Yoga Relax!


I love the premixes! I love the longer holds and the way Cathe moves us into and then back out of them. I love the deep feeling of relaxation I’m left with - despite the shortened sessions.

Thanks to STS 2.0 yoga I’m on a serious Cathe Yoga roll and trying Yoga Relax for the first time has been a pleasant surprise.
I to like Yoga Relax, but have not yet tried the premixes. But I do prefer my yoga to be around 30 mins. I've been doing mostly Peloton yoga and am really loving it. I love the different styles of instructors and get to pick how long or short I want my session to be. I had a free trial and ended up really liking the yoga. I did it 20 out of the 30 day free trial and my body feels to much better for it. I think I might be turning into a yoga junky. My husband thinks I may need an intervention soon, but I told him he's just jealous cause he doesn't do it.
We like the timesavers too! I know real-time yoga classes are l.o.n.g...(too long for me at least - I've only ever taken one 8-week session) and the full Yoga Relax & YogaMax workouts are shorter than a in-person class, however, I prefer the shorter premixes.
I’m glad you mentioned YogaMax. I ordered that DVD and can’t wait to get it. I know it’s different than Yoga Relax but that’s half the fun!

I really enjoy putting together several 20-30 minute Pre-mixes. Lately I’ve only had about 75 minutes a day because we’re doing some projects around the house but piecing together my daily workout.

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