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Finally a workout!: Leslie Sansone Walk 4-mile 60m + Margaret Richard TV shows 1720 & 1722
Dh put Leslie on for me & got me started
New Dimensions Cindy Crawford+ Cathe Pure Series Lower Body+ X-Train Hard Strikes (Kickbox)
Warm up Cathe Step moves +Brand New Butt Janis Saffell.. ankle weights 4lb 25m + Treadmill 55m at 3.5mph
I am so excited to get my new Cathe videos!! I haven't ordered anything new since 2014. Happy 2020!
Lucia A
Lucia A
Yay! I got them too! Mostly because of Imax4.
Reebok Boot Camp MFB(leg parts)+TaeBoLive#5 Adv legs slow+4lb ankle+Cathe IMAX 4 Step Boss (I did not use a step, some parts->TM)
Today I was scheduled to do Stretching. I did 15 minutes of Kundalini Yoga Flexibility and Cathe’s new extended chair stretch. This was such a nice combo for an active recovery day. I really, really love her chair stretch. Super relaxing.
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Lucia A
Lucia A
I'm gonna have to do that chair stretch, sounds great.
Buns of Steel 10 Circuit Leisa Hart. I actually did some of the band-work & added dumbells for the extra sets.(whether they do 1 set or 2, I always add to make 3)+TM
Cardio and Weights - The whole darn thing! It’s one of my favorites & doing it again is a goal I’ve been working toward since June. Last spring I slightly herniated two of the discs in my neck. At first accumulating 2 miles of gentle walking was a huge achievement. I had to modify the planks and push-ups and I didn’t use more than 8 pound weights just to be safe. It was sooooo much fun.
24 Dec:Serious Results Jay pt 3+ Fit & Firm L Sansone+ Cathe Step Boss Step Sync
25 Dec :
Treadmill 40m at 3.5
Firm Cardio Step Mix (I've had it since the day it came out and today is the first time doing it.)
Serious Results Jay Blahnik pt 2 +Cathe STS disc 9 legs +Urban Training Hi-Lo Harold Sanco