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Wow, where is everyone? Well here goes:
Wu from MIS Cathe + M Richard tv shows 1716 & 1717 Upper Body & abs + KickButt 2 w Dorian Gregory, Antoinette Urcuyo, & Jaime Brenkus.
Cathe STS disc 3 Legs + Abnatomy David Sloniegura Cycle 1 10m+ GM 522 Step Revival Jay Blahnik
Wed 4 July
Body Bar Strength Resolutions Lashaun Dale + Slim in Six Keep it up Debbie Siebers
Cathe STS disc 1 chest,shoulders&Biceps
CIA 2002 wu Greg 10m + GM302 United Steps Kari Anderson
Hi attaboygirl, You mentioned your double hip replacement, and you're still doing Cathe. Yay! I get a new hip on 7/16; I'm more scared of 'losing' Cathe than I am of the surgery. If you wouldn't mind sharing, how have you adapted your Cathe routine to the limitations of artificial hips?How long after your surgery (surgeries, if you had your hips done separately) did you return to your normal exercise regimen?thnx
Afterburn Low Impact Series i subbed some Treadmill for some tough segs. + Kathy Ireland Absolutely Fit Abs pt 4
Warm up from Karen V. Strong & Smooth moves 8m Margaret Richard TV shows 1711/12/13 Upper Body only (Brazilian music in 1713 - nice!) 1h10m
The Firm Super Body Sculpt Upper 2x Nancy Tucker Good Times + GM202 Kari Anderson Step