Yoga DVD Recommendations


I love Cathe's yoga workouts. Alas, she's made only two. Can anyone recommend DVDs by other instructors who are similar to Cathe's style of teaching (i.e., not to rushed, not to complex, offer modifications, etc)?


Check out Tara Lee's Earth practice 1 on you tube. I've done it twice. It's a nice, slow, meditative stretch in 20 minutes. I'm gonna get two of her's from mary's sale, I liked it so much. I have Travis Elliot's short and sweet - I am not a fan. I really like Element's power yoga with Ashley Turner and I like Element yoga for beginners with elena brower. It's gentle and has a nice meditation at the end. I hope that helps.


I like Kathy Smith. I have 3 of hers. Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. So, depending on what you feel like 1 have a choice of 3. They are about 45 to 55 mins in length for the whole dvd, but you can stop early. The beginner holds the poses longer so it's more of a stretch than strength like the Advanced. I alternate Cathe with Kathy!!!!! Kathy Smith explains more about the inhale and exhale than Cathe does, incase it matters.


I just started the 108 day challenge of Travis Eliot's Ultimate Yogi. It is a multi-disc workout with each workout about an hour long. So far, I love it! I'm not at all experienced in my yoga practice and I find these workout doable but challenging. I do my Cathe workout in the AM and my Ultimate Yogi workout in the evening. Collage video sells this series and would be a good site to look at video clips. However, I found this series for much less $$ on another site ( which I don't recall, but can look for it if you are interested.). Good luck!


I love UY too - it's a proper w/o! I got mine very reasonably priced from Deep Discount - the whole set about $35. (there was a voucher at the time)
I started with his 'Foundations' - good but a bit too basic. Don't bother if you've done any yoga before - go straight to 108 day UY.

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