Younger looking skin, facial fillers, any recommendations?


I had Botox for the "elevens" and it does work beautifully - just wish it lasted more than 3-4 months for's hard to justify almost $300 for less than six months. I do love it though..

I also had Juvederm for some smile lines and really liked it although that was much more involved vs. Botox - they had to numb the area, it's more painful, more expensive, and caused some significant bruising on me for a few days. I've only had it done once.

I had several microdermabrasion sessions by my esthetician but don't feel like I had significant results from it.


A friend shared recently a product that is great for your skin! Vitamin E & grapeseed oil. put it on at night after you wash your face and moisturize (I use Arbonne and love it because it is safe for your skin.) It is called Skincerity. Very interesting background to the product. Reasonable price too! Results are visible and I have been very pleased. too much sun in the past has taken it's toll on my skin for sure.

what about products for skin discoloration ~ sun damage?

I recently went to have some spider veins removed, but the machine for that was broken, so they comped me an IPL (also called a photo-facial), which I had never heard of. I had significant sun damage/discoloration on my face. The results were amazing! Over the course of a week, dark spots began to break up and just sloughed off. I would say that one IPL treatment took 10 years of sun damage off my face. I'm seriously considering doing another one. FYI, IPL is most effective on light-skinned people, and there can be side effects, so do your research.


I use Origins products and live them. They have two products for lightening discolorations and both work brilliantly. I get compliments on my skin all of the time.

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