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Drop Set Strength Amy Bento Upper Body only (I just got this dvd!)+CIA1004 Low Imp Tracy 14m+All Sports Aerobic Cond Steve 30m
Aspire Cross Training wo Circuit w Sara Kooperman & Debbie Ban +CIA 1004 funk segment I did TM. Good beat for walking! + the Firm Abs pt1 Nancy Tucker 8m
Bodywedge prg 2 Rich Decker & prg 3 Teri Herbert + Cathe Low Impact series Yoga Relax
STS disc 4 chest + Curl Abs Kari Anderson + Step & Low (Hi-Lo section) Candace Copeland
Core Essentials Karen Voight 4lb ankle weights + Cathe MMA: Fusion 2lb hand weights for 10m.
Cathe Low Impact Challenge +then Margaret Richard tv shows 1715, 1718 & 1712 Legs & Abs.
Body Sculpture Upper body/Abs Beth Johnson Tina Plakinger+ Reebok Rhythmic Power Petra Kolber
Firm Super Body Sculpt Stephanie Corley (Sculpt no cardio)+ Jump this w Jumprope Mindy Mylrea (cardio)
Reebok Strong Legs Kathy Kaehler + Lower Body Solution Legs Jane Fonda then the Cardio.
Jane burned me to the point I could not finish !!
Lucia A
Lucia A
Yes she does over 100 reps, I lost count! Cannot use ankle weights for this workout! .... at all!
I LOVE that old Jane Fonda LBS leg workout -I think the step cardio is just ok but the leg one is a great burnout. I still do it a lot. No, I never tried it with ankle weights either and probably never will.