimate date is off due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, preordering is not for you. They are all working hard to get the project in our hands. I am sure they are more anxious and excited than we are to get a firm “drop date” for the DVD’s.

    Previously, during preorders SNM hesitated to give an estimated drop date because that date would become THE date and inevitably, some people would get upset when that date came and went.

    Actually, this preorder process is much shorter because all the pre-production stuff was completed before Cathe told us about the project. They were already in the production process. I’m glad she did it that way. I believe this will be a workout series beyond any she’s given us before, as she didn’t have to concern herself with deadlines or rushing to get the project finished. I wonder how many of her workouts fell a bit short of what she envisioned because of pressure she may have felt (stated or unstated) from us for her to get it done.

    I remember the series in which a certain amount of DVD’s was flawed and they recalled all the DVD’s from everyone and replaced them. This certainly cost them money and ate into their bottom line. They are a for profit business after all. My DVD’s were fine. I hated to give them up but I did.

    With this project, they got rid of the window scenery because it was causing issues with some of the newer televisions or DVD players. I liked the scenery but they aren’t going to shoot the series twice so that the people with non-HD devices can have scenery and those with HD can have it sans scenery. They want to please as many of us as possible and I believe they do that more than any company that I’ve experienced anyway. Including my own and we’re pretty darned good.

    All I’m saying is can we give them a break? Let them do what they do best and in the future, since some of you know that the preorder process has uncertainties that you don’t like, just wait.

    In times past, with each tier of the preorder, the price went up. They didn’t do that this time. They offered an incentive of free Slide and Glide Discs. Even at that, with all the places that they posted the date the incentive would be over, there were still some that missed the date and felt misled or cheated.

    Do we really want SNM to the point that they decide its better not to do the preorder at all and we all pay full price for the workouts once they are done? Or they tell us about them when they are already in the post-production process and offer us a measly discount of ten or twenty bucks or free shipping versus the over $100 discount we got this go round? Check to see what incentive another fitness company is offering to preorder an updated version of their flag ship product scheduled to drop in December…free shipping is all you get.

    I like the excitement and anticipation of the new workouts. I like coming to the site and reading about the details. I like the discount pricing for getting in on the ground floor. I like seeing the mock up cover art for the cases. For me it adds to my excitement and fuels the anticipation of having the workouts in my hot little hands. I’m like a kid at Christmas time. I like feeling this way and I know I won’t be disappointed. (This workout won’t be like getting socks or underwear from Aunt Sally.)

    I couldn’t preorder Body Blast, Hardcore or STS. I knew back then that I couldn’t afford my money sitting in limbo for months and months so I didn’t preorder. I missed out on the savings but it was better for me at the time. I got them over time, one by one, until I had them all. (However, I did get a second chance to get STS last year at a great price and I jumped all over it. Yay!)

    It’s a free country and certainly, we enjoy free speech. I’m not knocking anyone’s comments. I’m just sayin’, let’s encourage Cathe and the team, embrace the process and look forward to getting what may be Cathe’s greatest workout series to date. If this is so, I believe it will be primarily because we didn’t know about it before hand and she could do it her way with no pressure from us.

    They obviously want to please us and they deliver excellence every single time. This will be no different. I can’t wait to get my hands on these workouts either but wait I will because I know the wait will be worth it. You will too, just wait and see.

    Fitness friend,


  21. I’ve preordered with Cathe for years … and I always will. Once I preorder I never give it a second thought. It’s always, always money well spent. Cathe — thank you so much for all you do. Each series you produce is a treasure. Looking so forward to the new series. Blessings to you. 🙂

  22. However long it takes ……. still great quality workouts at super savings! Really looking forward to it. In the meantime, I will depend on the Cathe workouts that have got me through the past ….. oh fifteen? ……. years.

  23. Teal, it does not matter what our experience is with pre-orders from Cathe or other vendors. They gave a release date and took my money. I am disappointed with the way this has been handled and will continue to be so. Spare me a lecture on how to feel about it.

  24. Free country, freedom of speech. That goes for all of us. 😉 My viewpoint was to no one in particular. It is, however, my viewpoint and I stand by it. They’ll be no more responses.

  25. I would love to see more clips from the workouts, especially cycle max.

    When the ship date of August 31st was announced, I knew that date wasn’t set in stone. But we could still hope. I love Cathe’s workouts and I am just anxious to get them. But a rushed project means errors and potentially defective dvds. So I will continue to wait for the announcement that they are ready to ship.

    Thanks Cathe.

  26. You are definitely entitled to feel a certain way about paying for your order and not have it yet. But correct me if I’m wrong it was clearly posted that the order would ship on 8/31 but that date was not set in stone (that’s what I read)… you should have paid better attention to the posting before you paid your money.

    Being frustrated is normal but it’s not like you’ve been waiting several months AFTER the tentative ship date.

    Why complain over something you have no control over? If you want the DVD’s your gonna have to wait….. if you don’t want the DVD’s then just cancel your order it’s really that simple.

    Oh and this is not a LECTURE….. it’s just stating the obvious and telling it like it is…….. THE END!!!!!!!!!

  27. Patience, people, patience!
    I also preordered from Amy Bento and Michelle Dozois this year. None of it was ready by the estimated release date. The manufacturer and distributor can really mess things up, like it was the case with Michelle’s discs. You cannot imagine the run-around this company created. As annoyed as I was, I started feeling sorry for Michelle who tried her hardest to keep everyone informed and satisfied.
    So now, I’m just looking forward to a clean, defect-free set and all parts as promised. It sounds like they’re getting very close. And like someone else said, at least these days the internet keeps you completely in the loop.

  28. I am a bit disappointed as well after reading today’s update. They are now just finishing the last of the Masters for the dvds and it is now towards the end of September which means that this series will probably not ship until the first or second week in October. I know that the ship date was not firm and I understand that but Cathe advertised this series months ago as being available for the summer of 2011. I knew that this series would come out much later than the original date when she announced that the last video Cycle Max wouldn’t be filmed until the first week of August. I think that these videos should have been filmed in one to two months like Cathe normally does instead of one a month and then the release of these workouts would not have been so late.

  29. Everyone should have the freedom to post what they want to say as a comment. Just because someone is not happy doesn’t give others the right to say “noooo hop on the happy train of happy people you don’t have any right to say your unhappy with this whole process”. If no one speaks up then the company will think everything is peachy keen and do this again without tweeking it. That is how progress is made by listening to others however they themselves feel and either taking the suggested comment and changing the process or not listening to the comments.
    I myself am not happy with the extended wait as I wanted to start my new workouts while on vacation but it seems I will have to wait even longer. I also understand things can happen along the way and change the intended outcome I do hope next time they launch a pre-order they will give some leway time just incase.
    There’s no cause to cap locks others who are dissapointed as I don’t care how you feel you are telling it like it is. Everyone has a right to express their view just as you do.

  30. Yep. For those of you who have bitterly complained, you’re right. This particular collection of DVD’s is definitely way past the originally scheduled estimated date. But then again nothing in life comes with a 100% guarantee, not even life itself. Take my daughter for example. A typical pregnancy is, on average, nine months. Well, my daughter, being the eager little beaver that she is, decided by the time she was only seven months in the womb to try and make a quick exit. And for the next one and a half months, she tried three more times. Finally, two weeks prior to the actual due date she said. “screw all of you!” and was born with the chord wrapped tightly around her neck. You see in her haste and excitement to be born, she compromised the safety of her own life.

    Personally, I don’t care if Cathe took my money in advance and still hasn’t delivered the goods because I know she will make good on her promise to deliver, eventually, when everything is complete and up to par-excellence. Most oscar-winning movies seldom meet their deadlines either and almost always go over budget. It’s just the nature of business folks.

    I am super stoked and await with great excitement for these wonderful little gems – thanks for all the updates Cathe!!! 🙂

  31. Thanks for another update Cathe! Yes, I am also anxious and a bit disappointed with the wait, but things happen that are beyond our control. Let’s remember…no one is more anxious, disappointed, or stressed about the delayed ship date than Cathe herself! Keeping that in mind could help us keep our patience. I want to thank “Teals” for her response and info as it was very helpful for me to read. This is my first pre-order and it was good to read about other fitness DVD processes and the problems that also occur with those.

    My husband and I own a contracting company and do home renovations. We always try to give good estimates on when the work will be done and we try to stick to those time frames. But, things happen! Whether it is a worker getting sick, an undisclosed problem with the home, more work being added by the homeowner, or simply an error in estimation, sometimes things happen that effect that date. But, no one is ever more stressed about that than us! We want the job done and we want to make our customers happy. Once the project is done, everyone is happy and satisfied. I imagine that this is how it must be for Cathe and her company right now.

    I enjoy reading all of your comments, even the negative ones :). We are all feeling mixed emotions about this wait. No one is completely happy about it…but we all trust Cathe! Now, let’s just hope that everything goes well with the shipping and the DVDs themselves! I’m hoping all of this extra care and time will mean a flawless and enjoyable product. In the meantime, have a Cathe marathon for a week. It sure helps the time go by faster!

  32. I don’t even know if i should be surprised by some of these negative comments anymore. I mean I know people are entitled to their opinion but geez. I knew that when they announced the release date it was actually going to be a little later than that, and that’s just the way everything is. Cathe has a ton of other effective workouts -so do like me- do those in the meantime until you receive your new dvds. It’s as simple as that. Besides Cathe was nice enough to give us a pre-order discount which other companies rarely do, at least not as great of a discount. I’m really tired of reading all the negative comments on this website, it’s like people just have the constant need to complain. The only thing I will say is that they should never set a release date until they’re sure because people just aren’t patient. If you guys want less quality and less effective workouts that were obviously done in speedy time than go to beachbody. Sorry, but I would rather they take the time to create these workout dvds then to receive something that’s low quality or with errors.

    I bid you good day

  33. Oh and may I add that Cathe and her crew look more and more fabulous every time a new workout comes out. You girls are so inspiring. You rock!

  34. I must say that I am tired of people coming on here arguring with others on here just because they state that they are a bit disappointed. Just like the ones that are excited and that don’t mind the wait that voice their opinions, the others that are disappointed also have right to voice their opinions as well. I knew that the August 31 release day would probably not be met and that these would probably come out a little longer than that but not almost two months late! I could understand if there had been some problems that had arose or if like last year Cathe had already sent them off to the duplicators and they had just not come back but this is not the case. The problem is that these workouts were filmed one at a time like one workout per month and this is why it is taking so long because the editing should have been done for each workout as it was finished. Instead none of the editing was done for any of the workouts until like the middle of August how could they be ready in time?

  35. @Lacheal…. We certainly understand and allow different viewpoints to be expressed here, but l do want to respond to some of your statements as they are not accurate. Our estimated date for completion of this project was Aug 31st. This estimate was made at the beginning of April and was further clarified by stating that it was not a guarantee and to keep checking our newsletter, fan page and forums for updates. In your post above you have stated that you expected the series to be a little late, but not two months. Well, we have never said that the ship date will be two months late (Oct 31st )and I’m not sure where you got this date from? I understand you’re disappointed, but we’ve never said anything about shipping towards the end of October and certainly don’t expect that to be the case.

    Also, it is not true or accurate to say that none of the editing on the Low Impact series was started until August. The fact is we started the editing of the series back in March and have continued straight through until a few weeks ago. We’ve been working on this project seven days a week ( and yes I mean seven days a week!) for months now, but ten videos take time to edit, chapter and author. If we had waited until August to start editing you wouldn’t be seeing these DVDs until Christmas, but fortunately that is not the case. Again, everything that cane be done to speed the process up is currently being done, but we’re more concerned about doing things right and delivering the best quality DVDs and downloads we can.

  36. SNM..Thanks for responding to my post. I was aware that August 31 was just an estimated ship date. That is why I said that I knew that this series would probably come out later than that date. I also said that it looked like it would be two months before this series is released I said that based on the fact that all the masters had not gone out yet and I know that from experience since I pre-order with you before that it can take 2 weeks or longer for the duplicators to send back the completed product which means that you wouldn’t be able to start shipping dvds until sometime in October. I know that it will probably be soon than October 31 but I meant that it will be close to two months.

  37. Wow, I don’t care how long they take. I just want to know if there will be rotations posted when the new series come out? Most of us know it’s worth the wait.

  38. @Lacheal … We will know more next week, but we hope things will happen much more quickly at the duplicators this time around. We’ve been talking to the duplicator for the last month or so about how we can speed the process up this time. This is why we have already ordered the wraps and delivered the DVD cases. Normally, this is not done until we send masters. Still, this is a busy time of year for duplicators that are getting ready to supply stores for Christmas and we will have to see how fast they can turn our job. But we’re hopeful things will go more quickly than normal.

  39. well maybe Cathe can throw in some free sliding discs for those of us who did pre-order and are trying to patiently wait. that would be a nice and welcomed consolation to the extended wait time.

  40. Cathe and Team: Please don’t let the folks that are disappointed ‘bring you down’. Personally I’m surprised that you’re managing to slip the projected date only a little — considering you folks have recently had an earthquake and a hurricane to deal with!!! A wise man (Abraham Lincoln) once said, “You can please most of the people some of the time. Some of the people most of the time. but none of the people all of the time.” Having been a loyal fan for 3 years now I’d say you do even better than that – your dedication to your Cathletes allows you to ‘please MOST of the people MOST of the time!” 🙂 Thanks for putting together what I’m certain will be an awesome set of workouts!

  41. I’m anxious for the new workouts too but have definitely learned over the years to be patient and they eventually will arrive. It’s take awhile to put out the kind of excellent products you guys always give us. Thanks so much for all you do!

  42. Well, I just thought I would do STS meso 1 while we wait. Since it is endurance based, it should give me a good base for the new series. I can add the new discs in on cardio or stretch days…I can hardly wait but I know it will be worth it!!

  43. I can’t beleive you people, let Cathe do her work, you know you won’t be disappointed. Why would you even plan a rotation if you don’t have the workouts yet is beyond me.For those of you that won’t be getting the sliding discs free, are they really that expensive? If you sat on the fence when the pre sale was on, whose fault is that?………………

  44. Hi Cathe, I’m trying to order the high step, but I don’t see it at the step and risers catagory. I need the top and 2 risers. will you please get back to me on that. If you don’t have the high step topper anymore, will you let me know where I can purchase it. or if you have any left I would like to buy it. I have about 20 of your workouts and I did pre order the low impact series. I need the mini high step for some your workouts. Thanks so much for all your great workout. My email is ritamarywalsh.@hotmail.com Thanks again.

  45. Patiently waiting! I am new to Cathe workouts and am really looking forward to the Low Impact Series. @Rita Lassandrello. You can order the mini high step through Walmart. I just received mine last week.

  46. I’m anxous to have my DVDs. I know cathe is anxious for all of us to have them. She’s not that far behind, so I’m willing to cut her a lot of slack. This is the absolute shortest amount of time I’ve ever seen Cathe produce this many workouts. 4 Day Split took about 4 months and that was 4 workouts. Cathe has done 11 in about the same amount of time.

    I also appreciate her taking the time to proof. Does anyone remember the “No Name” series preorder? Cathe was injured before she began filming. It was several months before she was better enough to film. In the end, I waited over a year for that series as I preordered the night it went up. It was well worth the wait as those are now some of my most favorite Cathe workouts ever. Unfortunately, lots of people experienced problems with that series. There was a small glitch in the authoring that made the discs freeze and skip on some DVD players. Cathe found the problem, reauthored the discs and sent replacements to everyone who ordered. So, now she’s proofs even more carefully than before. Thus the delay. Better she make sure the masters are good now than finding a problem later and furthering the wait for the DVDs.

    I know many of us are frustrated. My intention is not to dimish how you feel, but to put things into perspective. I’ve seen worse and this preorder is not one of them. In fact, the last 2 Cathe has done have gone very quickly and very smoothly. Hope everyone gets their new workouts soon!

  47. Thanks for the updates you’ve been providing. I think you are a great instructor and very motivating. There are plenty of DVDs to workout to (of yours). With that said I’ll be patiently waiting to receive my new workouts. Thx

  48. I am so excited! New Cathe workouts are always worth the wait. In the meantime, I’ll just work some of the classics. 🙂

  49. I agree that it’s well worth the wait. My experience is that every pre-sale promises a date of delivery and it is never met. In fact, it has always been weeks, if not months, after the date. Not meeting customer expectations just isn’t good business. But I continue to purchase presale series, because they are excellent.

  50. I don’t think you ever expect to meet the original estimated date. There would be much less drama/complaints/unhappiness if you added 30 days to your “guess” since it’s always at least that much longer after then. And it has nothing to do with the quality of the product, that’s always been good.

  51. Just wondering if the new series will be good for rehab on a torn meniscus? when i ordered the series months ago, i didn’t have or know of this injury, and now it looks like i could need surgery. hoping the fact that it is a low impact series means that i’ll still be able to use it as soon as it arrives. Please reply…

  52. @ Dana…Rehab questions like this are really something you need to ask your medical doctor and physical therapist as they’re the experts concerning matters like this. The Low Impact series is easier on your joints, but not necessarily on your tendons, ligaments and connecting muscles. Best to ask the experts who know your condition the best.

  53. I’m sure this is worth the wait, I don’t think Cathe has ever let us down. Until this great series arrives I’m working on a 4 week rotation as a way to prep for heavier lifting.

    No matter what, I’m very excited about the Low Impact Series.

  54. Also patiently waiting, just as many others are. These will certainly be worth waiting for. I start the last two weeks of STS this week, so I will be busy doing something anyway.

  55. I preorderd Juy 29, 2 days too late. I would love some new discs. I can’t find them on the website or in the stores. I will continue to use my tired old paper plates…until then, keep us moving Cathe, Love your workouts, you are the best, as my boys say “You Rock”!

  56. Thank YOU so much for the weekly updates, it’s the best thing on a Monday morning. Looking forward to the delivery date and my receive date. Have a Great Day!!

  57. Good morning.

    My credit card has been charged for my pre-order. Don’t you normally charge credit cards when orders are shipped?


  58. I am very impressed over your attention to detail and your updates. Thanks again for putting out another stellar production!

  59. Woohoo! Time to get excited – it sounds like things are getting really close. I’m so looking forward to the new clips – they sure help us all gear up for the “Coming Attractions”!! 🙂

  60. I don’t care how long it takes- I have other Cathe DVD’s to keep me busy!!!
    Since it’s getting cooler in New England, it’s almost time to move my workouts indoors; I’ll be using the new DVD’s during the winter….all the long winter…. and there are enough of them to keep it fresh.
    Here’s to bikini season 2012!

  61. @Diane, Cathe already has the gliding disks for sale on her site. Just type “gliding” on the search bar and they will pop up there, they are $22.97. Also for those who were late for the preorder and getting them for free!

  62. Ditto to Nita’s comment and thanks for your regular communications. That is another reason (of many more) why Cathe and crew are the top professionals in their field!

  63. Is there a way to add the slide ‘n glide discs to my order so they can ship with the dvd’s? I didn’t think to order them when I ordered the dvd’s.

  64. I am so excited! I have been doing your workouts for about ten years and I have about 35 of your DVD’s. I love every single one of them. I know these workouts will be just as fantastic as all the others.

  65. HI Cathe –
    I agree with some of the others regarding the discs…. I ordered a couple of days after the July 27th cutoff because I was out of the country working.
    Since my credit card was charged and the shipment is late it would just be a nice gesture for those of us who ordered in August…..Normally it wouldn’t matter but when you take someone’s money before shipping a product and then that product is delayed it keeps your peeps happy 🙂 Just Sayin’
    Either Way – Super pumped about getting the new workouts!!!

  66. Maria – I pre-ordered and paid in May too, creating quality workouts takes time, hang in there 🙂

    Gloria – the pre-order page stated that you are charged when you order, not when the DVDs ship

  67. Hi Cathe,

    After seeing the clips, I am so anxious to get going with these! Although I’m a fan yours, I never purchased any of your workouts. I am so glad I decided to purchase the Low Impact Series! Great job!

  68. What does “getting closer to a ship date mean?” Does that mean we will have a ship date this week? Next Monday on the next update? Like many I ordered these DVDs back when they were first announced. I would appreciate a more concrete ship date since this is well past the 8/31/11 date originally promised.

  69. All the clips look awesome! I would like to know if I can incorporate the Low Impact Series into STS rotation on cardio and/or rest days? TIA!

  70. @ TVDIVa… It means we’re now waiting to hear back from the duplicator on a date and as soon as we do we will let you know. We too are disappointed in missing the 8-31-11 date, but we were quite clear from the beginning that this was only an estimated date and not a guaranteed date. As soon as the duplicator gives us a date we will let you and everyone know.

  71. The clips all look wonderful, and I am excited about receiving these workouts. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. I know these will certainly be worth waiting for.

  72. Obviously, some people who have posted here don’t know how cathe.com preorders work. Anyone who has been working out with Cathe for more than 10 years (like me) knows that Cathe WILL deliver, even if the delivery is later than anticipated. I have preordered from Cathe.com numerous times, and although later than expected, Cathe.com has always delivered the workouts and I have always been very happy with them. Cathe’s superior workouts are always worth the wait (IMO).

    She doesn’t just test our endurance, power and strength, she tests our patience! And that helps everyone in the long run by implicitly teaching us positive virtues (like patience), and all of us could use a little virtuosity living in a society that thrives on capitalism, over-indulgence, and instant gratification.

  73. @Pat ..when we do pre-sales we’re very upfront saying that release dates are only estimates and not guaranteed. We do our best to meet our estimated release dates, but delays are very common and are the norm for pre-sales. We do offer a no hassle refund policy if things are taking longer than you expected or you can certainly not pre-order and wait until the workouts are released.

  74. Cathe I just viewed all the Low impact clips. I can’t wait to get mine in the mail. All six of them look great im really excited to get started. Thanks for all your hard work and don’t let the nasty comment get to you. You are awesome. Also will you tell me where I can get the mini high step. I don’t see it with the steps and risers. I really need to purchase 2 risers and the mini high step. Please let me know if your still selling them., or let me know where I can get one.

  75. I ordered the DVDs way back in June and my credit card was already charged. I understand that Aug 31st was only an approximate shipping date, and I would have been fine with the DVDs being a few days late shipping but it has now been well over a month since the promised shipping date and my DVDs have still not been shipped. I am extremely upset and disappointed with Cathe.com and this will be definitely the last time I order any of her workouts. This is extremely unprofessional and it is NOT how you treat a customer. 🙁

  76. Yeah Chris it looks like we won’t be receiving this workouts until the very end of October. The last two workouts have just been sent off to the duplicator and it usually takes them two weeks. I just think that a preorder for these dvds shouldn’t have been started so soon and some people wouldn’t be feeling so impatient.

  77. @Chris…All you have to do is email customer service and request a refund if you don’t want to wait – we have a no questions asked return policy. I could understand being upset if we didn’t have this policy, but since we do there really is no reason to be upset. In your post you stated that we promised a ship date of Aug 31st, but this is simply not true. What we said was ” Our estimated ship date is Aug 31st, but this date is not guaranteed and you should keep checking our Newsletter, Blog and Fan Page for updates” . This is a far cry from a promise or a firm ship date. We realize from past experience that in a project of this size and scope delays are very common and we made that clear from the beginning. If you had any questions about this all you had to do was email us before pre-ordering. But again, if you didn’t realize the date wasn’t a firm date and want to cancel your order – all you have to do is contact customer support.

  78. I am so excited to get this set!!!! I have never been disappointed with anything I have received by Cathe. I am sure this will be beyond expectations like all your other workouts Cathe. You are the best; thank you for helping us to be healthier and stronger individuals!!!! And for all you scrooges out there “ba hum bug”. Don’t you realize good things are truly worth waiting for!

  79. Cathy–girl I think, no I know you are the best in your field. I cannot wait to get the tapes. I will wait as long as it takes. I have never had an instructor like you. You do not play, that’s what we need. I adore you for your expertise. Keep on. P.S. you could lower yur equipment price a little or put it on sale. We are in a resession. Either way i love you all!
    Chris, Lewis, and Pat, stop whining, you probably aren’t going to use the tapes anyway!

  80. I can’t wait for all these dvds Cathe they look awesome and like they say all good things come to those who wait. All you whinges out there Cathe and team just want to get these dvd’s perfect so that when you do get them you don’t have anything to whinge about so how about giving it a rest and just be patient.

  81. Jean who are you to tell someone to stop whining??? We have a RIGHT to come on here and post how we feel just like you do! I get tired of people like you trying to attack others for voicing how they feel. You won’t shut me up!

  82. Cathe – have pre-ordered EVERY time – always been pleased – worth the wait — I am sure it will be the same with this new series – keep it up!!!

  83. I did not pre-order the downloadable package, and see I can still preorder individual dvds. But how about individual downloads? I dont see that mentioned anyhwere anylonger….just curious….AND, I have to to say that eventhough I didnt preprder, I am a bit upset/impatient for all of YOU who DID! And there isnt a thing wrong with just saying how you feel! Better than grabbing a box of cookies, no? 😉

  84. Why are we being so sensitive here? My post (not a whine) merely stated that it’s my mistake for pre-ordering right from the get-go. I’m sure the series is great and I WILL be using them–but Ilaria’s got my business too!

  85. Chris, Lewis, Pat, and all the whiners here, I’m sorry but you’re all being unbelievably rude. I understand you have the right to state your opinion but there are ways to do it -I mean was it necessary to ridicule her here instead of contacting customer service? I vividly remember when I pre-ordered this series that the estimated shipping date WAS NOT A GUARANTEE. So it’s your fault for not reading before you purchased. If you notice, the majority here have been very pleased with Cathe’s work so your attempt to ruin Cathe’s reputation by threatening to “never buy her workouts again” because you couldn’t be patient, is quite pathetic in my opinion. And I agree with Jean, a lot of you will probably not be disciplined enough to do these workouts anyway! lol I say that because sometimes discipline and patience go hand in hand 😉

    Cathe please don’t let these people discourage you from making more dvds in the future. PLEASE!

  86. Beatrice how am I being rude??? My comment on here was that it looks like we wouldn’t be getting the dvds until around the end of October and I also stated that maybe a preorder shouldn’t have been started so early. So how is that a RUDE post? All I did was comment about the series coming out a little later I didn’t come on here saying this is taking too long or something like that now that would be rude. And also who did I ridicule?? Please go back and read my earlier post so that u can get your facts straight

  87. Hi Cathe — I am always perfectly happy and content to wait for your workouts, and I think it’s wonderful you always offer us such great deals on your preorders. You consistently produce the best workouts on the market, and I appreciate your high standards. I never, ever have to wonder if your workouts will be good, or worthe the wait. I am so thankful you are there creating your fabulous workouts. They are always, always worth the wait. THANK YOU!!!

  88. I understand that problems come up, but to charge the money 5 months ahead of time and deliver two months late is just not right. I will never pre order again.

  89. @Galina… I think you’re forgetting the fact that you received a 60% discount and a free pair of Sliding Glide discs ($22.97 value) for pre-ordering early. Our discounts are always the best for those who pre-order early, but you can certainly wait to order later on if you don’t want to wait as long…or you can just wait until the DVDs are released. Last year we shortened the wait, but also reduced the discount we offered. The feedback from most customers is they preferred bigger discounts and didn’t mine the longer waits. We are very upfront telling people that our delivery dates are estimates and not guaranteed. We do our best to meet our deadline goals, but delays are usually the norm on pre-sales.

    I hope that you can hang in there as I know you will be very happy with this new set of Low Impact workouts. But if you can’t I understand and respect whatever decision you need to make and thank you for waiting as long as you did. This is why we offer a no questions asked refund policy if you don’t won’t to wait.

  90. I probably have over 50 workouts from Cathe already, so I know it’s worth waiting for this new series. Thanks for changing my life! You always have my support!


  91. @Beatrice, it isn’t rude to disagree or express an opinion about a companies business practices. Personally I think you are rude in naming anyone who is disappointed at the delay as a “whiner”. SNM has been doing their job in responding to the posters who are upset, and unless you work for them it’s rude to answer on their behalf.

    I believe that for the number of years that SNM has been in business, they should be better at estimating the time from planning the project to release date. I understand delays of a few weeks, but I start to get a little irritated when the delay is over a month and counting. Yes, the products are always superior in quality (in my opinion), and I would wait for them, but I wouldn’t have been annoyed if the “estimate” was September 30th rather than August 31st and they were shipped in October.

  92. Please let me know where I can purchase the High step Top. I Don’t see it in the step and risers category. I have been asking for a while now. I need it for cathe’s workouts that I had purchased. I know Cathe is extremely busy, so I do understand, Please email me and let me know. Thanks so much. Rita Mary

  93. RitaMary, I don’t think Cathe carries the High Step right now. However, Amazon has the topper for sale. Just search for High Step Platform. I’m sure it is sold in other places, but that was the first site I checked.

  94. Again – It really would be a great customer service to include the discs for the people who pre-ordered in August since we’ve been patiently waiting and we were charged. Some of us probably put this on Credit cards and are paying interest on a purchase that is a little later than expected. Again – It would just be a nice gesture on your part. Either way – SUPER EXCITED and I loved the Yoga clips!!!

  95. Yippie, Yahoo! I can’t wait. Congratulations Cathe, Chris and the SNM Team. So much work, so well done. Kudos to all of you.

    I think as far as preorders go, this one has had the fastest turnaround that I can recall. For such a huge undertaking, I find it impressive.

    During preorders SNM always gets complaints from some who don’t understand that an estimate isn’t something written in stone. However, the incentives like a crazy 60% discount and a freebie are what keep most of us preordering regardless of the wait.

    There are always complaints but in the end, all anyone will remember is that they got a phenomenal workout series at a great value as a limited edition “box set”.

    Warning to some, this may be another lecture so just move on if you’re not interested:

    Just sayin’…

    If you missed the preorder with the disc incentive, it’s over kiddies. We all had the same chance to get them. They spelled out the terms and conditions of the preorder very thoroughly. They went out of their way to sound the “all ashore that’s going ashore” horn that the preorder with the free disc was ending. Heck, they kept sounding the horn until the day it ended. They couldn’t have done more. Ditto with the crazy 60% discount.

    Going forward, it seems like the options are these:

    1. SNM (aka Cathe.com) stops the incentives and do like most of the other fitness video providers and offer us something like free shipping but we pay the full price or save a measly 10%.– can anybody say Beach Body? (Hopefully, not an option)

    2. We can actually read the terms and conditions, including embracing the word, ESTIMATE and since the products aren’t finished or in some case aren’t started, interpret the word as “Guestimate” because they can’t foresee everything that may delay the production process.

    3. Decide beforehand if you can deal with the wait or if you’d rather pay full price on the back end when the project is done knowing that you’re missing out on a huge discount and possibly a freebie.

    I do understand the frustration, but this is the nature-of-the-beast with preorders. There’s a level of uncertainty that goes with it. That’s why you get the incentives as a reward, so to speak, for helping to get the project done. The preorder helps them gauge interest, in some cases it may even help finance the project. I don’t know if that’s the case with SNM but it’s not unheard of in direct sales businesses like this one. I’m in the recording industry (music) so I know it happens all the time.

    3. If you decide to do a preorder in the future, understand that NO ONE IS TAKING YOUR MONEY. SNM will offer workouts that are scheduled to be produced or under production. They make no secret of this. If you decide to participate in the preorder, you GIVE your money in exchange for a product yet to be completed. That is what you are doing when you preorder. They are not swindling you. They say upfront that your card will be billed immediately. If you don’t pay in advance… and this is important…you are not really preordering. If you order an existing product that is out of stock, it would be on “backorder” and normally, standard practice is not to bill until the item ships. This was a preorder. There is a difference. Know this going forward and decide what you want to do with future offerings.

    Not everyone has the patience or desire to wait several months for a product. Others don’t have the patience to wait past an estimated date because in their mind, that date is a concrete date, so frustration is inevitable.

    If SNM had the reputation of being a flimflam operation with horrible customer service and no communication about the status of the project, I’d be right there with you on their case. In fact, I may have canceled my order. But newbies take note and ask around in the forum, SNM has excellent customer service…excellent. We’re a spoiled bunch to some extent because they work so hard to please us.

    I’ve seen insulting things said to Cathe and SNM here. Although some negative comments are a matter of perspective, many were unfair and untrue. For those that say they will never do business here again, remember I said it, most of you will be back (and you’ll be welcome).

    You’ll return to Cathe because there is no denying excellence. If you want great workouts by a great instructor and great customer service and a great comprehensive and supportive website, there’s no place else to go but here for that package. So, see you next time and good luck with your fitness goals. Oh, and enjoy the new workouts…when you finally get them. 🙂

    Fitness Friend,


  96. I just want to say to all who are unhappy with the length it takes for preorders to be delivered that I understand your frustration completely, but trust me IT’S WORTH THE WAIT!!!! Cathe is a professional and a perfectionist, and though the wait is long, the finished product is absolute quality and the workouts are amazing. STS Is one example. We will receive the Low Impact Series just in time to do some real damage to overindulgence between Halloween and New Years – the worst time of year for me from a food and exercise perspective. I wouldn’t cancel. You are almost there!!!!

  97. Of cource i’m anxious to get the new low impct series, but while i wait i’ll be working out to one of my 60 CATHE dvd’s!!!!! We all know there can be delays but when we get the dvds there always the best. I’ve never been disapointed with any of CATHE’S dvds you whiners should show some respect.

  98. I’m sure this will be deleted like my other comment, but asking questions and commenting on the extended delay is not whining and it is rude of those who continually make that rude statement . I’ve been a customer and a Cathe supporter much longer than those that feel they need to defend SNMs business practices.

  99. Cindy, you don’t know how long anyone else has been a customer of SNM. If you have been a customer “much longer than those that feel they need to defend SNMs business practices” then you should know by now not to preorder from Cathe if you don’t want to wait. If that is true, you know this is one of the shorter preorders for this many discs. What you should definitely know by now is not to preorder if you have a problem with SNM’s business practices.

  100. We have our release date now. I’ve chalked it up as a learning experience so now I’m moving on. Happy Low Impact workouts, everyone!

  101. @Cindy…Nobody is more upset than we’re in missing our target date for the release of our new DVDs. In your post you stated that you don’t understand how a company with our experience could miss a target date by 7 weeks – so let let explain how and why this quite often happens in video projects. First, lets go back to STS which was filmed by one of the most respected filming companies in the world – NFL Films. The estimate given to us by NFL Films to complete STS was 90 days. It ended up taking 9 months and this with a company that had almost unlimited resources and the best of the best editors, equipment and staff working 24/7 on the project.

    I don’t think anyone questions the expertise of NFL Films or their business practices, yet they missed their target date by 6 months and this in turn made us miss our target date back then. So how did this happen? Well, I can tell you it wasn’t for lack of effort. I was personally at NFL Films seven days a week working on the project with their editors and their night shifts continued the work during the graveyard shift almost every night. But still here is a company with best and most experienced project managers and yet they didn’t even come close to their projected completion date. How can this be?

    Every fitness video we film is different and will have different issues that are hard to impossible to predict. You can edit a video in a day or it can take weeks. It just depends on how many mistakes you need to fix and how much time you want to spend making sure the video selections shown are the best shots and the quality of the video is as good as you can make it. Until you have filmed a project and edited the video it is impossible to know how long it will take. Sure, you can rush a production to meet a deadline, but accepting mediocrity is not what we’re about as company. We try to perfect every detail in our DVDs that we can and attention to detail by its nature takes time. This is not true of a lot of other DVDs I have seen. Heck, most companies don’t even have chapter menus on their DVDs. We not only chapter just about every exercise, we also usually give you Premixes too!

    But getting back to the Low Impact series let me say a few things. First, we hate missing deadlines (even estimated ones) and we’re sorry we have. Most of us have worked nearly every Saturday and Sunday for the last 5 months on this project trying our best to do two things: 1. make the best Low Impact DVDs ever! and 2. Trying our very best to have the DVDs done as quickly as possible.

    Yes, we have a lot of experience making DVDs, but it does not mean we can with certainty predict when a project like the Low Impact series will be completed – nor can any other company. In fact, our experience tells us that more times than not things will take longer than expected and this is why we are very careful to say that shipping dates are only estimates and not guaranteed. I understand this may mean different things to different people, but we can not know what is in a customer mind unless they ask us. We spend more time answering questions than any other company I know. All a person had to do was ask us if they had questions about the estimated delivery date and if it was possible it could take longer? Though a 7 week delay is longer than we expected, it still is less than 5 days per DVD.

    There are many reasons why the Low Impact series took longer to make than estimated, but the main reasons are related to trying to make the DVDs as good as we can. For example the music for this project was severely delayed. Part, because the company working on it was backed up, and part because we rejected a lot of custom songs they created. Sure, we could have accepted the songs as is and they would have been as good as most of the music other fitness DVD companies use, but again we’re not interested in mediocrity. We would rather miss a deadline than release a product that could and should have been made better.

    But music is not the only reason things took longer than estimated. I know many people seem to think that every DVD project is the same and once you’ve done a few you should know exactly how long it takes to make the next one. Well, as I mentioned before with STS and NFL Films this is just not how things work on video projects. The Low Impact series was filmed in HD. If we had filmed the Low Impact series just two years ago it would have been filmed in standard def and would have only taken about 40 gigs on a computer. In HD the same workouts take up over 20 terabytes. Bigger files take longer to render and slow the process down. I could certainly go with more examples, but the important thing to know is each project is unique and with each new series we try our best to improve over our last production. Accurately predicting a completion time is difficult at best and if you view our history of pre-sales delays are the norm, not the exception.

  102. @SNM–I really, really appreciate the time you took to respond. I have enjoyed Cathe’s workouts for years, and I do look forward to the Low Impact workout series when we do receive them, and have never doubted the quality of the product. My only request is that since you do have years of experience and know that there are always delays that are frequently out of your control, maybe consider giving us the “worst case” estimate instead of the “best case” in the future? Thanks—it’s all good!!

  103. Cindy …..I can’t believe that after Cathe explained in great detail the whole process, and reasons why it could take longer then expected you still have one more request you are impossible!!!!

  104. @Lisa T–for heavens sake, my request was the whole point of my posting. Why is it necessary for you to make any comment whatsoever about it? SNM courteously responded to me and it has nothing to do with you and it isn’t necessary for you to be rude.

  105. 10-21! My birthday! What a great present this year! To all the “moaners and groaners” out there complaining that the DVD’s didin’t ship back in August, all I can say is be thankful that Cathe gives us such wonderful updates, video clips and behind the scenes info. I worked out with another popular dvd instructior (not naming names here) and whenever she’d be about to release a new DVD ( only one at a time- not 9 or 10 like Cathe) , there were no updates, no preview clips, no photo shoots from rehearsals….nothing. We were left in the dark until the DVD showed up at our house. I’ve been working out with Cathe only for almost 2 years now and I’ve loved every minute of it. She loves her fans and interacts with them more than any other TV fitness celebrity I know. Thanks Cathe for all your hard work and thanks for my making my 35th birthday (OMG!) this year extra special with your Low Impact Series!!

  106. Will the slide and glides also be shipped with the video. I ordered 3 sets and my children are anxious to use them.

  107. Hi Cathe,
    you should start shipping them to Europe first, so we in Germany can start with the new routines at the same time as you guys in the US… There is really nothing like Cathe’s workouts available from anybody else here – I’ve got all yours. Thank goodness for online-shopping! As you would say: “it’s awesome”.

  108. The videos look fantastic. Will there be a guide of some sort on best way to use DVDs? Is that tower still available for purchase? Thanks for the updates. I know they will be worth the wait!

  109. I pre-ordered the downloads and the Slide & Glide discs. How long after the DVDs start shipping should I expect to receive both an acknowledgment for the downloads and the discs?

  110. Just wanted to mention to a few posters who were upset with their pre-orders because of a delay from the estimated ship date.

    As far as I remember, I have not pre-ordered one other product that gives up to a 50% discount on the dvds for doing so. It is absolutely your choice to pre-order or not. But I for one will take a delay EVERY time knowing 1. I got the the dvds at a severely reduced rate, and 2. I will get a better quality workout than almost anything else on the market.

    If they were to do pre-orders closer to the launch date, like many other companies, we would not get the great discounts we are being offered. So going through these pre-orders a few times now, I will not ever change my mind, that the near 50% discount to me is FAR more important that getting my dvds on some exact projected date.

  111. I don’t understand the rudeness. I don’t care how long it takes, I’m excited for these workouts when they arrive. Actually, I love that Cathe and SNM update us about filming and producing the workouts–I think it’s awesome to see the process. What difference does it make how long it takes for the DVDs to be shipped? I guess it’s that a lot of Cathletes already have fitness ingrained into daily life, so we don’t need to freak out about not having a particular workout right this very second.

    I am looking forward to this set because I will be rehabbing my knee soon, and these workouts will be perfect when I’m able to resume exercise.

    Thanks Cathe and SNM!

  112. @Rita Mary, you can purchase the high Step on Walmart.com it is less expensive than on Cathe.com but it is the Cathe’s highstep and it comes with a Cathe Workout. Just type in Highstep in the search engine on Walmart’s page.

  113. I can not wait for these to arrive! I have had to take my workouts down a notch for a problem knee. Yet, I like a challenging program. Thank you Cathe for the updates. You are a true professional and kind.

    Thank you Cathe to you and your staff!

  114. Thank you for the big pre-order discounts. My video library would not be near as large if not for the good deals!

  115. I have to agree with JD. The preorder price for this set was unbelievable. SUCH a good deal!

    Cathlete 4 Life!

  116. my first time doing a pre-order, but not my first time ordering anything online. I have been doing it for years, and a lot of companies have pre-orders, but usually ship on the estimated ship date. No where in the pre-order offer did it say “estimated ship date is 8/31/11, however it could be as long as two months later”.

    If that is the case, then it clearly needs to be indicated on the pre-order offers. That would set expectations and give people a clear choice of pre-ordering or waiting until the DVDs are actually available. I would have gladly forgone the $22 discount and free gift and waited until the DVDs were actually available. I had hoped to be well into six weeks of exercising with the new DVDs by now.

    Cathe fans on this site assuming that everyone who is voicing their opinion on the actual business practice of being two months late and calling them whiners is rude and uncalled for. No one posting their opinion is talking about Cathe or the actual DVDs. They are talking about how they spent their hard earned money on a product that was not delivered as expected, and told it is standard practice for pre-orders to run late.

    I hope in the future Cathe.Com can clearly state that the estimate delivery date may be two months longer than expected when they sell a pre-order. This will allow customers to decide if they want to pre-order or wait until the DVDs are actually in stock. This will also stop the heated exchanges between Cathe fans and Cathe.com and fans.

  117. Finally! I”m very excited that we’ll finally be getting this new product. I’m sure it will prove to be worth the wait.

  118. Any idea when those of us who purchased downloads will be able to start downloading?

    Like all the others, I am very excited to get these . But I do agree that someone could’ve done a better job of anticipating the availability date.

  119. Yippeeee!!!!!! Thank you for all of your hard work on this project Cathe, I can’t wait to see the results! Thank goodness I have every one of your workouts so I have those to fill up my workout rotation while I wait :o)


  120. I honestly am not disappointed at all. Don’t we get an awesome discount for preordering? Besides…I have lost weight and toned up so much with Cathe, that I did a success story, won, and got this entire set, plus a set of Cathe gloves with my winnings. I’m not disappointed! if I had paid actual dollars, I’d still be enjoying my discounted price for paying early.

  121. I’m looking forward to getting my shipment. I think gliding discs should have been included with the preorder. They are not for sale on Cathe’s website and a paper plate just doesn’t cut it.

  122. Elizabeth,

    The discs were included free for those that ordered the full workout set by a certain date. However, they actually ARE for sale on the website. Here’s the link: http://shop.cathe.com/category_s/90.htm .
    Or to be sure to get them with your preorder, contact SNM and add them to your existing order, if it’s not too late.

    Fitness Friend,


  123. Wow!! I know we are all so anxious to get our pre-orders…I know I’ve been hovering over FB and the weekly newsletter for updates on the project!! While it can be tough to keep waiting I am SO thankful for the deep, deep pre-order discount and gliders…I’ve never seen a company offer so much to early birds. This is my first pre-order and while waiting for such a unique series to ship raises anticipation as each day passes, the video clips and constant updates (again rare with other companies) is so refreshing & respectful towards those of us who are waiting. Thank you Cathe and Cathe.com for keeping us posted & offering such an incredible discount on the ENTIRE series! Wow! Had it not been for that I would have not been able to afford them at all, at least not for a long time 🙂

  124. 1) Hey Cathy and SNM, love the Total Body Tri-Set Clip! Looks like the potential for a whole new level of DOMS. Only Cathe can motivate me to wanna hurt so bad to look and feel so good! Thank you again for the package of excellence that you bring to video fitness and customer care.

    2) Just for the record… During the first phase of the pre-order, the 10 Workout set was about $99 and included the S&G Discs for free (a 22.97 value). The regular price for each individual Workout is $22.97. To get all of them now will cost $229.70 for the videos plus the $22.97 for the Discs for a total of $252.67. We got a $152.70 savings! Even if you missed out on the free Disc, that’s still a savings of around $129.73 which in my book, is spectacular.

    Like Katie, I wouldn’t have been able to afford the new workouts if not for the preorder discount. With each clip, I become more grateful that I got such a great deal…a little under $10 per DVD! It’s a steal. Is the preorder wait time, delays and all, worth it, heck yeah!

    3) Preordering directly from the manufacturer or production company is not the same as preordering from Amazon, Collage or any retail outlet. They are selling the product when it arrives, not producing it. They base their ship date on when they will get the product from the manufacturer or distributor. They allow time to process and stock the items so their ship dates are pretty firm. In our case, Cathe.com is the seller but also creating and producing the product to be sold. So, delays we’d never know about otherwise, we know about. We are k ind of like investors. Things didn’t go as expected and some are frustrated right now. There’s nothing wrong with that IMO, especially for those who have never pre-ordered before and didn’t know what to expect.

    However, all anyone can ask for is accountability on Cathe and SNM’s part and assurances that everything is being done to get the product out as soon as possible without sacrificing quality. SNM continues to keep us in the loop on every detail and they’ve explained (go to the previous screen to see it) the different things that cause delays in getting the project completed. I don’t see how they can do much more than they are already doing.

    Again, Fitness Friend,


    PS: Just in case she lurks on the website, I want to give a big shout out to Cedie, Every time I watch the clips I think, where’s Cedie? You are missed. Hope to see you in the next production.

  125. “We got a $152.70 savings!”

    Seeing some other preorders, this is the deal of the year. One well known fitness company is doing preorders for the sequel to one of their series. (You can easily guess what I’m talking about, lol.) The only dsicounts offered is free shipping or $60 off if you bought a previous series. In the end, you can save at most $70. And the preorder they’re offering is the same time frame as Cathe’s, only they’ve been working on the set for over a year before starting the preorder. Another instructor’s preorder began recently. Her preorders might be slightly shorter (not by much), but you save at most $7 per DVD. And that savings is off the full retail price not the discounted price sites like Amazon sell it for. At that point, you save about a dollar each.

    I try never to miss the first phase of a cathe preorder. She always gives the best disocunts. I know we all want our DVDs, but by it now or by it later. The wait is the same. But if you buy sooner than later, the savings are not. Or maybe I’m the only penny pincher around, lol.

  126. Could you tell me please, in what order will the orders be filled and shipped? I pre-ordered the Low Impact Series in May 2011 order #78797. Thanks, Lynn

  127. Yay! For some reason I had a crazy feeling that we were finally going to be told the shipping date this week. I’m not sure if i missed this somewhere but does this come with a guide (like with STS) or can we actually make our own routines?

  128. hi, i have ordered your pre order dvd, and i havent recieved it for three months now! were are they now i am very angry and frustrated . it also came with a free slide plate and i havent recieved anything at all! can someone please help me out! and can you please send me my password i have sent e mail several times, and there has been no reply ! how come you can send me your new items, and i cant recieve what i want!

    yours sincerly,

    grace robbins

  129. @grace robbins… As this update states the “Presale” DVDs are scheduled to begin shipping October 21st. I did check our ticket system and we have no support tickets from you at all for the email address you used in this post. If you’ve requested a new password it is sent automatically to the email address you have listed in your account. If your account email address is no longer valid you will not receive your new password and you will need to contact customer service at support@shop.cathe.com. If the email address in your account is valid you should first check your junk folder before contacting customer service.

  130. Has there been any information given on when the slide n glide discs will be shipped? I know the website said they would be shipped at a different time than the Low Impact Series Pre-Order, but I haven’t seen any updates on the discs.

    Wendy M.

  131. WooHoo!!!!! I am so excited to be getting this. I love spinning workouts also and can not wait to try Cathe’s as I know with all of her other high quality workouts she is the best!!!! By the way I have all of her other workouts. I am a true Cathe addict. Love her style, love her workouts and love her team!!!! Thanks Cathe!!!!!

  132. I pre orederd the new sereis the 1st of may without cicle max, will I receive the slide & gliide disc? I’m a little confused.

  133. I cannot wait! The money saved (well over $100) not to mention the free disks is such a fantastic deal! or should I say, Steal?!

    I’ve been a user of Cathe’s workout for about 3 yrs now and I am thrilled with the Low Impact offerings. Having tricky knees, I just can’t do workouts like BM2 or HIIT anymore. If this really is the largest preorder in history, I only hope it gives the green light to more Low Impact workouts in the future. This is a market that is under served these days and Cathe’s LI is always fun and gives you a great workout.

    I think the Customer Service has been wonderful and this being my first preorder with Cathe, I’m impressed. People always want something faster. However, Cathe proves she puts out a product that is top-notch that no other instructor can produce. It takes time to make something great. It’s easy to point fingers when you’re not the one working to make it happen. Only a few more days until these go out and I’m thrilled to get these in my hands by the end of next week! Thanks Cathe for giving us a system that will treat our bodies right but still working us hard!

  134. Please people do not mess this up for the rest of us. Please! We want to receive these as soon as possible.

  135. Cathe,

    Thank you for taking the time to make sure these workouts were done to the high standards you have set. I would rather wait a bit to get my DVD’s than have them be rushed out to meet a production deadline. I trust your discernment and know that the delay will reap many benefits.

    I came to your Road Trip when you were here in San Diego and I know first hand how big your heart is for what you do. You made a most positive impression on me and I am so grateful! Keep up the great work!!


  136. Thank you for getting back to me about where to get the high step. I already ordered it from Walmart. Also I want to thank Cathe and her staff for all her workout dvds. Can’t wait to get the low impact series. I really appreciate all of Cahte’s hard work. I was wondering where one of cathe’s workout buddy is her name is C.D. I noticed she is not doing the low sereis. I hope she is alright. She is the one that keeps Cathe on track helping her count.

  137. Got mine last week and did the afterburn & slide and glide. OMG awesome work-outs. My heart rate was soaring high; burned over 1000 calories on the afterburn and 850 calories on the slide & glide. Must admit I’m disappointed w/ myself regarding the push-ups…not very good at them; hopefully I’ll get better. Wish I had a stationary bike for the cycle max.

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