Yeah, Chicago!


I'm very excited that you're tour is bringing you to Chicago Cathe! I hope, hope, hope that I can come up from St. Louis and meet you! :)




I'm from St. Louis too (or near - on the IL side). I was thinking the same thing, making the drive. I wish she would have selected St. Louis...


I'll be coming in from mid-Michigan!! I'm going to have to drag the whole family so DH can keep the baby while I'm sweating, but I will NOT miss this!:D I was so bummed to have missed RT this year!


Any date set yet????

According to the e-mail sent out, they hope to have all the venues reserved by the end of the month. I'm curious to know how the sign-up process will work. I worry because the road trips sell out so quickly. I don't want to miss out on the chance to see her on the tour.

Excerpt from e-mail:

Cathe Eggland’s Best National Tour Cities Announced

At the just completed Cathe 2009 road trip we announced the first cities for the Cathe Eggland’s Best National Tour. We are in the process of booking conference centers and banquet rooms for each event across the USA. The cities we have announced so far are:
1. Daytona Beach, FL
2. San Diego, CA
3. Chicago
4. Texas ( we’re looking at Austin, Dallas or San Antonio)
5. NYC
6. Atlanta, Ga

In addition to these top 6 choices we’re also looking at Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, Phoenix, Baltimore and Boston. Currently only Daytona and San Diego have been booked, but we hope to have all the other sites reserved by the end of this month. It may be necessary in some cases to change a location if we’re unable to book the space we need, but we think we will be able to find space in all of our top city choices. If you have a location you would like to see us come to please let us know in our forums.



Oh please be sure to post the dates and locations!!! I want to attend as I couldn't do the RT as I'm moving back to Chicago in two weeks!!!


Roadtrip to Chicago!!!

I'm hoping to drive up to Chicago from St. Louis as well. Once we know the date, let's see if anyone wants to carpool! Fun fun fun!!!


Will go to Chicago if Minneapolis doesn't end up on the list!! 8 hours to Chicago, 1 hour to Minneapolis...Either works for me!!

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