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Still travelling. Have been going to the hotel gyms pretty steady but forgetting to post.
A mix of running and weights. More importantly, My diet has been decent- I haven’t been to the dessert line yet.
Wow, sounds like we all got sick at the same time. I had to call in sick to work Sunday, and still coughing but better. Oh and I JUST unwrapped my Lite's. Sounds like she made these just in time for all of us! :)
Oh no! I hope you conquer this beast of a cold and are cranking out the new DVDs soon! I recommend the Body Weight & Bands to get back to it slowly.
Fusion Lower Body with JNL. I can't let this one go- it's a really demanding lower body strength/cardio combo.
Tone it up (this time all of it)Slim in Six Debbie Siebers + Susan Powter Lean, Strong & Healthy Step
I put Susan on so mom could see older exercisers as well as heavy ones. Susan gives a lot of motivational advice.
That's what I like about the live Cathe workouts- all shapes, sizes and abilities behind her.
Lucia A
Lucia A
One of these days I gotta check out Cathe Live. ...
Tone it up Slim in Six
Back & delts, quads&rear
w 4lb ankle weights 30m then had to stop cause mom was impatient waiting for me.
Absolutely beautiful day yesterday. Took advantage and ran outside on freshly grated roads- pillowy soft :)
Did Cathe's last live of 2018 which was upper body this morning.
Good start to 2019.
Margaret Richard TV show 1706. I did upright rows,militaries,frontals, side delts, goal posts, Biceps and Triceps. 3 x 12
I did everything in my pajamas. But wanted to start the year with a workout even if it was no cardio.
I accidentally deleted 1705, so I have to copy it again. I have all these on VHS so I have been converting.